ZF 5HP19 Transmission Problems & Specs

Performance oriented vehicles need a transmission that can up or down shift fast enough to get the motor into its power band when the driver stomps down on the right pedal. To keep from paying the high development costs, many automakers will simply buy a pre-made gearbox from a supplier. ZF Friedrichshafen AG is one such auto parts manufacturer, and they make the 5HP19 transmission. This ZF 5 speed automatic transmission began production in 1996, and was used by a number of German car companies, including BMW, Audi and Porsche.

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5HP19 Transmission Specifications

Since the ZF5HP19 transmission is so versatile, it was used in many different types of vehicles. The BMW version was called the BMW A5S 325Z transmission, and was used in the E46 BMW 3 Series, and the E39 BMW 5 Series. A slightly modified variant known as the 5HP19FL transmission was used by Volkswagen in the Audi A4, A6, A8, and VW Passat. An all-wheel-drive version was also created for those cars and it was called the ZF 5HP19FLA transmission. Porsche also used this gearbox in the 996 Porsche 911, the 987 Porsche Boxster and the 987 Porsche Cayman. This version was known as the ZF 5HP19HL and ZF 5HP19HLA.

To transfer power to the road, the ZF 5HP19 transmission employs a multi-ratio Ravingneaux gear set, and two standard planetary gear sets. Transferring power from the engine to the transmission gears are four multi-plate rotating clutch packs, three brake clutches and one sprag clutch. The 5HP19 torque converter is the lockup type to provide improved performance and fuel economy.

ZF 5HP19 Transmission Applications & Compatibility

Lexus GS400
Lexus LS400
Lexus LS430
Volvo S40
Other Models: Allroad,A4,S4,A6,A8,330Ci,330i,328i,325i,525i,530i,Z4,Boxster,Cayman,911,Passat

ZF 5HP19 Transmission Problems

Loss of 3rd and 4th gears
Problem – A common ZF 5HP19 transmission problem is a loss of third and/or fourth gear when the transmission is hot. There may also be a sort of flair on the 2-3 upshift. And in extreme cases, the vehicle may cease forward motion because limp mode is actually 4th gear in some applications.
Solution – To fix this problem, a new ZF 5HP19 F Clutch will have to be installed.

No reverse – ZF 5HP19FL / ZF 5HP19FLA
Problem – Another of the common 5HP19 transmission problems in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles is the complete loss of reverse.
Solution – In order to fix this problem, a new ZF5HP19 D clutch housing will have to be installed.

Usually firm Drive engagement and/or harsh downshift
Problem – Another of the common ZF5HP19 transmission problems is a harsh engagement when putting the shift lever into Drive. This symptom may be accompanied by an unusually harsh downshift when coasting.
Solution – A new 5HP19 EDS 1 solenoid may be needed, and the modulating pressure valve will need to be checked for proper operation.

5HP19 Transmission Specs

General – 5-speed automatic
Application – RWD/AWD
Variations – BMW A5S-325Z, ZF 5HP19FL, ZF 5HP19FLA, ZF 5HP19HL, ZF 5HP19HLA
Production Began – 1996
Weight – 174 lbs
Fluid Type – ZF Lifeguard 5
Capacity – 10 qt +/-

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5HP19 Transmission Gear Ratios

First – 3.67
Second – 2.00
Third – 1.41
Fourth – 1.00
Fifth – 0.74
Reverse – 4.10