Remanufactured E4OD Transmission for Sale: Specs & Updates

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E4OD Transmission Vehicle Compatibility – Makes & Models

1990–1996 Ford Bronco
1989–1998 Ford E-Series
1997–1998 Ford Expedition
1989–1998 Ford F-Series
1993–1995 SVT Lightning

About the E40D & Common Problems

E40D TransmissionBased on the 3-speed Ford C6, the Ford E4OD is a heavy duty 4-speed automatic transmission that was designed for light and medium duty trucks. It was Ford’s first electronically controlled transmission, and it gave their trucks a significant increase in fuel economy.

First introduced in 1989, the E4OD remained in production until 1998. It was renamed the 4R100 following the 1998 model year, in order to adhere to Ford’s new transmission naming system.

The newly christened 4R100 transmission also received a number of upgraded internal components, which were designed to make this version of the E4OD able to withstand the increased torque of the new Powerstroke diesel engine.

One major improvement included a PTO for auxiliary equipment, which was introduced in 1999. In all, there were over 10 different variations of the E4OD and 4R100.

Some had different bellhousings to match up with different engines, there were 2WD and 4WD versions, along with different solenoids and electronic controls, depending on the model year.

Common Problems

Only reverse gear works

A common E4OD transmission problem occurs when it will only go into reverse. The complete lack of forward gears could be due to several issues. Including worn clutches, a damaged forward clutch assembly, or stripped/broken splines on the forward planetary. These problems are very serious, and could require a complete transmission overhaul or replacement.

No reverse

transmission-range-sensorAnother one of the common E4OD transmission problems is a complete lack of reverse gear. This could be caused by either the Transmission Range Sensor (TRS), or the Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS). Both of these electronic components can be removed and cleaned with an electronic specific cleaner. If that is not solve the problem, then you will have to replace these E4OD transmission parts.

Engine stalls in reverse

This E4OD transmission problem likely stems from the Idle Air Control sensor (IAC). It can be removed and cleaned with an electronic specific cleaner. However, if this does not solve the problem, you will have to replace it.

Fluid leak coming from the front (engine side) of the transmission

If you notice a leak between the transmission and the engine, then it could be one of two likely problems. On vehicles that have sat idle for a while, the front seal may have lost elasticity and failed when pressure was applied to it.

The second possible cause could be the hub on the torque converter, which is a common problem on vehicles with high mileage. In this scenario, the torque converter hub may have worn and made contact with the front seal. In either case, the transmission will need to be removed in order to diagnose and fix the problem.

High revs in forward gears

E40D Clutch PackIf you notice erratic shifting behavior, then the likely culprit is the torque converter clutch not properly engaging. This problem can be caused by a number of issues, including a faulty TCC solenoid (Torque Converter Clutch), a stuck valve, or a worn torque converter clutch.

Hard shift into second gear

If you notice the engine running at unusually high rpm’s, followed by a very hard shift into second gear, then the E4OD intermediate clutch pack is most likely starting to fail. To solve this problem, you will have to remove the transmission and replace the clutch pack.

Reman E4OD vs Used E4OD

Remanufactured E40D TransmissionOn the surface, it may appear that buying a used E4OD might save you a bit of money. But in all likelihood, it could cost you a lot more money in the long run. You see, most used units only come with a replacement warranty.

That means if the first one breaks within 30–90 days of purchase, the salvage yard will replace it. However, you’ll be on the hook for the labor charges to install the new one. And there’s no telling what kind of shape the internal components are in. This means that it could fail at any time, leaving you to pay for yet another used E4OD.

A remanufactured E4OD on the other hand, is built in the factory, and all of its hard parts (gears, clutch drums, valve body etc.) are thoroughly examined for cracks, damage, and warping prior to the build.

Anything that doesn’t meet specification is tossed out and replaced. Upgraded components are then installed, ensuring that your remanufactured transmission will be able to withstand years of use.

Plus, you’ll get a warranty that will cover future repair costs, just like an original factory warranty. So if you plan to keep your Ford truck for a long time, then a remanufactured unit is definitely the way to go.

Remanufactured E40D Transmission Updates and Upgrades

Six-plate direct clutch and four-plate intermediate clutch packs are used to increase the durability and performance.

Updated EPC solenoid and stronger solenoid clips are used to increase transmission service life

An upgraded boost valve kit, PR valve (pressure regulator), bypass converter clutch sleeve & plunger are installed to prevent delayed shifts, weak/soft shifts and transmission shudder

Upgraded intermediate clutch spiral lock snap ring and staked retainer are used to correct an OE design flaw that can lead to premature failure

Updated 1-2 and 2-3 accumulator pistons are used to address premature clutch failure and prevent harsh shifting

New overdrive (OD) servo pin sleeve and custom-spec bushings increase durability

Remanufactured pump with stronger line bore bushings are used to prevent leaks and improve fluid flow

Remanufactured torque convertor gets tested for leaks, lockup function and balance

On 2001 model year and newer E4OD transmissions, a new 3-4 capacity valve sleeve, with an extra-thick zinc-coated Super Tough Plate is used to prevent plate cracking and cross leaks, which can be caused by repeated stress to the 2-3 accumulator piston spring retainer

Available police, towing, and performance packages come with an eight-plate direct clutch pack, additional valve body modifications, elevated pressure regulator valve, and other upgrades that are specifically designed to increase durability and load capacity

Remanufactured valve body gets a system correction and recalibration kit to improve both pressure control and shift quality

Finished transmission is hot and cold dyno tested to ensure proper functionality and tuning prior to shipment

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Transmissions can sometimes be costly to repair if they require a replacement. When this happens, you are often asked to spend quite a bit of money to have a problem fixed that you probably don’t understand very well. We’ll get you an out-the-door price, including shipping, for a replacement remanufactured transmission direct to the shop of your choice.

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