Transmission Solenoid: Symptoms & Replacement Cost

Modern automatic transmissions use pressurized hydraulic fluid to change gears. Every time a gear change is required, the car’s computer activates a transmission solenoid, which directs transmission fluid into the valve body to engage the correct gear. If one of these electro-mechanical valves fail, then all sorts of transmission problems can ensue. So let’s take a closer look at the shift solenoid, and the common problems associated with it.

How Does a Transmission Solenoid Work?

As you’re going down the road, the car’s computer analyzes data being sent by vehicle speed sensors and engine speed sensors. Based on this information, the Engine Control Unit (ECU), or the Transmission Control Unit (TCM), executes the appropriate upshift / downshift by sending a signal to one of several shift solenoids. These transmission solenoids have a spring-loaded plunger inside, which are wrapped with wire. When this coil of wire receives an electrical charge from the TCM / ECU, it causes the plunger to open, allowing transmission fluid to flow into the valve body and pressurize the desired clutches and bands. When this happens, the transmission changes gears and you continue down the road.

The car’s computer can control the transmission solenoid in several ways. If the vehicle is equipped with a dedicated Transmission Control Unit, it can open or close the hydraulic circuit using a direct 12v signal. Or, the Engine Control Unit can control the solenoid’s plunger by turning the ground circuit on and off. A solenoid can be used to control a single gear or multiple gears, depending upon the complexity of the design.
Transmission Solenoid Locations

Symptoms of a Transmission Solenoid Problem

Solenoid A transmission solenoid can fail due to electrical issues, or dirty fluid that’s caused the shift solenoid to become stuck open / closed. Any change in the transmission fluid pressure can cause numerous problems, including:

Erratic Shifting – If you’re dealing with a failed transmission solenoid, the gearbox can skip a gear up or down, shift back and forth between gears repeatedly, or get stuck in a gear and refuse to shift.

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Transmission Won’t Downshift – If the transmission will not downshift, one of the shift solenoids may have become stuck open / closed, preventing fluid from entering the transmission valve body to pressurize the correct gear.

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Severe Shifting Delay / Stuck in Neutral – In order for an electronically controlled automatic transmission to shift gears, the solenoid must be able to regulate the fluid pressure to activate the appropriate gear. If the shift solenoid is receiving too much or too little electric current, or dirty transmission fluid has caused it to become stuck open / closed, gear engagement maybe become difficult or delayed, which can cause the transmission to act as if it is temporarily locked in neutral.

Because the solenoids are connected to a vehicle’s electrical system, the ECU will usually register an error code and trigger the check engine light if something goes wrong. If this happens, the transmission can go into limp / fail mode, where it will only engage second / third gear to limit the vehicle speed without immobilizing it.

The first thing that your mechanic should look at are the error codes. Using a scan tool, the technician can determine the source of the solenoid’s problem. It could be as simple as a bad ground, or as complex as a failed solenoid pack (a grouping of individual shift solenoids).

Transmission Solenoid Replacement Cost – Parts & Labor

In most cases, solenoids are located inside of the oil pan, connected to the valve body. Depending on what you drive, the technician may be able to replace just the failed shift solenoid. However in some cases, the solenoids come in these multiple unit packs so if there is a problem with one, the entire pack must be replaced. This job typically takes 2-4 hours to complete, and shop time is generally billed at $60 – $100 per hour. The average total cost to diagnose and replace one ranges between $150 and $400.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, expect to pay between $15 – $100 for a single transmission shift solenoid. A pack can cost $50 to $300.

TypeCost Range
Single$15 to $100
Pack$50 to $300
Labor$120 to $400
Total (Pack)$250 to $600

Solenoid Pack

Although it isn’t unusual for transmission shift solenoids to wear out over time, you can extend their life by changing your transmission fluid at the factory recommended intervals. This will clean out all of the dirt and sludge that builds up, and the fresh fluid will keep the plungers on the inside of the solenoids from sticking. If you don’t know what your vehicle’s recommended transmission service intervals are, check the back of your owner’s manual, or simply ask Google.

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82 thoughts on “Transmission Solenoid: Symptoms & Replacement Cost

  1. I found the description fits in with the problem. The transmission slips into 3rd gear and stays there until an engine shut-down and restart. A few years ago the drive and A/C belts were changed, the A/C belt wasn’t the correct size and clicks away. I wondered if maybe the lowered tensioned belt was upsetting the engine torque load and timing, resulting in a confusing signal to the computer. However, the thump sound when moving into reverse hints now that there is a major problem that needs resolving. Thank you.

  2. My check engine light came on with a pressure control solenoid problem and this description sounds exactly like what has been happening with my (gets stuck in neutral when shifting between drive and reverse).

    I went to a mechanic (small shop) and he said he needed to replace the entire transmission.

    Based on reading this article however it sounds like maybe just replacing either the individual solenoid or the whole pack might be enough. Any opinions from anyone here?

  3. Here’s my thinking on this: you are exactly right, there’s a solenoid problem, rather than a major transmission problem. I don’t know the degree to which your mechanics are transmission experts, however, I would say that you might want to get your cars to shops that specialize in transmission work. Independent transmission specialists have the tools and knowledge you need to have the work done correctly and at an affordable cost.

    With that said, Peter and Dave, your car transmission problems are definitely solenoid-related. If you get a chance to hook up an OBD-II diagnostic scanner and get a code readout, the chances are good that you will find either or both of the shifting-related solenoids (there are two on the valve body) has failed or gone intermittent (another name for failing). The codes will likely indicate that when they are read.

    If no code is generated, it means that the cars computer control module (CCM), the honcho amount the many car computer systems, hasn’t been informed of the problem. Instead, the transmission is keeping the information to itself. Even though the transmission is doing this, it still doesn’t mean there is no problem or that the problem isn’t solenoid-related. It is, more than likely. And, because of the failure your cars are in limp-home mode. Limp-home means the car is driveable as it has a forward gear and, maybe, reverse. The reason it has only one gear is so that you can either get it home to be towed to a shop or so that you can limp into a shop.

    Either way, once the car is in the shop, have the specialist look at the solenoids first. If the solenoids are gone, as I suspect, have them replaced and, while you are at it, have the transmission fluid drained and refilled with fresh tranny liquid (don’t forget the filter). You will likely find that your transmission is performing as well as new and that it should go on and perform well for the a long time to come.

    You will find that, depending on how many solenoids you replace and whether you want the tranny fluid and filters replaced, that this job will cost between $240 and $650.

  4. Hopefully this is the problem I’m dealing with. My car, a 09 Pontiac g8gt, went into limp mode and would only reach a speed of 30mph. Fearing for the worse I took it to an autozone to get the codes read, where I was told it had a shift solenoid malfunction. I took it to a mechanic I’ve been using for a long time, but without even dropping the transmission he quoted me a price of $3,000 to rebuild it, shocked about the cost I ask if I can take it home to think about it. Needless to say I took it to a Transmission shop where they told me that it may just be the shift solenoid and computer module and gave me a reasonable price, however there is still the chance that he’ll have to rebuild the tranny but gave me the price of $2,500 to do it. Moral of the story shop around and get different quotes, even your trustworthy mechanic might be in over his head with dealing with trannys. Money saved is money saved

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and share your experience.

      Shopping around is great advice! I always advise people to get a second opinion to compare to because as you mentioned, not all mechanics are transmission specialists.

    • My car was doing the same thing but instead if I kept my foot on the break for longer than 30 seconds when I would try & accelerate it would rev up & reach 50mph but the car wouldn’t move at all & I had a mechanic friend look at it & plug in his device & it said sylenoid as well as a few other ppl I’ve talked to but the moment I took it to the shop & mentioned it to them they said it was my transmission & my front left speed sensor & charged me 2,155.60 to fix everything which included the transmission rebuild , the speed sensor , the seatbelt & the bend in my back tire rim plus 89$ for the diagnostic – in gonna be upset if it was that simple part but had to pay all that for them to do a bunch of extra stuff. It’s a 2003 Honda Accord 2 door LS

  5. Hello All;

    I have 2006 Chrysler town and country, 162 K miles.

    Since I bought it three years ago it has been hesitating a bit between 1-2 (especially at slow accelerations). Last week it did that but it was a harsher hesitation, then the transmissiion disengaged and remained on Neutral, Since then it can be driven on the 1st gear only. If I accelerate a little bit it will try to shift to 2nd, then hesitate then moves to Nuetral. It stays in that condition until I restart it, so the way around this is to put the gear on “L” which will force it to stay on 1st gear and not shift at all so I can move it around. It also doesn’t engage Reverse at all. The transmission oil is pink and smells as if it was new, very pure and no leakage at all.
    Does that seem like a solenoid pack problem?


    • H i Mike,

      Did you ever find out what was causing your problem? My 2010 Chevy Equinox LS would not shift up from first to second, nor will it go into reverse. My gas station mechanic put the diagnostic computer on it and got the code for shift solenoid. I had the tranny flushed in May 2014 and have only 75000 miles on the car. I had the car brought to dealer who claims that it is the transmission, not the solenoid. His mechanic claims to have heard a grinding sound when trying to get reverse. I never heard that. His mechanic also claims to have found metal filings in the trans fluid. What was the problem with your car?

      • Hello captainanne;

        I ended up taking it to a transmission shop, they quoted me $2600 to fix, and $1000 to just open and see what is going on! So I decided to do it myself, after all the van wouldn’t worth anything without transmission.

        I found the clutch hub and 2-4 sun-gear broken (this is a one piece welded together), it is the gear responsible from shifting from first to second and to fourth. I bought a new one from eBay for $40, and decided to rebuild it too ($200 kit). Took every piece down and dis-assembled all components. I also flushed the entire system, and then installed the transmission, then drove the van to the same transmission guy to re-program it. He was stunned!!

        I paid him $100 for the programming, then a month later I sold the van for $2800. It was running like charm, but decided to move on with a newer model.

        I really don’t know if this is your problem or not, does your can shift out of first (to neutral for example), or is it only stuck on 1st gear?

        • Hi Mike,

          My friend discussed my problem with a transmission repair guy that he can trust. According to the transmission expert, if there is no reverse but there is first gear, the problem is in the transmission, not the solenoid. My car is now at the chevy dealer and his mechanic claims to have found metal filings in the trans fluid and that when trying to engage reverse, a grinding sound occurs. My Chevy Equinox has only 74,000 miles on it. Trans was flushed at 54,000 miles. After that it was hard shifting from first into second at around 45 MPH. I took it back to the dealer repair man and he convinced me there was nothing wrong with it. Now it is out of warranty. I think something was screwed up when it was flushed. No good deed goes unpunished.

  6. I have a 2001 nissan quest and the car don’t go into gear, the shifter works but the car dont move on R or D. Is that cause of a solenoid?

  7. I drive a 2000 Jeep Cherokee xj V6 4.0, 2wd. According to AAMCO TRANSMISSION, the specialist said that
    Code P0740-TTC solenoid functional faul
    Code P0562 trans battery volt sensor (to low)
    Code P0700 trans fault present
    Also logged down TCC/lock up- slipping
    converter -problem
    all the gear seem to work fine per the mechanic
    he in no way shape or form explain to me what they were or how much time to fix nor how much. And one with experience is willing to explain to me what this is about!
    I could really use some help thanks.

    • hello im currently experiencing the same problem have you come up with the solution My car was registering the P0740 & the P0700 code i changed my lock up solenoid and now my car sounds like its grinding while in gear was thinking its my shift solenoid now

  8. I have a 2007 Subaru Tribeca. Recently the check engine light came on, along with a flashing cruise control light. It drives fine for the most part, but every once-in-awhile (usually 30 minutes after driving it) the ABS and SPORT lights start flashing and if I have to stop the car for any amount of time (light, stop sign, traffic) it won’t accelerate. You can hear the engine revving, but the car just won’t go, even though I have the peddle pushed all the way down. It will eventually start to move and gain speed, but if I have to stop again it will start all over. Every so often while you are driving it will “jerk”, I’m assuming it does this when it’s trying to change gears. Whatever it is that is happening randomly turns off and the car drives fine again. I never know when it’s going to act up. Could this possibly just be a solenoid problem or do I need to replace my entire transmission?

    • Hi, I also have a 2007 Subura Tribeca with the same problem you described…took it to dealership and they couldn’t identify problem in one day…had to keep car and then told me it was lose wiring…picked up the car and same problem…took it back and told me it was the transmission control module …not confident this will fix the problem and haven’t made the repair yet. What was your outcome?

  9. I have a 1993 Winnebago Brave 27RC on a Chevy chasis with a 454 engine and recently the transmission stopped shifting into low. I can start in second gear but obviously the transmission is not working the way it should. Hopefully it’s as something as simple as a transmission solenoid..

  10. I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer, my car will shift into Reverse, Drive, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st just fine, but as I start to drive from a standstill in Drive, my car will rev up to 4-4 and a half grand before the passing gear kicks in. Is the shifting solenoids the problem causing this to happen?

  11. Hello, I have a 2007 Ford explorer v6, this particular model don’t have a dipstick on the tranny, I was driving and in D the car went into neutral on its on with no check engine light on it. It will drive in 1st and second gear, but will not drive in drive or reverse. Prior to this it used to jerk hard into reverse, can someone help me?

  12. Hey y’all, I too am having the issue with my 1996 Chevy Silverado not wanting to shift into 3rd gear. Is there more than two shift solenoids?


  13. Was driving 2001 Montana on freeway. I heard and felt a thud on front passenger side. I thought I had blowou. As I was pulling over I heard what sounded like steam. Then sounds llike a spoon in garbage disposal. Suddenly no gears worked. Car even rolls when in Park. What could be problem?

  14. Okay so my husband’s 94 jeep Cherokee won’t reverse and drives when in neutral this all started after getting stuck in a snow drift.

    • Sounds like a broken motor mount. Keeping your foot on the brake, put it in gear and slowly give it gas. If it’s a motor mount the engine will move an abnormal amount.
      You can also just look at it. If it is not going into reverse and is in drive while shift is in neutral and it is a motor mount the engine will be noticeably leaning to one side.

  15. I have a 2008 Toyota RAV4 Toyoya automatic with 90k miles and have no noticeable driving//shifting/slipping issues whatsoever! although I have 3 different indicator lights on, of which one is the check engine light. I’ve taken it into the dealer which they found the fluid level to be high so they replaced it to see if the check engine light would reset which it did for a day or so, and also as well as to another independent transmission shop and both say the diagnostic test shows a mechanical problem not electrical,failed converter solenoid and that the part alone can not be replaced but needs a full transmission rebuild. From all that I’ve read it doesn’t sound like all the problems others are experiencing with the gear shifting,noise etc and the also that the part can be replace without having to rebuild entire transmission. So what I’m I do believe and can ask to have done to verify to have part replaced and avoid a full transmission rebuild. I would appreciate any timely advice as I need to make a decision on how to proceed as soon as possible. Thank you!

  16. Jk 2007 Would not shift to 4th gear, just before that A/C stopped from cooling. Replaced selenoids worked for 300 miles. Yesterday same turn of events, first A/C stopped working and then transmission didn’t shift up from third. Help

  17. Looking to buy a VW Jetta from a guy, he said only problem is the shift solenoid harness is bad, per a mechanic. About how much is this gonna cost to fix, I’m on a strict budget (rent, bills, wife nd 4 kids,) and dont have time or money to buy something for cheap that’s gonna be an expensive fix. I know VW are European manufactured, so I have no idea on costs. Please help!

  18. Hi, Chrysler Grand Voyager RT 2008 2.8 Diesel (90.000Km) ERROR – P083B I went to specialist to change the AT fluid and after the car started to have some gear problem. Sometimes I start to drive and it just doesn’t change gear. I have to stop and restart, and everything goes normally. The OBD shows this sensor error P083B. with does it means, with shall I do?
    TKS Nuno Portugal-Europe

  19. My car shifts out hard when I come to a complete stop and pulls off … There are no lights coming on … It only does it when I come to a complete stop and pull off … What could this be ?

  20. I have a 2003 Audi A6 C5 automatic with TIP. While I was driving on the highway at 70, the car suddenly slipped in to a lower gear, I suspect 4th, and I immediately put it in neutral and coasted to a close exit. I shut the car off and turned it back on, it was in limp mode. I was able to get home, about 10 miles. Now the car has no reverse, and the TIP does not change the gears either, it will drive forward and once I hit about 30 mph or so, it slips in to limp mode. IN an attempt to fix this problem, A friend and I pulled the engine and trans, separated the trans from the engine to check the torque converter seal, it looked suspect so It was replaced. We also removed the pan, there were NO signs at all of material, metal, fibers, nothing in the pan or on the magnets, the fluid even looked reasonable No burnt smell. We put in a new filter, new pan gasket and put it all back together and back in the car. What a job! We went through the proper filling protocol with new trans fluid, using the proper fluid for the Audi trans. After all of this effort the symptoms remain the same. Could this be a value body issue? Thanks!

  21. Hi everyone, I have a 2007 Dodge Charger 2.7 liter 6 cylinder. I just bought it off this guy who had the car sitting for 2 years. Everything seemed to be good when I was driving it home for the first time, no problems shifting and whatnot. The next day when I drove it, it wouldn’t shift past 3rd gear. Of course this had to happen while I was on the freeway and I can only go about 30-40 miles an hour. I got off the freeway as quickly as possible and took side streets the rest of the way home. Good thing I wasn’t too far from home. I have a code reader and P0300, P030, and P0760 showed up. Someone said it can be really low on transmission fluid And there is no way of checking because on my car there is no transmission fluid dipstick…nice huh? However, there was a transmission plug at the top of my engine so I put a quart in it. I let it run for a while and it did start shifting again but guess what happened next…yep you guessed it, same problem happened again. Aahhhhhhh! So, the codes point to shift solenoid issues. Does anyone think it can just be old tranny fluid or what do you think? 🙂

  22. My 2004 jeep cherokee sports gets stuck in first…wont shift to 2nd or third..or forth 8f 8t gas one..i was driving along..engine light came on..then it jumped back to first…it is ok around town..changes gears easy..engine light never goes off..please mum just died and short on this a solonoid problem..have had it on dyno but computer wont say whats wrong..cheers

  23. I was driving my 2007 chevy silverado and the check engine light came on. put a scanner on it and there are 5 codes all dealing with transmission, solenoids and torque converter some say circut open and the truck is in park but scanner says 3rd gear. it has no power on take off and I need to push the gas pedal hard to get it to move. does any bojdy have any thoughts on do i need to replace the whole transmission or maybe just the solenoids, maybe a fuse that communicates to the PCM controller or any other Ideas on where to start. the fluild level is good and no burnt smell to it. Thank you in advance for any help with this.

    • There is a fuse located under the hood (drivers side) check the fuse before you do anything to your transmission. If it’s not the fuse, I would pay to get a diagnostic ran with a professional scanner. In other words take it to a mechanic and put a “High Speed” scanner on it, instead of a cheapo. Anytime your fluid looks nice and red, it’s always a good sign. Hope this helps.

  24. I have a 2002 GMC envoy and the other night when I got home I put it in park and when I went shut it off to take out the key it said that I was in 3rd and won’t let me take the key out. I turn the car on and it says it’s in park, so I turned it off and it want back to third.. I did this several more time and it did the same thing. I took the remote off the key chain and lock the car and went inside. I came out 5 minute later and it finally released the key.. I am very confused.

  25. I know some idiot is going to say that that [this] “could never be the problem”, but, couldn’t it also be the Pressure Switch Manifold (part #24215111 in a 4l60E trans.)? >Of course it could.

  26. I recently bought a 4-speed B7XA Honda transmission in a 1998 Accord. The tranny was shifting heavily so I changed the fluid.

    After the fluid change it was aok for about 100 km, then it started shifting down erratically from 4 to 3, slipping in 2 and sometimes refusing to change up from 2.

    I removed shift solenoid C – the more accessible one – and tested its resistance as 20 Ohm, which is within spec of 12-25 Ohm. However, a second test, where 12V is placed across the terminals, resulted in what I think was a weak “click” compared to the sound which was made in a youTube video of the same test.

    SO – and this is the question – I repeated the test under a nice microscope, watching the displacement of the solenoid’s internal shaft when voltage was applied. It was only 1mm. This seems low. The internal shaft gets pulled in only 1mm when 12V is applied. No-one has been able to tell me if this is adequate, including a Honda dealer. Would anyone here know and like to help? An experienced mechanic has told me that as long as it clicks, it is ok. True?

    • John < I did the same test on all my solenoids and found 4 of them to be weak. I'm not totally sure about car solenoids but in power plants if the solenoid has a weak click it is due to the windings wearing down and cannot produce the proper magnetic flux to pull the solenoid to its full potential. I suspect that the solenoid is going bad. But in automobiles they made have it, that only certain solenoids pull to their full potential and others to a lesser degree to maintain a certain amount of fluid pressure and or flow. Unless someone can come up with the answer to this mysterious question I am going to make plans to replace them–hold the old ones and see if things go well. Good luck

  27. I had a similar problem with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, where it would back up real slow in Reverse, and when I put it in Drive, it would take about 3 to 4 seconds before it actually went into gear, jerk forward, and then slowly pick up speed, after driving about 1/2 block. When I stopped at a stop light, it would sometimes vibrate, and shut off. I had to shift it to neutral or park, and start it back up. I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor, but that didn’t solve the problem. I finally gave in, and took it to the transmission shop, where I have had filter and fluid changes, and other work, done there before. The mechanic drove it, ran some diagnostic tests, and thought it was a solenoid pack that I needed. The cost of that, plus labor, would have run over $1,000; but when he dropped the transmission pan, he saw that one of the 2 filters, in there, had become loose, to the extent, that this was causing all of the problems. Replacement of this filter, transmission fluid, and labor, only came to a little over $200; much to my relief, and smile on my face. Even the Manager was surprised that a loose filter, was the source of the trouble, and that replacing it, solved the problem. Hope this can help someone else, with similar problems.

  28. Hi guys I have a 2004 Honda Civic lx automatic with 117k miles the car won’t shift properly the obd says solenoid b circuit low can any one tell me how much it will cost me to fix solenoid b for this civic thanks

  29. 1986 Nissan maxima automatic transmission. The is in park position, I move shifter into drive. The car don’t move but I put the select lever into the other positions reverse or the other drive positions and it moves on. What could be the problem? Everyone wants $1000.00 to rebuild it. I just want to replace the bad parts. Can’t afford that kind of money. I inherited the car from my sister that past away with cancer. My email is

  30. I have a 2001 Honda civic automatic which had the engine light on for a couple months now but no shifting issues. Suddenly today as I was driving thru a parking garage uphill and my car suddenly is acting like its in neutral and wont drive or reverse. When I go to reverse or drive it just revs like its in neutral. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  31. Hi, I have a 2008 Cadillac cts with the 6L50 transmission which is giving an intermitten Slipping problem. Most of the time it’s fine though.
    The slipping happens mostly…
    If car is cold; hard acceleration from between 60 to 90Kph; after I’ve made a left turn and then going straight;
    i notice… It never happens when accelerating from stop; or it’s down shifting. In manual mode it only happens shifting from 3rd to 4th and only once ever from 4th to 5th. Also it takes longer for the shift to actually happen after I’ve moved the gear selector going from 3rd to 4th. All the other shifts happen in approx 1 Second but the 3rd to 4th shift takes approx 2 to 3 seconds.
    So far I’ve had the fluid and filter chaged 3 times, added anti slip fluid, had the 7 check balls changed in the valve body(tranny mech said one was too small), engine code p0391 cleared and never came back.
    Any ideas anyone? A sticking solenoid perhaps?

  32. I have ford focus 2008 2nd gear is delay shifting and 4th gear not shifting I have taken the car to shop and computer scan showed code P0732-ff ( transmission gear 2 incorrect ratio) ,(p0767-ff shift selnoide #4 stuck on ), p0981ff (shift selonide d control circuit) shift selnoide replaced and the problem still the same.

    Please advise how to solve the problem.

    • Well i know this wont sound possible but perhaps your TCM has an issue.If the pcm is indicating that the trans has wrong second gear ratio perhaps the tcm has lost its( engine and trans model spcific) flashed in program and reverted to its base operating condition. A trans shop may or may not have a code reader to acces the tcm. I know autozone doesnt have one in the store. A ford technician with his laptop probbly have you straightened out in 30 minutes if it was a programing problem. If he is willing to do his job

  33. 2007 Nissan quest has a P0797 code error (Faulty pressure control solenoid valve ‘C’) stuck in open position. Does anyone know if this solenoid is a single part (lot cheaper) or does the 2007 Quest have the more expensive multiple unit pack?

    Thank you.

  34. My transmission started jerking at 35 miles per hour like going over speed bumps because the torque converter was locking up because of the solenoids. Replaced both and truck is fine 2005 Dodge Dakota 175000 miles serviced regularly oil and transmission.

  35. Had the solenoids changed in my transmission for my Dodge Dakota 4×4 sport but the overdrive clicks on and off and the engine light keeps coming on any suggestions what it might be

  36. Trouble codes found: P083B, P0944, P0733
    2012 Dodge Grand Caravan CVP (Canada Value Package)
    3.6L Penastar Engine with 145 000km

    I first noticed problems at a red light –thought someone had rear ended me due to “bumping forward sensation when in drive” to realize nobody was near my back end of van.
    Then noticed when driving was making whining noise -similar to that of power steering pump with low fluid.
    Pulled over on road and tested. When in drive with brake engaged the rpm’s would rev up to around 1100 on their own. If I touched the gas to move forward the van would not engage the transmission until about 1500 rpm and then would lunge forward.
    When shifter in park rpms would rev up to around 1100 on their own.

    Anyone have similar issues/solutions etc? Van in shop now…


  37. I just had two solenoids replaced on my 2000 Chevy Suburban. As I drove off, it seemed to not want to go, and then on the freeway would not go past what i believe to be 3rd gear. I drove right back to the guy, and he said we need to scan it because it’s still reading the old solenoid. I am wondering if anyone knows if that will actually help. To me it doesn’t make much sense, but I’m not mechanically inclined at all, so I may be way off. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  38. 2001 Saturn SL1 186000 miles had bad solenoid symptoms of slam shifting causing check engine light to come on then reboot a few starts later. Bought 5 used solenoids and contact plate on eBay ($90.00). Mechanic installed them ($150.00). Fixed problem shifts like new.

  39. 2002 pt cruiser stuck in limp mode…p0700 code thrown from self scan…took to local mechanic…p0700 code thrown for him as well…scared to drive car further than 2 miles…the closest tranny shop is close to 10 miles….have been told multiple opinions from change the fluid to get a new trans…been told it’s the transmission control module to the transmission control solenoid….please help…can I risk driving the car to a specialty shop to have the specific scan done on the trans to determine what the p0700 code is saying? And what is that scan called that I need to have done? What type of scan machine is used?

  40. I have a limp mode code and a solenoid B code. I changed the solenoid and I’m still getting the solenoid B code. My fluid is clean. Can anyone give any advice to why I’m still in limp and getting solenoid B code. Vehicle type is a gmc diorama with an Allison transmission

  41. I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, I am thinking I have a bad shift solenoid. My car goes into gear fine, but I feels like it skips second gear all together the car will rev up like its in neutral, then will shift into gear finally and go, after it hits about 30mph. I took it to ammco they quoted me $2800.00 and said they would have to rebuild my tranny! Never said anything about a shift solenoid. Anyone have any thought?? I would be much appreciated

  42. My 2003 Chrysler Town and Country is delaying when i put it in reverse. When in drive and stopped at a stop sign. It will sometimes jerk when starting off. Does this sound like a solenoid or a more severe problem

  43. I’ve scrolled through all the problems others have posted and I truly feel for them. My problem is an 02 explorer. I’m driving down the road at about 40mph when without any warning it just quit pulling. Never had any trouble out of it before. It shifts and the linkage moves when I shift but it won’t engage. It shifts real easy with no resistance there was no slippage or noise no gray smoke or any other color for that matter. I’m disabled and can’t afford to buy another vehicle or pay someone to guess the problem. They want $200 just to look at it I only paid $2500 for this one. I could use some feed back.

  44. I have a 1991 Chrysler Town and Country mini van and I was driving it just fine stopped at a stop sign and then went to take off and nothing happens. It will shift into park, neutral, etc but when it’s in gear it will rev up to about 2500 rpm and the same in reverse but in park or neutral it revs all the way up. When I Rev it in reverse and put it back in park it jumps forward. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

  45. I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado and had my engine lite come on, I ran the codes and 3 came up…..P0573 (cruise control/brake switch Circuit A High), P0787 (shift timing solenoid Low Voltage), P0700 (Transmission Control System Malfunction). I replaced the 3-2 down shift solenoid along with the oil and filter. The light cleared after a couple cycles, but returned about a week later intermittently. Now it stays on, and I am wondering if it could be the wiring harness? It is a job to drain the oil (no plug) and the harness is about $100, do you think it is worth a shot to replace the harness or could it be related to the cruise control vice versa? My only symptom beside the light, is that the truck will not downshift from 3rd to 2nd. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  46. I’ve had similar issue with my transmission on Mazda 3, 2004 last year. When engine is cold my vehicle drives with no issue, but once it warms up after driving 10-15 minutes gear start shifting from 4 to 3 or from 1 to 3 or 2 to 4 with engine light on. I took my vehicle to mechanic and was told that computer module needs to be replaced which cost around 1500$ plus labor fees. It seems to high to me for the part and cost of repairing for 11 years old car. I decided to do some research and found out from people on forums online that there only Vehicle Speed Sensor ” VSS ” needed to be replaced which was not hard to find the location between engine and transmission. So i purchased the part from online parts store which cost me with shipping around 60$ and took it to different mechanic as i did not have right tools to reach the screws. It took less then half hour to replace the part and clear all codes and engine light. After testing the problem completely gone, i never got any transmission problem and drove my vehicle for another year then trade it to new one. Hope it helps with resolving your issues, but doesn’t cost to much to test.
    BTW: I’ve had this issue for 1 year, been driving like that as i could not afford for repair untill did my own resource.

  47. Changed 1-2 solenoids in my 1993 Toyota corolla Le, also replaced VVS and new filter/fluid. Now I’m still getting the same codes on OBD even after clearing the old codes out. The trans is still surging not wanting to change gears right at times and goes into Limp-mode at times. I’m wondering if the new solenoids (rostra) are just cheap and faulty because what I changed out supposed to had fixed the problems. Any advise would be deeply appreciated .

  48. Hi, I have a 2009 Ford FG XR6 Falcon. Bought it second hand from a Toyota dealer. There is an intermittent problem with the 5spd Auto Transmission where it feels like the gears are slipping, generally after going from Reverse to 1st. At slow speeds it can upshift and downshift eratically. Although the dealer couldnt replicate the intermittent Trans issues, they replaced the transmission with a full recon one. 2 weeks later and the Transmission has the same problem back again. Because the issues cant be replicated they can not do anything further. Computer checks have provided no cause and no error / faults are reported. Any advice on what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

  49. My ford ranger V6 4.0l doesn’t have enough torque on reverse gear. This follows a sudden bang noise from the engine while the vehicle gear lever was in the reverse mode. I have to put more pressure on the petrol pedal every time to have the vehicle move backward, still at a very low pace! The engine is equipped with an automatic gear box and petrol powered.Please advise on the possible cause of the problem. Thanks…

  50. 2007 Hummer H3. Problems described above just hit this morning. Reverse is great. Drive for a while and take off from standstill and give gas and engine revs high and has hard time shifting. Shifted to second gear to take off and it did but suffered when got to 3 gear engine rev and could not go any higher than 40 or 30 without worry of engine over revving. Engine light came on. Made it to Dealer and they are saying engine code is transmission. Cannot fully diagnose until Thursday, but possibly a solenoid. I read all of the descriptions and it seems that is the issue…..I truly hope. I would think if it is the actual “transmission” it would make sounds and not shift and it would be a gradual issue with no engine light coming on. Thank you for the information and comments it really helps for understanding how things work.

  51. Nader, driving with only 4th gear is only gonna put a stain on the motor and eventually damage the piston and their rings, causing the engine to smoke and be more trouble in the future! Save your motor and fix the tranny; have a shop check it for you, but get a second opinion! Shop around!

  52. none of the problems help me with mine. I have a 2005 pontiac grand prix 3800 i was having overheating replaced the water pump, thermostat, the little elbows, my tranny has been fine no jerking no irratic behavior i drove it yesterday it went fine over heated alot which was unusual i go to go to work this morning shift into reverse it goes in the street then shift into drive nothing go back to reverse nothing. i go out to let the car warm up and the damn thing stays on 1/4 warm up blowing nice heat but still wont shift could it be a sensor? dont see it being tranny as it was working fine please help

  53. I have a question about 3-2 down shift solenoid on my 2003 Chevy Blazer 4.3L 4×4 with 4L60E 1GNDT13X33K118521 transmission tag 3TAD 613TADY33958673 24217273
    IF someone had changed the (3-2 downshift solenoid) measuring 20-31 ohms with the older 10-15 ohms one OR the other way around what would it do to the transmission? I have the 2003 up style EPC (which I can’t find an ohm specification ANYWHERE for the newer EPC). I think this trans may has been opened and rebuilt before and I am not sure they have the correct 3-2 solenoid installed. How do I find out? Thanks for any input.

    • Call your local dealer and give him the vin number of the vehicle and the number from the trans. He’ll tell you if your matched up right and which solenoid belongs in there.

  54. I have a 02 Dodge 1500 with similar problems. The MIL code is P0845 transmission fluid pressure sensor circuit b switch. The truck will abruptly kick out of overdrive at which point I lose 1st gear and overdrive and have to shift from 2nd to 3rd manually and vice versa. I read on several forums that this is the solenoid/solenoid pack. I need to know which solenoid I need to buy/order to replace in order to fix this problem.

    • Check the sensor that kicked the code first. The transmission fluid pressure sensor or switch. Take it to the part store and have them test it for you. Your local dealer can help you locate it but with YouTube and Google you should be able to find it yourself.

  55. i have a 1999 s10 zr2 4×4 with the stupid 4l60e trans. Trans was working fine fluids look and smell fine. Got stuck in the mud the other day and the next day started acting weird. It woudnt go into reverse. Shut the truck off, start it up and walla goes into reverse. Next it started slipping in and out of gears. Now, it only moves when its cold. It has all the gears, shifts great, soon as it warms up(maybe a mile or so) nothing. just revs up and goes no where. Let it set for a little bit, repeat. Any ideas?? selonoids,modules, or just shot thx

    • You have a line going from your trans to the bottom of your radiator. The fluid travels through there circulating and being cooled. If this process is interrupted you fluid won’t circulate it just remains in the transmission getting hot and starts to burn from the friction. Once it gets hot your clutches start to slip and wear down. Check your fluid line and make sure you didn’t damage the bottom of the radiator. Its very sensitive. If you did then you can always buy an external fluid cooler instead of having to buy a whole new radiator. But first make sure you didn’t pinch off the line somewhere. It will also shift weird when it is cold because your building up too much pressure which is how your transmission knows to shift.

  56. Hi Everybody,

    I have Holden Caprice 2008 V6. it was working well sometime in speed 60 to 70 km its feel car has knocking same like we put 5th gear in 3rd gear speed. then when you stopped pushing accelator, its neutral with some abnormal behavior. then its stuck to 3rd gear even in D mode. when i checked it with OBD Scanner it said P0974 shift solenoid A control Circuit High. I change the fluid it was low. I complete flushed it and refilled it with recommended fluid and level. but it still the same. Also when I push lever from P to R, R to N, N to D or D to N, R,P. car moves a little Fwd And Back

    • If the scanner says the solenoid is bad then change it. That’s the point of the codes. If your worried about replacing something not broken then just take the part with you to the part store and have them check the resistance for you. If you don’t know exactly which one it is just go to the dealership and have them look it up for you. They will even print you out a diagram. Simple procedure in almost all cases.

  57. I have a 2008 Ford Escape that when I’m accelerating usual between second and third gear the RPMs will race to about 4500 before it eventually change into the next gear and It’ll be fine. I was wondering if that sounds like a solenoid problem or something more

  58. Hi. I am looking for shift solenoid for a 2007 Mini Cooper. Where is the best place to purchase. Called a dealer and the sales person didn’t even know what I was talking about. Help.

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