Remanufactured CD4E Transmissions: Specs & Updates

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We can provide you with wholesale prices on CD4E transmissions obtained directly from the factory. They are remanufactured and protected with a complete 3-year warranty that covers workmanship, parts, and unlimited mileage. The warranty can also transfer between states so it is valid anywhere nationwide.

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Vehicle Compatibility – Makes & Models

  • 1994–2002 Mazda 626 4-cylinder
  • 1994–1997 Mazda MX-6 4-cylinder
  • 1994–1997 Ford Probe 4-cylinder
  • 1995–2000 Ford Contour
  • 1995–2000 Mercury Mystique
  • 1995–2007 Ford Mondeo (up to Mondeo III 4-cylinder model)
  • 1999–2002 Mercury Cougar
  • 2001–2008 Ford Escape
  • 2001–2006 Mazda Tribute
  • 2005–2008 Mercury Mariner

CD4E Transmission Overview

The CD4E is an automatic transaxle transmission that saw service in front-wheel drive cars. It was in service from approximately 1994 to 2007, first marketed as the 4F44E among Ford manufacturers. Mazda had a virtually identical model and called it the LA4A-EL. The Batavia transmission plant first began manufacturing Ford’s version.

The first vehicles that received the CD4E were the Ford Probes, equipped with a four-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, the Mazda 626 and the MX-6 received the LA4A-EL. The Ford Mercury Mariner used this transmission until 2008. After that point, Ford retired the CD4E and the 4F44E and replaced them with the 4F27E.

Auto builders who wanted the CD4E automatic transmission could have it placed into the Ford Contour, the Escape, the Mondeo, and the Probe, all of which were front-wheel drive vehicles. Lesser-known vehicles that employed the CD4E were the Cougar, the Mariner, the Mystique, and the Tribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access and Change the Filter?

In most transmissions, the filter has to be changed whenever the fluid is replaced. This isn’t a step to undergo with the CD4E because you can’t access it without completely taking apart the transmission. Although this might be cause for concern, the filter is designed to last for the entire working life of the transmission.

What is the Best Fluid to Use for the CD4E?

It’s best to use Mercron fluid. This is not the same as Mercron V; Mercron V can damage the CD4E transmission.

When Should the Fluid in the CD4E Be Changed?

Every 10,000 to 13,000 miles, it’s a good idea to change the fluid by using a standard draining procedure. This just changes the fluid. You should perform a power flush to remove any debris every 30,000 miles.

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Is There a Shift Kit Available for the CD4E?

There is only one aftermarket shift kit available, and that’s the TransGo CD4Ejr.

What Are Some Methods to Prevent Overheating in the Transmission?

As far as the transmission goes, two options exist: replacing the fluid with synthetic fluid or installing an aftermarket cooler. Aftermarket coolers frequently improve on the original model. Just make sure it matches the physical dimensions.

Why Will My Car Not Move After Replacing the Transmission?

Let’s skip the obvious question and assume you have a transmission that you know works, and that its fluid levels are where they should be. At this point, the first culprit is probably the front pump. The front pump can be destroyed over time if you aren’t careful while installing the transmission’s torque converter unit.

Usually, it happens when the converter is placed directly against the pump. In extreme cases, a poorly installed torque converter can destroy the thrust bearing in the motor. Therefore, you should check the torque converter. There should be some leeway between it and the pump.

Upgrades to the Remanufactured CD4E Transmission

  • Added line bore bushings to prevent leakage, increase flow, and prolong the working life of the transmission.
  • Improved pressure control and the quality of the shift by adding a remanufactured body to the valve and a recalibration kit.
  • Added a new torque converter that was tested for balance, leaks, and concentricity. The upgrades surpass the specs of the original transmission by improving the durability of the bushing and reducing vibration and the likelihood of seal leaks.
  • Replaced old bushings with newer, stronger ones to improve fluid pressure and internal flow.
  • Replaced calibration kit with an aftermarket model. It updates servos and the valve body accumulators.
  • Aftermarket additions made to reduce the frequency of gear slippage. In turn, this upgrade prolongs the life of the transmission.
  • Transmission upgrades are tested under complete road simulation conditions under both operational and idle conditions prior to shipping.

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Replacing a vehicle’s transmission is one of the most expensive repairs you’ll make, aside from the engine. Knowing what the problem is and that a new transmission will fix it can justify the expense. Our company can quote you a low price, including shipping fees so you can get the transmission to a shop of your choice.

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