Complete Transmission Repair Cost Guide

There is no engine component more complex and essential than a car’s transmission. Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears (automatically or manually) to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio in order to deliver power to the wheels in an efficient manner based on the speed of the vehicle.

The reason for this is that engines output a high rotational speed which cannot be used for low speeds or starting. Using gear ratios, a transmission reduces the rotational speed and increases the torque (or “power” to the wheels) in the process.

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Vehicles are usually described as 5 or 6 “speed” meaning then have that many gear ratios to allow the vehicle to travel at the full range of speeds required and to make use of the engine’s output power as efficiently as possible.

Due to their complexity, constant use and function within a vehicle’s operation, transmissions experience a lot of wear and tear. Add to this the fact that many owner’s forget to check and change the fluid on a regular basis and it’s easy to understand why so many people have transmission problems.

We know a good transmission shop in your area.

Average Cost of Rebuild, Repair, and Replace:

Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done by any mechanic. According to Transmission Repair Cost Guide readers, the average cost of transmission replacement ranges from $1800 to $3500.

A used/salvage transmission ranges from $800 to $1500, a rebuilt transmission from $1500 to $2500 and a remanufactured from $2500 to $3500.

The labor to remove and replace a transmission ranges from $450 to $850 for 4 to 9 hours of billed time.

Differences between rebuilt vs remanufactured? Check out our complete guide.

Rebuilds can cost just as much as a replacement depending on the extent of the damage. The upper end of the range is typically for the replacement of a high end vehicle’s transmission or a complete rebuild after a major mechanical failure.

Basic repair jobs are on the lower side, from $500 to $1500. For example, fixing a manual transmission often only requires a new clutch, a $1000 to $1500 job.

Repair TypeCost Range
Basic Repairs (Clutch, Solenoid)$500 to $1500
Replacement$1800 to $3500
- Salvage Yard (Used)$800 to $1500
- Rebuilt$1500 to $2500
- Remanufactured$2500 to $3500

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Transmission Repair Warranties
Salvage Yard (Used)90 day to 6 months
Rebuilt12-month, 12,000 mile
Remanufactured3 year, 100,000 mile

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Two ways you can save some money are:

-Buying a used/remanufactured transmission yourself and only pay the shop for the labor to install it (instead of paying the markup on a unit they provide).

-Rebuilding the transmission yourself. These topics are outside the scope of this article and will be covered in a future post.

Visit our what people are paying page to see what people like you have paid or been quoted recently to have their transmission fixed. You might find an example from your area or with a similar problem!

Factors that Affect the Cost

The cost of transmission repair varies widely based on a number of factors, the most important of which is the type and extent of the repairs being performed by the mechanic.

If the transmission needs to be completely replaced or rebuilt, drivers can expect to pay several thousand dollars for parts and skilled labor, while a few minor repairs and a fluid change will only be a couple hundred dollars.

Make & Model
It also depends on the make and model of the vehicle, with domestic/standard models costing quite a bit less than high-end or imported vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Extent of the Damage
What the car has been through can also affect the price as newer cars that have been well maintained will cost less than those that have been through tough times.

Old vs New
Considerably older or rarer cars are harder to find parts for, which also increases the cost.

Manual vs Automatic
Manual transmissions cost less to repair/replace than automatic transmissions.

Some shops charge higher prices than others for the same work (due to marketing, location, reputation, etc.)

Your Location
Finally, the driver’s location will contribute a great deal to the overall cost of the procedure. Areas with higher costs of living, higher demand of services and/or lower availability of skilled technicians will charge higher labor costs, escalating the overall price.

Rebuild vs Remanufactured Cost by Model & Type

  1. Use the lookup tool below to determine what transmission your vehicle has.
  2. The table below it shows fair price ranges for a rebuild by a shop and the installation of a replacement remanufactured transmission for a selection of transmission models (both ranges include the fair cost of labor for the job shown).
  3. Get an estimate from a Cost Guide Certified transmission shop in your area for a rebuild.
  4. Get a quote on a remanufactured transmission.
Transmission ModelYearMakeModelEst. Labor HoursCost @ $85/HourRetail Rebuild RangeRetail Reman Range
4T40E / 4T45E2010ChevyMalibu7$595$1620 - $2210$1965 - $2305
4L60E / 4L65E2007ChevySilverado 15008$680$1580 - $2320$2085 - $2510
4T60E / 4T65E2004ChevyMalibu7$595$1790 - $2370$2085 - $2535
4L80E / 4L85E2003ChevySilverado 25006$510$2150 - $3010$2390 - $3350
5L40E2008CadillacSRX13$1,105$2830 - $3960$4365 - $5005
6T70E / 6T75E2007GMCAcadia9$765$2310 - $3370$3005 - $3675
6L80 / 6L902010ChevyExpress 25006$510$2460 - $3450$2950 - $3680
Allison 10002004GMC2500 HD6$510$2860 - $3750$3090 - $3930
4F27E2006FordFocus8$680$1320 - $1910$2130 - 2560
AX4N / AX4S2003FordTaurus10$850$1540 - $2210$2420 - $2890
4R70W / 4R75E2010FordF1505$425$1570 - $2260$2015 - $2495
4R100 / E4OD2004FordF3505$425$1890 - $27202195 - $2735
4R44E / 4R55E2000FordRanger9$765$1920 - $2770$2545 - $3135
5R55S / 5R55W /N/E2008FordExplorer7$595$1930 - $2780$2385 - $2915
CD4E2008FordEscape14$1,190$1940 - $2800$3000 - $3530
FNR5 / AWTF-802008Mazda67$595$2090 - $3010$2475 - $3035
AWF212009MercuryMilan6$510$2250 - $3240$2790 - $3470
5R110W2010FordF2508$680$2690 - $3820$3070 - $3790
6F35 / 6F502011FordEdge6$510$3120 - $3910$2920 - $3720
6R602008FordExplorer8$680$2720 - $3880$3560 - $4400
6R802011FordF1508$680$2840 - $3980$3560 - $4400
41TE / A6042008DodgeGrand Caravan7$595$1570 - $2267$2185 - $2665
42RE / A5002001JeepGrand Cherokee6$510$1680 - $2420$2050 - $2650
46RE / A5182001DodgeRam 15008$680$1820 - $2623$2410 - $2920
47RE / A6182002DodgeRam 35008$680$2230 - $3362$2800 - $3530
48RE2006DodgeRam 35006$510$2540 - $3668$3050 - $3680
42RLE2008DodgeCharger6$510$1930 - $2776$2200 - $2830
545RFE2005DodgeRam 25008$680$2070 - $2980$2550 - $3120
62TE2008ChryslerTown&Country7$595$2580 - $3719$2865 - $3545
65RFE / 66RFE / 68RFE2008DodgeRam 25008$680$3260 - $4480$4100 - $4890
W5A380 / NAG12006Chrysler3006$510$2230 - $3210$3060 - $3830
Honda BYBA2006HondaOdyssey10$850$2443 - $3510$2990 - $3630
Toyota A750E2008ToyotaTundra9$765$2320 - $3330$3335 - $4105
Toyota U140F2007ToyotaRAV48$680$2240 - $3230$3140 - $3870
RE4R01A2003NissanXterra9$765$2248 - $3230$2905 - $3545
RE5R05A2005NissanPathfinder12$1,020$2950 - $4710$3900 - $4840
722.6 / 722.92006DodgeSprinter 25006$510$2230 - $3210$3060 - $3830
AW55-50SN2005NissanMaxima7$595$2690 - $3870$3035 - $3775
F4A42-22001HyundaiSante Fe12$1,020$2210 - $3180$3030 - $3630
ZF 5HP242001AudiA611$935$2710 - $3890$4165 - $5125
ZF 6HP262005BMW745li8$680$2790 - $4020$4400 - $5520

As mentioned previously, when deciding whether to rebuild or replace a transmission it is important to know that either option can be more cost effective, depending on how complex and extensive the issues are (it can take a long time to troubleshoot and repair some problems, in which case a replacement would save you money).

Need Your Transmission Repaired? A good repair shop can be hard to find – especially on short notice. We’ll have the Cost Guide Certified shop in your area give you a call with a free estimate.

Making this decision is difficult for the average consumer, which is why it’s so important to find a trustworthy mechanic.

Symptoms of a Problem

There are a number of symptoms of a damaged or worn out transmission to watch for, some of which are listed below.

Many problems can be solved/avoided by regularly changing a car’s transmission fluid or getting the transmission flushed on a regular basis as recommended by the owner’s manual (recommendations are typically between every 30-50,000 miles).

A single mechanical failure can cause the car’s engine to shut down and disable it entirely, so it is important to watch for these signs and get your car inspected at the first sign of trouble.

  • Transmission is slipping between gears while driving or popping back to neutral
  • Unusual grinding/clunking/humming noises – especially when in neutral
  • Fluid smells like it is burned
  • Clutch is dragging – clutch stays engaged and causes grinding noises when trying to shift
  • Grinding or thumping when gear changes instead of smooth transitions
  • Lag/delay between gear changes and/or higher than normal RPMs for a given speed or gear change

In the event that a transmission does begin to fail in some way (or fails completely), mechanics will often recommend a replacement, a rebuilding process, or other smaller repairs to ensure that the car will function properly and reliably. Each type of repair has different procedures and costs associated with it.

Has your transmission completely failed? Here are your 8 options to repair, replace, junk it, etc.

Automatic Transmission

A full transmission replacement is one of the most expensive procedures a mechanic can perform on a vehicle. The cost of the other option – getting a transmission rebuilt – can be significantly less if the problem(s) can be fixed by simple procedures that deal with easy-to-replace parts.

However, it can also cost just as much or more than replacement in cases when there are major issues that need to be addressed. It all depends on how comprehensive the repairs are: from installing a few new parts to a complete overhaul.

Rebuilding involves removing the transmission, opening the case, inspecting and cleaning all the components and replacing the “soft” parts that are damaged or worn out. Some of these parts include seals, O-rings, bands, gaskets, valves, clutch components and filters.

Drums, shafts, pumps, converters, the casing and gears are referred to as the “hard parts” and rarely break because they are much more durable and rarely break. This process takes no more than 3 days in most cases.

If problems are caught early on, minor repairs are far more budget-friendly as they do not require complete removal/disassembling or replacement of “hard” parts, though the costs vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle and several other factors discussed below.

When it’s time to get a car’s transmission fixed, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure high value, great work, and long-lasting results.

The Process: How a Transmission is Rebuilt

The process of rebuilding a transmission is rather lengthy and labor-intensive. Mechanics must disassemble the transmission to look for problems and replace the parts that are causing it to not function properly. Through this process, the part(s) causing the mechanical failure are eventually found and replaced instead of having to install a brand new transmission.

Generally speaking, there are three different aspects that must be checked before any transmission rebuild:

1) Changing the Fluid
The first is probably the easiest, and definitely the most affordable: changing the transmission fluid.

The cause of many problems is low or dirty transmission fluid, which can also cause the vehicle’s fuel economy decrease. This causes shifting to become noticeably “stickier” and, in some cases, the car will change gears and stay stuck in neutral. This “fix” often costs less than $100, though many vehicle owners find that they can do it themselves.

2) Checking for Trouble Codes
Next, the mechanic checks the vehicle’s computer system that controls automatic shifting (for automatics). Transmission slipping and hard shifts can actually be caused by the computer if it is not reading the RPM correctly. Sensors can be easily replaced without disassembling a transmission, so this is the second easiest (and cheapest) repair that can fix the problem(s).

3) Test Drive & Inspection
After a number of diagnostic tests including test driving the vehicle and a comprehensive inspection, the technician will remove the transmission from the vehicle and disassemble it.

Each part is inspected, cleaned and replaced if necessary (especially if it is outdated). Parts such as seals and gaskets are replaced anyway. The electrical system is tested and any required repairs are made.

If the problem was found and none of the “hard” components require attention, the unit is assembled and reinstalled into the engine. After another test drive to ensure everything is working properly, the car is returned to its owner.

Check if the Warranty is Still Valid

This might seem obvious to some, but if your vehicle is still relatively new/low mileage you should call the dealership or check the owner’s manual to see if your transmission’s problem is still covered by your powertrain warranty before calling a mechanic.

A typical powertrain warranty is for 10 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first), but they vary widely depending on the manufacturer and can range anywhere from 4-10 years and 50,000-100,000 miles. The following components are typically covered: transmission case and all internal parts, torque converter, converter housing, automatic control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals, gaskets.

A warranty will cover the cost of repairs (parts and labor) if the damage was caused by poor workmanship or a manufacturer defect. However, if the vehicle’s maintenance schedule was not followed then the warranty might be void and not be honored.

Parts that experience significant wear-and-tear and are expected to be replaced at regular intervals such as CV joints and boots and clutches are excluded from most warranties. Certain components may or may not be covered depending upon the manufacturer of your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual for a complete list of what is and is not covered.

Find the Right Repair Shop

Due to their complexity and how difficult they are to service, choosing the right mechanic to handle your transmission can make the difference between a long-lasting repair and one of questionable quality.

As with any car maintenance, it’s best to get a quote from a certified technician or repair center before making an assumptions. In fact, it’s generally a good idea to gather multiple quotes and compare prices in order to make a sound decision based on quality and value.

Do some research both online and locally and to find highly rated shops that have solid reputations. The cheapest service is not always the best option as some repair shops offer unrealistically low prices in order to get you into their shop so they can add hidden/additional fees onto the final price.

Consider getting friends or family to recommend a mechanic who repaired a transmission for them and did quality work. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has a shop locator for finding a certified mechanic.

The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) has a similar function for finding a shop that follows ATRA’s Code of Ethics. Reputable shops offer a warranties on their services in order to ensure customers’ peace of mind. In fact, a warranty should be the number one thing that drivers look for when choosing a repair shop.

Due to the wide range and severity of problems that can occur and the variance of costs involved, it is advised to get mechanics to explain exactly what is wrong with your transmission and what has to be done to fix it. They should also be able to give you a clear estimate as to what the price will be once they have done basic diagnostic tests.

Finally, drivers should pay attention to the appearance of the repair shop itself. Good repair shops are clean, inviting, and customer-centered. Less attractive options are dirty, poorly operated, and not as focused on the customers they’re supposed to be serving.

With careful attention to certifications, warranties, and shop conditions, it’s easy to find a low-cost, high-value transmission repair shop that can get the job done right.

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122 thoughts on “Complete Transmission Repair Cost Guide

  1. I paid $2100 a couple of weeks ago to have my Chevy silverado’s replaced by Mister Transmission in Toronto. I was quoted $1500-$2000, so I feel like things went okay overall. I had to drive in second gear (drive wouldn’t work) to the service center and the technician announced the transmission dead on arrival so a replacement was the obvious choice.

  2. A year and half ago my Trans-Am trans was rebuilt cost $1,500.00 now its out again. Trying to find a repair shop that will hopefully do the job and hopefully last longer.

  3. I have had two bad transmission experiences, and the larger chains were always the rudest and the most overpriced option (next to the dealerships). Just this year I had a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander rebuilt by Dayton Transmission Repair in Dayton Ohio, and they were the most professional shop I had ever been to. They were $1000.00 cheaper than the large chain phone quotes! Smaller is better in my experience with auto/transmission shops.

  4. I just had my transmission replaced a week ago. I only had reverse and a bit of second gear. it cost me about $2800.00
    I still seem to be having problems. When its cold it does not want go into second gear only when I warm it up it starts to work. After driving for ten or so minutes it accelerates but does not go to gear. The garage says it may be something else.
    I do have problems with fuel pump but brief bouts I need some advice. Thank you.

    • Hey Victor, since you got it replaced only a week ago, the work should still be under some sort of warranty/guarantee by the garage that did the work. Show them those problems, have them test drive the car and get them to re-do the work or give you your money back so you can go somewhere else. Those all sound like transmission-based problems to me.

  5. I would appreciate any & all input. My 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager is in need of TRANNY solution. High RPMs maybe once a week but for several days in a row that week. Transmission fault code and light is on intermittently for past 1+ yrs. I am a single parent financially strapped with no outside help. I have $1500 – $2000 I can use for transmission work. I was told my engine is excellent and with everything else I have replaced in past 3 yrs I don’t wanna trade into a worst vehicle financially at this point. I researched Michael’s Transmission in Issaquah WA they are ATRA approved. Help me know what to ask so I am not taken financially. Also, any recommendations to start in rebuild first to keep things less costly?

    • Hey Kate, sorry to hear about your situation. Based on the information you’ve given, your budget should be enough to cover the cost of the repairs. Given the age of your car, a replacement might be necessary and could cost slightly more than what you’ve set aside. As for finding a shop, being ATRA approved is the first step. Please read the last section of this page for other great tips on finding one that won’t rip you off. Then bring your car into several shops to get several quotes to choose from.

      Questions to ask each shop:
      What is the problem exactly and what was the cause?
      Will a minor repair, rebuild or replacement be required?
      What warranties do you offer on your work?
      What is your quote?

      Then compare their answers.

  6. Hello,

    I drive a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the transmission is going out. It’s still letting me crank and drive… but there’s no guarantee that will last much longer. I’m considering trading it in and making car payments… but I love it and am torn. Do you know of a rough estimate I may be charged to have it repaired? Also, do you think it would be a good idea to have it repaired and then resale? I’ve checked KBB and it’s not looking like it would be worth it…

    Thanks so much!

    • I have the same problem with a 1997 jeep grand, I love her to death her name is dixie I bought her 3 years ago and worked on her. Now she has trouble going more then 15 miles without issues shifting from 2nd to 3rd. I don’t have the answer of how to resolve the issues with mine. I used lucas automatic transmission fluid treatment to help with the last 6,000 miles but now it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Let me know what you do if you buy a new one or just fix it maybe I can take your advice to help my situation with dixie.
      Thank You.

    • I am a Jeep owner myself, 2 99 Cherokee Sports, I have had a lot of people tell me if I ever start having shifting problems to change the shift solenoids, they make ones for them that are larger than stock and run somewhere around $200 and it’s an easy fix, if you can change a tranny filter you can do this, btw this is a fix for the Japanese tranny that was used on models w/ the 4.0 look this up on google or find a Jeep forum, there are tons of how to videos and etc.., I considered doing this to my lifted custom Cherokee just to beef it up.

    • Hey Jamie, without knowing the year, make and model of your vehicle it is hard to say whether or not that is a fair price. That is definitely on the expensive side though, unless the car is a luxury import or rare antique.

      My advice is to get a couple more quotes from shops in your area to see if they all think that the job will cost that much. You might also want to consider having a re-manufactured transmission installed instead.

    • Dave, if your pathfinder is a 2005, there is/was a recall b/c as the mileage is higher it causes a crack in the radiator. Which causes an internal leak to other areas such as the transmission. Nissan will cover it for free up to 80,000 miles, 90,000 a copay of 2500, 100,000 a copay of 3000. After that it’s on you.
      I am experiencing that now. My dilema is I am over the mileage. The dealer says I have $10,000 of damage @ my expense, to replace the radiator, transmission and catalytic converter. There is a class action suit against Nissan b/c of this. My problem is they should cover it regardless of the mileage b/c they knew it was defective. My advise is call Nissan.

  7. I was driving along this morning and the car lost power. I have a pristine 2003 Mercury Sable with 133K miles on it that has never had problems and has received the usual timely fluid replacements and exchanges. I pulled over stopped the engine and called AAA. before the tow arrived, I restarted and everything worked great (as always) but when I went to put it in gear (automantic) nothing happened. So I tried reverse nothing happened. Any ideas?

  8. I have a 2003 Blazer. It wont go into reverse as of yesterday. I have been having issues with it for a month or so. When you are at cruising speed and not accelerating the RPM will go crazy. People have said a vacuum leak for that issue. I wonder if they are related. Anyone have an idea what is going on?

    • Hi Jim,
      What did you find with your transmission? I’ve got a 2000 Blazer and having similar problems. Occasionally wont go into reverse properly, occasionally seems to disengage when going downhill over approx 70km/hr when car speed overruns engine speed, and has started occasionally what i would describe as minor slipping with a small clonk while driving. The old beast is worth less than a replacement transmission so would like to know if you found a solution for your problem or had to get major works???

  9. I have a 96 z28 Camaron and the tranny seems to be messing up it still goes 110 mph but if u go over 3k rpm befor a shift it will just reduce speed and the rpms will go up. Does anyone have a estiment on a rebuild for that

    • Hi Johnny. Take your car into at least 2 shops to get an estimate on the repairs. Give them as much information as you can and describe the symptoms in more detail.

  10. Have a 1999 Nissan Maxima with approx. 120,000 miles. Transmission is on its way out. Took it to a local “transmission” shop who recommended a “re-build” vs. buying a used transmission and having it installed. Told me a “re-build” will cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000, depending on parts needed when it is disassembled. Will provide a 3-year warranty on re-build or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Would appreciate any ideas/thoughts if re-build is better than installing a used transmission and if costs seem reasonable. Thanks.

  11. I have a 2000 Saturn SL2. The transmission whinys like crazy even if its just sitting there in park, and there is also this rubbing/vibrating noise it gets when it goes over 25mph it also shakes the car. I had it to over 4 shops and everyone keeps telling me it’s a wheel bearing or cv joints. I just really need an answer to fix this car does anyone have any ideas????

    • Hey Samantha, if over 4 shops all say it’s a wheel bearing or cv joint, then I’d say they’re right and you should pay to get it fixed. Based on your description and the fact that it “whinys” even in park, you should address the problem ASAP or you’ll run the risk of damaging the transmission itself. Fixing the current problem will be considerably cheaper than transmission repair. In the case of a cv joint replacement, you’re looking at a $150-$400 job, including labor.

  12. My Hyundai Santa FE is 2004, is 183,000 miles suddenly stopped running, start is good, reverse is good, and now I’m not sure if I must get it fixed or get another car… cause if I fixed having to those miles is gonna cause a new problem or the same problem. Im not sure what to do. I’ll be glad to hear comments.

    • Hi Karla, I’m not sure I completely understand the problem you’re facing. You say it stopped running but the start and reverse is good. Could you explain the problem in more detail?

      Based on the age and mileage of your Santa FE, I wouldn’t be surprised that at least some minor transmission work is necessary. I would personally get repairs done (as long as the price is decent), especially if the vehicle is in good shape otherwise.

      • Thanks for this reply admin. I have a 2004 Santa Fe with 163K and think I will try to get the transmission repaired and keep it running as long as I can.

  13. A friend of mine whose mother decided that his Buick Century should go into the shop while he was out of town ended up with a $2300 bill for transmission work. The car ran fine, had no transmission symptoms of ANY kind. The reason his mother took it in was because the ‘service engine soon’ light came on. That was the ONLY symptom. What are the chances that a car with no symptoms actually needed a new transmission?

    • Hey Happy Z, it sounds like the shop took advantage of the situation as I would say the chances are quite low if no symptoms were previously noticed. The “service engine soon” or “check engine” light turns on for a wide variety of reasons, from a temporary system error that has little to no effect on performance or safety to a major malfunction of an important electronic component.

      That said, it very well could have been a problem with the transmission that caused it to light up. The only way to know what caused it is to run a diagnostic test on the vehicle’s system. Personally, in this situation I would have asked to see the results of the test and have them explain to me what the resulting fault code(s) mean and how they in turn require a complete transmission rebuild/replacement (based on the price you quoted).

  14. I had the worse case scenario. 2011 Ford Escape, just bought it Jan 2013 with 68,000 miles. May 2013 with 71,806 miles the truck stalled and died. I had it towed to the Ford dealer where my brother-in-law works (not the one I bought it from) because I was stalled in front of a stoplight and panicking. Originally thought it was the valve body or torque converter but then when they took that off they found metal in valve body and solinoid screens and recommended the transmission be replaced. But after seeing what others have paid, I feel sick. Mine cost $4800, I just paid $18,000 for the truck but didn’t buy an extended warranty because it was only 2 years old.

    • Hi Karen!

      Oddly enough, I am having the SAME issue. I just got my 2013 Ford Escape SEL, and driving on 35E and all of a sudden it EVERYTHING shut off. I had to pull over and get it towed to the nearest Ford Dealership, and they called me later saying that I needed a new transmission! The background of the car is that I got it in April 2015 (I love this escape!) and had 78,xxx on it. I at the time didn’t buy the extended warranty because it was only 2 years old. My question to you is that what did you end up doing?

  15. I’m on vacation and my 2006 X-Terra with 152,000 miles transmission is fried. I drove 20 miles to dealer at 20 mph (as fast as she’d go). Dealer said its the crack in the radiator leaking into the transmission. Quote of $5400 to get 12 month 12,000 mile warranty transmission and radiator or $6500 for a 3 yr or unlimited mileage. Advise? Going to call around to see if I can find another shop. Being 9 hrs from home not knowing anyone to ask makes me nervous about the repairs.

    • Hi Megan;

      Even for a 4×4 that sounds a tad stiff. I would shop that price around a bit.

      However, you have a problem that is all too common. Antifreeze is corrosive as all get out, and you are using your transmissions cooling lines to pump it directly into the heart of your transmission. Whatever you do, be absolutely certain that a dedicated transmission cooler is included in the job. A quality transmission cooler can be had for just over $100 on the high end, and it’s well worth it. In fact everybody who has an automatic transmission would be well advised to go out and buy one TOMORROW, if they don’t already have one.

  16. I have a 2001 Volkswagen Passat – 130K miles. Yesterday it started ‘jerking’ when coming out of reverse. It also revs the RPMs up really high (3-4) when just starting from a complete stop- like at a light, and takes a little bit to build speed. It eventually gets up to speed, but not fast enough for the cars behind me! 🙂 It also shifts pretty hard and it’s an automatic. I took it to a little mom and pop shop and they said it was something with the transmission (didn’t give me any specifics – grrr), but they’re not comfortable working on a VW so they recommended a few other places. Do you think the entire transmission needs to be replaced/ refurbished? Or could it be something that could be a minor repair. I called one of the shops and they told me it would be a flat $3000. Is this a repair I need to fix immediately or could I just be really careful for a month or so to save up some money? The car is only worth $4-5K, so I’m really debating how much work to put into it. Thanks!

  17. I have a 2010 Saturn Vue with about 60k miles. When I accelerate, there’s a whining noise and every so often it jerks when shifting. Also, a time or two this week, the RPMs were jumping. I took it to a GM dealer…they said there was a crack in the transmission case and that it wouldn’t be covered by the warranty. Does this sound right? Technician said it can’t be covered because something must have hit the case and caused the damage. Estimate was $4000!

  18. Hi,
    I have Honda Accord 2004 EX V6.
    I was having a shifting gear problem, then I drove to AAMCO trans repair shop.
    They asked me to leave the car for a day, next when they call me and said that trans mission need to be rebuild soft parts and hard parts estimate was $3200.
    I told them that I don’t have that amount right now I need some time and went to shop to pickup the car but car wont move at all, when I drove the car to their shop.
    According to them they didn’t do anything bad with a car. My car has only 105,000ML
    on it. Can help me out please, where should I take my car for cheap repair I live in Central jersey, NJ. I heard some shop in NYC are pretty cheap.

  19. How much should it cost to get my tranny rebuilt if I pull it out myself and take the tranny to him? It’s an AW4 tranny out of my 88 jeep Cherokee automatic. I called to get some quotes, but the more the better.

  20. I have a 2006 Acura TL automatic. It ha 164K miles on it. When I drive cold it’s okay. Once warm and press on the accelerator it will seem like it goes into neural and the RPM’s shoot up and then it’ll Make a bang sound and will go into gear. On the highway when I’m at 60mph or so it will seem like it’s dropping into 2nd or 3rd gear and will feel like you down shifted really quick.. It’s a bit scary. Do I need a rebuild? I’m getting quoted $1,900 for a rebuild plus labor which I don’t know what the normal rate is? $80 an hr for labor? Plus getting 15 percent off labor.. How may hours would a rebuild take?

    • Having the same problem with my 2004 Nissan Maxima. Shifts smoothly when cold, but once heated up, RMPS rev and it jumps and bumps between 1st and 2nd and sometime bet 2nd and 3rd. This has been going on for a while and getting worse and worse.. I’ve put off fixing it due to financial constraints, but now I think it’s getting critical. I’ve been told it’s the valve box (does that sound right?). I’m not even sure where to take it, but local AAMCO in Delran,, NJ has decent reviews on line. Afraid of what it’s going to cost…

  21. I was just quoted almost $4000 for a complete overhaul on the tranny in my ’04 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4×4 with 129,000 miles. The vehicle is in real nice shape but slips every so often on upshifts and sometimes bangs on downshifts. I plan to hold on to it for a few more years, but don’t want to overpay for the trans work. I believe the shop to be reputable and it is part of ATRA. I’m located in southeast PA. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

    • I’ve just been quoted 2,500 on a rebuild tranny. But mine only has 83,000 miles on it. So annoyed but the truck runs mint aside from that. So just gonna have to deal with it and get it done.

  22. I have a 2005 Durango with 140,000 miles, it started leaking transmission fluid and now won’t go in reverse and only goes 10mph. We consulted a shop without even looking at it they said it would cost 1000-2500 to fix. What does it sound like could be wrong?

  23. I have to say, I really appreciate this page and it is making me look into getting more quotes when it comes to getting a new transmission done, especially from the dealer (my 1st quote).
    My engine light came on two days ago on my Honda Oddessy, 2004 and I took it to the dealer for them to figure out what was going on. They just called me and told me my transmission needed to be replaced, specifically the clutch and it would be $5,000 (along with other issue) for a told cost of over $6000. And of course they can give me a discount of 10% ($600), my mouth dropped. From reading your site I see about how much a transmission should cost me and I cannot believe how much more they want to charge me. As a single parent of three children already living paycheck to paycheck and I am completely shocked, in addition to not having this type of funds, not even close, to get such an expensive markup of an expense taken care of at this time. I live in Southern California, Orange county, and am desperately looking for a reliable mechanic who deals in transmissions who can assist me at a much reasonable cost.

  24. Does this sound like transmission problems or something else??

    Car runs fine, automatic.. Engine light came on last week – took it to mechanic, they said it’s no problem and just ignore it, and services the vehicle.

    Yesterday the car took 3 attempts to start, it shifts perfectly between gears, but if it’s sitting at the lights without revs it starts shaking a lot. So I gave it some revs an the shaking stops while it’s revving. Apart from that it seems fine. Started nurseries times afterwards but…

    This morning – can’t start it. Sound like it’s just turning over and over

    PLEASE HELP!! stuck in Australia where everyone seems to be trying to rip you off 🙁

  25. This is my third transmission failure in five (5) years, on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD. The transmission was initially replaced (used tranny) by a large corporate garage, and failed after 1.5 years. The second transmission was replaced with a used tranny with 41K miles, by a locally owned and recommended shop. It also failed about 2 years. Now (12/2013), I’ve been with another local garage that I trust, and they have made many repairs and routine prevention/maintainance procedures that seem to last. That garage quoted me $2,900.00 for a used tranny that has 42,000 miles. The past two repairs cost about $2000 each. I’m happy to pay more if the transmission lasts more than several years. Is this quote realistic if they follow proper mechanical procedure and ethics (ha)?

  26. I have a 1999 toyota camry 4 cylinder. It has had a transmission code for a long long time but I thought it would slowly go out. A few weeks ago it had tried not to go unless heated up since the weather had gotten cold. Lately it had not done that. This morning it was fine and I was in a rush and did not heat it up long and it made a funny noise about a 1/2 minute after I pulled off. It sounded like a hose blowing and I pulled over and it wouldn’t go into gear after that. Do you think it could have been avoided if I had heated the car up?

    The problem was not the transmission after all but the front axle which only cost $200 instead of $1200 plus- HALLELUAH!! I always thought the transmission would slowly go out but not all at once. Thanks for all the info from this site and God Bless everyone with patience througjt their challenges and know that it will all work out for everyone!!

  27. Hi –
    I just had my transmission rebuilt for $2400, which I feel was fair. It was going into neutral when I drove and also it would have to be revved up after starting to go forward or backwards. It’s a 2007 RAV4. The problem with going into neutral has been repaired, as has the need to rev up before going in reverse. However, I still need to rev up to go forward after I start the engine, then it jerks forward. Once I drive it’s fine. I have to admit that I took really bad care of my vehicle for the first three years (practically no maintenance) and it needed a new engine. I purchased a used one about three years ago. After that happened, I got my RAV4 serviced on a regular basis. When searching for what this issue might be, I read about the computer (ECU) going bad. Might this be the issue? My repair guy said that he can’t see anything regarding a computer code that diagnoses why it’s not going into gear when starting. He’s on holiday break for two weeks (I just got it back today). He says he’s willing to look at it again after the holiday break. My second question is if it’s ok to drive it for that period of time. I don’t think I am being scammed, given my poor maintenance track record, but I don’t know. Thanks!

  28. Hey i have a 2003 Chevy Impala Ls 3.8 V6 it has 129k miles on it and drives good but as soon as i got it ive been having problems. The RPM meter goes all the way up to 2/3 without me pressin the gas and when i drive off it takes a while to get to 20mph than normal. I took it to 2 autoshops in NY and they both gave me a price range for $1100 and $1200.. my tranny fluid burns and starts to smoke after a while..i took it to autozone and the computer read that the 2nd and 3rd gear needed to be fixed..should i get a rebuild or brand new bringing the car to Lincoln Tech for free labor i just need to know the best price for transmissions

  29. Hello I own a 2007 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 with 120k miles and it slips after 2nd gear, I took it to 2 shops and they said that my 3rd gear is gone and that I need an overhaul. What exactly does that mean? They said it will cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 does this sound right to you guys?? Do I really need to rebuilt the whole tranny??

  30. I have a 2007 Mazda 6i automatic and there is a tsb out for these with what is called a shiftlock, where from 3rd to 4th gear you hear and feel a “clunk”. It goes into gear fine but it is an annoyance. I checked the tsb and my VIN did not fall under this, but is the same exact problem. (Seems to happen more often when car is warmed up) I just took it to Mazda to have the PCM and TCM software updated. They did updates on the PCM and said the TCM was already up to day. Unfortunately this did NOT fix my issue. I had the fluid changed and this did NOT fix the issue. I got a quote from a third party transmission guy (good guy) of $2400-$2600. He said there is a leak (known issue with these ford 4F27E transmissions) near the servo. Is this a good price for a rebuild or do you think it still could be electrical?

  31. I am having my 2004 Z71 trans rebuilt for $1,900 and quoted me around $1,000 for the transfer case. Is this a fairly average cost for what’s being done?

  32. Hi. My husband has a 2008 Ford Focus, and he has about 147,000 miles on it. It won’t go on reverse and we’ve talked to a couple of repair shops that says they need to rebuild the transmission. How much does that usually cost? The shops quoted me $2400-2600.

    • $2500 sounds about right for a rebuild, but I would try to pit the two shops against each other for your business to get the price down a few hundred dollars. If they’re both not willing to go lower, then they expect there to be a serious problem and $2500 is still an okay price. Be sure to find out exactly how long the warranty will be on their work.

  33. I was told from one shop the only way the can give me a estimate for a transmission for a 2000 GMC SAVANA 1500. Is open up the trans to see the exact problem. This doesn’t sounds right to me.

    • Hi Stacey,

      Yes, they need to open it up in order to find out exactly what the problem is and see the extent of the damage.

      That said, by running the engine, driving the car around a bit and hearing your description of the problem, they should be able to give you a ballpark estimate. Make sure they give you one so that you can be sure they don’t try to inflate the cost and rip you off. If they refuse to, go somewhere else. Ask a couple of other shops in your area to get a second opinion. As mentioned in the article, anywhere from $1900-$2600 is common for a complete rebuild.

      • I am rebuilding my CVT tranny, on my 2006 ford freestyle ( this happens to all of them) I was told it was the tourque converter since it still went into gear or so I thought. but after buying and installing a new tourque converter it ran for almost 5 miles and the BRAND NEW 120$ special transmission fluid was burned up. so now im having to rebuild the whole tranny. ( I think this is because the pevious owner used the wrong fluid) and it caused everything to go bad.

        • I am facing having to do something about my 06 Freestyle. Dealer quoted 6300 for a new transmission. I am trying to find a shop that will rebuild mine.

        • Continue with the rebuild. It’s not as hard as they say they are. I just rebuilt my 2005 500. It works fine. Parts are a bit pricey.

  34. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi galant. My transmission went out in Feb 2013 and again in July 2013. I paid $1,800 to get it fixed the first time and I’m having problems trying to find a good place to fix it this last time. In July I was headed home one night I press the gas and it wouldn’t budge frontward or backward. I have looked and looked and everyone tells me I have a rare model car and transmissions for my car are hard to find. Can you suggest anything?

  35. I have a 2005 ford focus and about 2 weeks ago I noticed when I put car in reverse it did not shift for about 2 or 3 seconds and then kicked into gear. I checked transmission fluid and it was low. I topped it off and couple of days later shifting was a little better. It is still a problem 1 week after fluid was topped off so I got an estimate of transmission for 400.00 + 350.00 for labor. Not sure if this sounds too good to be true or not. Please help!

  36. I have a toyota corolla 2013 i bought brand new in march 3 2013. A couple weeks ago when the car was supposed to be a year old my transmission began to give me problems. I took it to the dealer and they’re charging me $4,500 to replace with a new transmission. This sounds absurd.

    • Hi Damarys,

      I would highly advise you to take your car to another mechanic (or two) and to stay away from dealerships as they tend to significantly overprice their services. $4,500 is definitely on the high side, especially for something as common as a Corolla. I would expect a new replacement to cost you somewhere in the $2500-$3000 range. If you’re looking for something cheaper, consider getting a used/rebuilt trans.

      It is somewhat unusual to have problems with a year old vehicle/trans. What warranty coverage do you have? Since it’s a new car, your powertrain warranty should cover some or all of the repairs to the engine, transmission, drivetrain and other components such as the constant velocity joints.

  37. Megan- this is probably way too late to assist you but I had much the same thing happen to me. Strange town, where to take it, who to ask? My sudden idea (and it worked out really well for me) in our provinces, some more than others, many thrift stores are operated, staffed by volunteers, by the Mennonite Central Committee. Their goal is to assist those in need, usually in other countries, but they are a good group of people. I went there and explained my problem and how I had no idea where to go. On top of that, it was Christmas Eve afternoon. They not only recommended several shops that were trustworthy, they called a couple for me to make sure they were open that afternoon, how late, and arranged for them to come and tow my car in. The work could not be done that afternoon of course but they were able to check out the problem for me, let me know what would need to be done and, as I was no where near where I live, they recommended clean, safe, reasonably priced hotels for me to stay. They then offered to drive me there.

    I don’t expect this to happen everywhere but it might be a useful thought for someone else to pursue should they be placed in the situation I found myself. e

  38. 2003 Buick Ultra SC 58,000 miles well maintained was hit front end collision by a late model Honda. Transmission made a horrible noise and car would not move or change gears. Turned car off, than restarted car put car in park than in drive (hard shuttering jerks). Other driver was at fault, but their insurance Allstate claims the accident could not have damaged the transmission. Cost $2500.00 to rebuild trans and they refuse to pay. Buick is front wheel drive with trans on the drivers side of the lower engine.
    Your in good hands with Allstate
    “YOUR money is IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE, but not you”

  39. Hey all, looking some help.and maybe a general cost estimate. 2013 Nissan sentra hit a tire on the freeway, slid under my car and busted my transmission. Air bag went off seat belts locked and light cosmetic damage. Was quoted 8300 to get it all fixed and walked away from that offer. Only had liability insurance so I have to front the bill. Have a little over 5k saved up for this and live in Los Angeles County. Anyone have an idea how much the tyranny alone will cost or any recommendations where to go? Thanks all for the time.and.consideration if you read my post.

  40. Hey, I’ve got a 2003 Land Rover Free-lander (aka the worst car ever spawned) been having problems with high RPMs and lad between gear shifts. called pep boys and they gave me a quote for 3,000. I’d rather take her to a licensed LR dealer but I heard they’re prices are very high.

  41. I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. 2 months ago I spent $1600 to repair an oil leak. Today I have it in for another leak and I’m told it’s the transmission, total for today if I go through with it is $2500 to replace the transmission. Car has 89,000 miles on it. I’m really afraid this will continue to be a money pit. This past year I also paid for radiator issues as well. Any advice on continuing down this horrendous money journey or getting of and putting this SUV to rest?

  42. I have a 1999 ford explorer that won’t go into drive. I took it to a mechanic who had it for 2 months and never fixed it properly. I finally went and got it and took it to a garage I Tallahassee and the mechanic told me he doesn’t know what the other so called mechanic did to it but the transmission pan is missing. He called me and told me that he doesn’t think I should rebuild it because there is no telling what the guy did to it. He said he could get me a used transmission with 71,000 miles on it for $1100 which will include the tranny and the labor and it will have a 12 month warranty. I am not sure if I should do it because I don’t know if something might happen to the used one in a few months and then I’ll have to pay him for another labor fee. What is recommended. HELP!

  43. Hi, my 2011 ford focus creates a rattling noise while it speeds up from 20kmh to higher. it is not all the time. the engine also causes some minor humming noise. I have checked with RAA mechanics but they couldn’t find any problem. But I am not satisfied. is there any problem with auto transmission? Do I need to take it ford service center? Please help

  44. Have a 2001 Toyota Avalon w/164,000 miles on it. First estimate was $3800 for rebuilt one and $10,000 for a new transmission. Fair or too high. van

    • Hi Leonard. The rebuild price is on the high end and $10k for a new transmission is very, very high. That said, the combination of the age and high-end/rarity of the car makes it tougher to find replacement parts for, especially ones that are brand new so the $10,000 might be a reasonable price if (for example) the market value for a new one is around $8000 (plus labor). I’m not sure how much a new one should cost though.

      Are these quotes from a Toyota dealership or repair shop? You might be able to reduce the price by getting a quote from an independent mechanic, but they might not be familiar with the design of the transmission. Either way, I would go for the rebuilt and try to get the price down to at or below $3500.

      Hope this helps.

  45. I am having problems with my 2000 Chevy Blazer. My check engine light came on shortly after it was hesitating shifting to a higher gear. I took to auto zone were they tested for a code(s). Results said the 2nd to 3rd gear shift solenoid was faulty. I then took to a repair shop with the results. They said I should have the tran. rebuilt with a bunch of garage slang that made no sense! Am I being bamboozled into a $3000 rebuild when the test code revealed a faulty shift solenoid? Which is $30 part & min. labor. It is located on bottom of tran. So I’m thinking just a new gasket, fluid and filter. Any advice? Please.

    • Hey richedco, I’m in the same boat. 2008 Equinox, faulty shift solenoid, and two shops are saying because of the location of the part they needed to go through the valve body. $2000 to fix it, and while they are doing that they may as well put in a new transmission instead for $3000. What did you end up doing? Thanks!

  46. The automatic transmission on my 1993 300zx decided to give me trouble after a few trips to Z meets (and the drag strip once).

    After deciding that I no longer wanted to mess with my AT, I chose to swap a manual transmission into my Z. I found a respectable gentleman on the forums who sold me his 107,000 mile transmission for just $140! Just to be safe, I dropped the transmission off for a $600 syncro/bearing rebuild. Total cost (excluding freight) = $750 🙂

  47. My 2007 Nissan Altima has 115,000 miles on it. I brought it in for a humming noise when car is in motion. My mechanic said its the transmission and said it would most likely run 3,000 to fix. Meanwhile the past two times my car was in shop I mentioned there was fluid on the driveway under my car and was told that’s nothing it’s just from the air conditioner. Now I know it was most likely transmission fluid. I don’t want to have to buy a new car but my mechanic said he thinks its not worth my paying expensive cost to replace transmission on a car with so much mileage. I was hoping to get another few years from my car. I feel if he had checked on the leaking fluuid issue when I brought it up maybe it would have been an easy fix. Now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anything about car repairs and I know places take advantage of women.

    • Hi Eileen,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, mechanics taking financial advantage of women (and men who aren’t mechanically inclined) is an all too common occurrence. The best thing you can do is educate yourself as much as possible and try to do a rough estimate/diagnosis of the problem yourself before bringing your car to a mechanic you don’t know and trust with your wallet. Here are a few things to consider:

      1) Since your car has low mileage, I suggest that you check if the transmission is still covered under warranty with Nissan. 2003-2010 Nissan vehicles equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) such as the Altima have a 10 year/120,000 mile CVT limited warranty. Call Nissan and provide them with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see if you can get the replacement covered.

      2) The fact that you mentioned that the fluid leak to your mechanic and they brushed it off instead of looking into what could have caused the problem tells me that it’s probably time to find a new mechanic.

      3) 115,000 miles on a 2007 vehicle is NOT a lot of mileage (unless those miles you drove were really rough on the car). Cars these days should last well over 200k. I personally have a 2002 Nissan Altima with 190k on it and other than having the alternator replaced, hasn’t required any major repairs.

      Unless your car has needed significant work done recently or has other nagging problems, I would say it’s probably worth getting the transmission replaced (or rebuilt, depending on the extent of the problem/damage) as your Altima most likely has a lot of life left.

      4) I would call 2-3 other shops in your area and get their opinions on your situation. Try to look for a place that knows and specializes in transmissions. You will probably be able to find a mechanic who can do a better job for less (ideally down to around $2500). A good mechanic won’t just shrug off your problem by telling you to buy a new vehicle. They will work with you to get you back on the road for a reasonable price.

  48. I have a 2007 AUDI A7 that was going into safe mode where all the gears would light up, It would get stuck in reverse and the car would jump when it came to a full stop. it had about 150,000 miles on it. I GOT THREE QUOTES. MY REGULAR MECHANIC TOLD ME $3,000 FOR A REBUILD ANOTHER ONE $1,800 AND THE OTHER was $2,500. I went with the $2,500 shop and omg I regret it. they took TWO MONTHS!!!!!
    AND IT ENDED UP COSTING $4,800 FOR THE REBUILD. I believe that I shouldn’t have paid that much when I could’ve got a used tranny for $1800 with 40,000miles exact match and pay $500 for installation. when I demanded my car halfway through they said that it was still an issue with the tranny. I said I will take it somewhere else and when I called to come pick it up they had took the transmission apart for a second time. I am seeking legal advice to sue because after the first time when they told me it was ready which was after 4 weeks and I told them I was coming all of a sudden there was another problem with the tranny getting stuck in 6th. but I believ 2 months is extremely long and I ended up having to pay way more than quoted PLUS $2,000 in rental fees. the car is running I now feel a little slipping but there are other problems that didn’t exist when I dropped the car off for example the dash is telling me that the rear lid is open but its actually closed. does the cost and repair time sound reasonable to you?

  49. 2003 Acura 3.2TL Type-S. 85,000 miles.
    B7WA Automatic Transmission slipping and difficult to shift into park.
    Acura Dealer wants $4200.00 to replace with Rebuilt transmission. 3 year warranty.
    Small Tranny shop will do the same for $3600. Same warranty.
    Had bad history with Amoco in past with different car, so will not go there.
    Is there a price range for lowest cost?
    If I choose to rebuild myself, what is the best master kit to buy????
    Thank you. Regards,
    Thomas 09/21/2014

  50. Hi, I have a 2002 Nissan Altima with 123,000 mi that is having some transmission problems. It starts out ok, has a hard shift from 1-2, then RPM’s go up to about 4,000 and it won’t shift into 3 unless I back off the gas. Takes a while to get into 4th which makes rapid acceleration (entering freeway, passing, etc.) dangerous.

    So far one shop says rebuild trans and replace catalytic converter for $2,500 min. Does this sound reasonable, and why is the catalytic converter involved? I understand the admin has a similar car. The KBB value for the car is $3,000, so not sure a $2,500-$3,000 repair makes sense.

  51. I have a fiat 2012 manual transmission. There is a shaft that connects the transmission to the driveshafts. The shaft is bent and the car wobbles. I’ve been told i have to replace the WHOLE TRANSMISSION… at a cost of over 3k. Anyone know of a shop that can just replace/rebuild the small shaft? I’ve already replaced the driveshafts (right and left) and the control arms since Fiat says all the components regarding the shafts need to be replaced. I have 140,000 km on the car. Not under warranty but WAY too early to be having this kind of problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  52. For those of you who think 5000 dollars is high for a given transmission just wait until the 8 and 9 speeds need repair. The automakers are deliberately doing this so Joe 6 pack wont try to work on it. Mainly because it is very complicated and many special tools are needed. So dealer technicians are just slapping a new or remaned factory unit in them. I am retiring from the business for this very reason. If people don’t have 1200 dollars for a 4 speed automatic or consider it a rip off how are they going to have 5000 or as much as possibly 10,000. I see the future of these cars sitting under trees gathering dust and sap and repo yards full of these cars. People go out and buy them because they are pretty and have all the bells and whistles. But when they find out a tune up is over a grand they scream rip off. This is the future of both U S and Aisian cars. Better drive your old reliable cars that are cheap to fix as long as you can.

  53. I have a 2002 Honda Civic with 185,000 miles on it. Has had regular oil changes and engine is ok and just had front and rear breaks done. The timing belt has never been changed. The blue book value if it weren’t broken is 2,400. My transmission started slipping on a road trip after about 3 hrs of driving. It would only go between 20 and 40 mph. RPMs went up, but didn’t easily shift from 2nd gear to pick up spead. I towed it home and don’t know what to do with it….sell it, rebuild transmission, replace with used transmission? I have gotten prices at a shop of 1,750. and by phone of 1500, 1800, and 2900. I have very limited funds and am afraid to have it repaired/replaced because if I have to sell it afterwards there won’t be any money to buy another car. I’m afraid to buy a used car because I’ll probably be buying someone else’s problems and will not be able to afford an expensive repair after I buy the car. What should I expect to pay to have my car repaired? What would you do? Any help is very much appreciated?

  54. Just had my transmission done a few months ago and now it’s messed up again. I took it to the dealer last time and it cost $1900 to fix it and my cars a 2002 Chrysler Concorde. This is horse crud that it’s probably gonna cost me a ton to get if fixed again.

  55. I have been thru a shop that supposedly rebuilt my Ford escape 2005, v6 transmission from leaking. Cost over $3000. This back in March 2014. November, I was told it leaking again. Took it to the same shop, but different location. They agree did repair something that was cover by warranty of the transmission, but now it still leaking. What should I do? Get a lawyer? Something not right.

  56. I have a Honda passport 2002 4×4 automatic transmission on 11/12/2010 took my car to AAMCO they told me need a replacement of transmission and they charged me of 2,631.50 dollars. 3 weeks ago 1/2/2015 I found a transmission fluid leak. I want to know for this amount 2,631.50 dollars and what they said to me they replaced a new transmission and now it is leaking, did they lie on me? and if that’s true how can I return my money back. Please I need answer asap thanks.

    • Hi ghalem, sorry to hear about the leak. I would go back to AAMCO and explain the situation. A 3 week old brand new transmission should definitely NOT be leaking, but if it is then it’s almost definitely their fault and they should be happy to resolve the issue. I would also consult the agreement/statement (“fine print”) they gave you to find out how long the warranty/guarantee for their work lasts. Good luck!

    • hmmmmm, probably ‘yes’ on being ripped off; most likely ‘no’ on getting one cent back if you don’t have a clear written warranty from the shop that bent you over that barrel.

  57. I have a ford focus 2004 with 133000 miles. About a week ago the transmission went out. My car didn’t want to reverse, when on drive t only goes about 15 miles an hour, also on natural it doesn’t move. So I got a quote from several shop and they are charging me 800+ Dollars for a repair. What should I do repair my car?

    • Your transmission is in limp mode. Something is wrong inside the transmission, either something broke, a seal won’t seal, some passage is clogged, or something and the computer in the transmission sees that and won’t allow you to cause further damage to it. It is called “limp home mode”. you will need to get it torn apart and repaired or replaced.

  58. My 2005 Z71 4×4 Chevy Suburban has 140K miles. I’ve owned it 3 years and have no information on the service record before that. I’ve had no problems with the transmission until two weeks ago when I began noticing clunking and roughness while in reverse, which progressed to it being only able to move in reverse by idling slowly backward. There are no problems or symptoms in forward at any speed. Five months ago, on my mechanic’s advice, I had a transmission flush. I took the vehicle in to the same shop for the current problem. They are diagnosing a bad transmission and propose replacement with an “OEM remanufactured” transmission that will carry a 3-year 100K mile warranty for $3500 including parts and labor. I like and trust the shop, but I’ve fallen out of love (maybe “out of like” is a better term as I never really fell in love) with this vehicle and don’t anticipate owning it for more than a couple of more years. It would be painful to spend $3500 at this time and I would be grateful to hear thoughts or advice on my options. One final note: we pull a travel trailer on family trips with this vehicle and need continued reliability in that role. Thanks so much.

  59. I was just quoted almost $ 1300.00 to $1500.00 for a complete overhaul on the transmission in my ’03 Ford Explorer 4×4 with 120,000 miles. The truck is in real good shape and slips every time on up shifts and feels like it binds on downshifts. I plan to keep the truck for a few more years, and don’t want to pay to much for the transmission to be repaired. I believe the shop to be reputable. I’m located in Deer Park Long Island. Is this a fair price.

    • If you are looking for a cheaper price and you are willing to travel, check out some of the repair shops in the Bronx. I had the transmission on my ’97 Honda Civic rebuilt for $1,100 with a 1 year warranty.

      • Hello
        Don DeCicco
        The Question was it a fair price. I found out that when transmissions are rebuilt cheap they do not last
        I brought my car to Bullet Proof Transmission in Lindenhurst and Im glad i did it needed a band adjustment and was charged $195.00 Caesar Told me that my servo bores were worn and its going to have to be rebuilt in the future for now it worked don’t slip no more
        Im happy.

      • Hey, Don,

        What shop was that and how is the car now? I live in the Bronx, my ’05 Honda CR-V just slipped out of gear; when in drive engine runs and car goes nowhere. Won’t go into any gear. Fluid good.

  60. Great website. Wish I found it before I spent $3500 for the transmission on my 2002 TBird with 97000 miles on it. I really wasn’t sure if it was the transmission or just the coils as it would hesitate a lot when shifting gears. As soon as I left the shop, it idled roughly at the red light. Called right away — taking it back. Is there anyway to really tell if it’s the transmission? I trusted this shop as they always were fair and seemingly honest but I live in south Florida so that says a lot.

  61. I have a 2005 BMW 530i & the transmission fault indicator came on the other night driving home. I didn’t notice it until afterwards but I did find some fluid on the garage floor so it was leaking some fluid. I have almost 250k miles on the car so probably not worth repairing as I have only got 1 quote for approx. $4,500. Was hoping to keep it or just running around town as a 2nd car. Just looking for some opinions from those that know more than me as my first thought is to sell as mechanics special or possibly donate to a charity. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

  62. I have a 2003 Acura TL base with 144k miles. I got an engine light on a couple of week s ago and on researching the code I got P1730,P1705,P1700.

    2 local shops gave me a price of 3000 with an year warranty and a work of 5-10 days.
    AAMCO gave me 2500-2700 for 4 days and year warranty for rebuild.
    Wholesale Transmission in NJ gave 1600-1800 for 3 days repair. It has a ATRA membership.

    All said I need to rebuild transmission and change oxygen sensor. I am confused about the last shop pricing. Where should I repair and which of these sound reasonable as all said we have open it and see for the final quote of repair. The local dealer is where I usually do my repairs.

  63. I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox that has 103000 miles on it. The other day I noticed it was over revving without accelerating. Called my dealership to make an appointment but needless today it didn’t make it that far. Died in a parking lot. Couldn’t get it to move in reverse. Had it towed to a dealership where before they looked at it quoted 5-6000 to fix it. That seems a bit outlandish after reading everything here. Wonder if they are just preying on a young woman?

  64. I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring AWD but it does not go above 20-30 mph. It sometimes won’t move front or backward (if in reverse). I have to turn it off and restart every time to get it to move. I plan on getting the car to the shop for transmission diagnostics. Any recommendations or thoughts? Should I be expecting a full replacement/expensive rebuilt OR is this a known issue with this model?

    I’d appreciate any help..

  65. I have a 2006 Acura MDX with 121,000 miles on it. It has been serviced regularly. I recently noticed a small/slight whining sound as I accelerated onto freeway traffic. Took it in to dealer for regular servicing and asked them to check on the whine. I’m told I need a new transmission (dealer’s cost $5200), but they couldn’t/wouldn’t say how soon it must be done. I have not experienced any of the shift/RPM/etc. problems listed by others (yet). I have a couple of road trips planned this summer and am concerned about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, yet a small whine seems negligible at this point and not worth a complete replacement right away (even if I can find someone to do the work at a lesser price). Is this foolish? Should I focus on getting the replacement done a.s.a.p.? Or can I wait until other problems start showing up? Any help/advice welcome. Thanks.

  66. I have 2001 Rav 4 Toyota. A transmission was installed to repair. Mechanic stated needed a pressure pump due to transmission fluid isn’t going through, also needed a c converter replacement. Charges are 2575.00. Is this charges are reasonable. Elk grove village, illinois

  67. I bought a used 07 Impala LS 93k miles on it as basically my work car paid a little more then i should but i needed a car bad at the time. Have a year into her about 130k miles on her my transmission went on me, i only had reverse no normal drive and little to no power in any other gear. I got a quote from the repair shop/dealership i normally go to which is parks chevrolet in charlotte NC they told me $3,300 for a brand new tranny. As i was getting the money up to make the repairs a friend of mines talked me into going with a smaller shop and getting my transmission rebuilt instead of getting a brand new one. I went with Larry’s transmission he charged me $1,800 plus i got a few other repairs done. I still paid around $3,000 but i got 4 repairs for the price of one. Hopefully she last me another year and half give me time to get my money up for a brand new car..

  68. I have a 2004 Jetta Turbo 1.8L, 2 months after getting my car I found out it needed a new transmission (because it was pulsing while I was driving and would shift into N while driving on the freeway) The shop I took it too said it would take 3 days tops (and $3,300) because I have a very expensive transmission. He then calls me and says they are going to rebuild it instead because they can’t find a tranny that looks just like mine so they didn’t want to risk it. It’s been almost 2 weeks now and today they called me with another stalling excuse saying they rebuilt the tranny and put it in and it still drove bad they are going to have to replace some kind of valve that went bad with the transmission. I am so upset its over 2 weeks now and I still have no car. Is this something that sounds right or a stalling tactic?

  69. I have a 2010 Nissan Murano that had 142,000 miles on it when the transmission began giving me problems. It would not be drivable but after sitting for a short period of time would again become drivable. Took it to the Nissan dealership. They said I needed a new transmission or as an alternative they could replace the transmission fluid and see if that would correct the problem. Now after another 5,000 miles and less than one month later, the car again will not move forward or back. Service engine soon light is on this time. A call to the dealership confirmed that it will need the new transmission that is not really “new.”
    The price for this is $3899. They said the Nissan Warranty on this new transmission is only good for 12 months or 12,000. miles. This means in 2.5 months I could possibly need another “remanufactured” transmission. What do you suggest?? Thank you.

  70. So my car wouldn’t change into gears and i knew it had to be the transmission, so i took it to a local auto shop to change the transmission. They said that it would cost me $2500 for the transmission so i pay it in all and towed my car in. After 3 weeks or so they called me and said that it wasn’t the transmission they said that it was the ECU and i had to take to a dealership to refresh it because they didn’t have the equipment to refresh it. And said that i have to pay the labor too in order for me to take the the car to Kendall so i did and costed $1000 or so, so in total it costed me $3500 and up already.

    But the time when i took my car in it wouldn’t moved, but after they change it. The car would go only in 1 gear with the new transmission. I didn’t have any income so i drove it to the Kendal dealership instead of towing ir to refresh the ECU. After 2 week they called me that the transmission is not working properly. It costed me $98 for the refreshing. So im confused because its a new transmission. Then i took it back to the local auto part to fix it but they wouldn’t because they said that when i drove it i broke it and the warranty was off when i drove it to Kendall. So i dont what i should do. I got all the receipt for changing the transmission and when at Kendall. So help me out.

  71. I have a 1989 Ford Bronco 2 2 wheel drive [my pet] . The automatic trans was rebuilt in 2005 and has less than 10K miles since then . Sometimes not driven for months . Recently when starting cold it will not shift out of first gear for about 4 miles of driving [until it warms up] then everything shifts perfect . I found that if I move shift lever into 2nd it will then go into 2nd but still not shift into higher gears until warmed up . I took it to trans shop for filter and fluid change and was told that metal in pan and torque convert bad $2500 for repair . This does not make sense to me as if torque convert bad would it not be worse when warmed up and fluid hot and thin ? I have no problem spending $$ on this vehicle but want to know if I am being ripped off .

  72. Have a 2002 Toyota Camry and have been told the transmission is shot. Car otherwise is in good condition. Is it worth it to fix as it is only worth $4-5000. Still owe $3000.

  73. I have a 2004 Ford Expedition. In March 2015, the transmission was going, it only had 2nd, 4th and reverse. I took it to a local shop and he rebuilt it for $1,500. 8 months later, I was backing up and I heard and felt grinding in transmission and it totally seized up. I called the shop that fixed it in March and then had it towed there. The owner told me he would take care of it. He had the vehicle for 4 weeks, and I called him about 20 times and he kept saying he would be getting to it. He finally finished it, I went by to pick it up, his employee asked me if there was any charge because the owner wasn’t there, and I told him I didn’t know but that his boss said he would take care of it so I assumed there was not. I also assumed it took him 4 weeks because he was putting paying customers in front of me.
    A day later the owner called me saying that there was a charge, it was $450 for the gears. He said that when they repaired the transmission in March, they fixed something else, and that this time it was a different problem. He said he would not charge me for labor, just the cost of the gears.
    During the 4 weeks that he had my vehicle and the numerous phone calls, he never told me what the problem was, and how much it would cost to fix it. I will go over and pay him the money, but I would like to get your opinion on this situation. Do gears for my vehicle cost $450?

  74. Hi, I own a Chevy Uplander 2007 with 117,000 km. I’m in Hamilton, Ontario. There is a shop here quoted me a rebuild transmission for $4100 (incl. tax and labor). Is that too much? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  75. I just got my car back after having the automatic transmission rebuilt, it is a 2002 Honda Accord SE.
    the cost was $1090. labor and $1673.66 parts. shortly after I left the shop the check engine light went on again so I went back and he said not to worry about it??? Also I was charged 2 times for a COUNTERSHAFT 2nd GEAR, and he told me that there are two, one on each side of the inside of the transmission (WHAT?) Is that true? Because it was $108.75.
    I am very nervous about this shop I have a BAD gut feeling mostly because he wanted me to pay cash and was clearly upset when I used my bank card. HELP!

  76. My boyfriend works on cars and can remove/install transmissions and motors along with just about anything else. He also works for a very good garage. He got an offer for some side work and since the people had the new transmission already he wants to charge only $450 to do it for them. He was told that that was to much and they new someone who would do it for $100. Which they are having problems with the transmission that that same guy installed in their Jeep. Matt, my boyfriend told them that was very cheap and their shop wouldnt do it for less than $1000 for the install/remove. People dont realize what it takes to #1 work on foriegn cars and #2 what it actually takes to do this on the ground without lifts. Anyone else who works on cars feel the same. Also in his experience, the person who bought the transmission and wanting the work done, usually doesnt get the right transmission so thats more work for him to find them the right one. He rebuilt my dads 78 Chevy motor and it took him forever to get the right parts in that my dad got on his own and they didnt go with the motor he had in the truck. Matt charged my dad $500 and my dad gave him an extra $100 for doing a great job. That is freaking cheap. Matt is not out to rip people off he works to help people and make some money. I just wish people would realize that mechanics work hard and have to deal with people that are always out looking for the cheapest even when it is the cheapest! Just goes to show you get what you pay for when you try to go to cheap and get over on the mechanics too.

  77. Hi Im a young female from New Zealand, that now owns a 99 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro Saloon. Unfortunately without knowledge of the vehicle I’ve since paid torque converter replacement,parts & labour ($2800) cooler+valve body ($2000) and now 2 months later I have no reverse gear . I have been quoted $3500 but Mechanic says I could possibly have the labour covered under warranty. The worse thing is they have never been upfront with me about the work that needs doing beforehand. My question is have I’ve been overcharged on previous work & also how many hours labour is involved in replacing drum & broken piston so that I may know if I’m being charged the labour fairly.? I hope I’ve made sense

  78. I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 3 Sedan with 171,000 miles and the check engine light came on 4 days ago. My boyfriend mistakenly told me it was the transmission light so i made an appointment at a trans shop and as I pulled into the shop I realized it was a actually check engine light. Guy at the shop said he’d read the codes anyway and let me know what we’d be loooking at. Said the code popping up was a sensor in the rear axle (? i could have heard this wrong) and that means the transmission needs replaced and that it’s really expensive because I have a CVT trans. He swore I have the CVT transmission and that it’s $4000 and up. I’ve been looking all over online and I called the GM dealer, gave them my VIN and I’m pretty sure my Saturn DOESN’T have a CVT trans, but a M43 gm automatic trans. The sedans have a more traditional transmission.

    Do you think it’s actually a trans problem? Or was this guy trying to swindle me and should i have the codes read elsewhere since i don’t have any other symptoms.

  79. I have an 05 Honda CR-V 109,000 miles. In past week it began intermittently slipping out of gear and yesterday it just sat in drive, engine running but car not moving. I live in the Bronx, NY. Shops charge $100/hr labor. What can I expect to pay for repair, rebuild, replacing of transmission?

  80. I took my car to a shop. There were issues with jerking. It won’t go forward unless it is in 3rd at times it won’t go backwards or when it does you have to press the gas all the way down. Then when it finally moves it jerks really hard – like give you whiplash jerk.

    When it got to the shop it would not go backwards or forwards. The mechanic told me my transmission was out and it would be about $2500 to repair with a rebuilt transmission.

    I towed the car home. I’m broke so the car sat in my drive way for about a month. The battery died. It took it to be recharged. The car wouldn’t start for a day. Then the car was able to go forwards and backwards – original issue in the beginning. What could be the real issue??

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