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A good repair shop that can diagnose and install a replacement transmission can be hard to find – especially on short notice. We can help you find a shop that does quality transmission diagnostics and installation for a fair price.

We also include a guide for fair prices for both replacement transmissions and installation labor for the most common transmission models.

How to Save Money:

We try to recommend repair shops more likely to install a remanufactured transmission that you purchase on your own for cost savings. When buying a transmission through a repair shop or dealership, you generally will pay $300 – $800 more. When buying factory direct, you can save $300 – $800 on the shop’s parts markup. Get a factory direct estimate by text/email by clicking here.

Questions to ask when calling local repair shops:

Note: Before calling, have your 17-digit VIN# number (from the vehicle dash, door or an insurance card, registration or title) handy.

Do you install transmissions? Can you quote me a price for installation?
(Check the guide table below for fair labor prices. Labor costs can differ by area.)

What is your hourly labor rate?
(Typical rates average $75 – $115 per hour)

Can I have the transmission shipped to your shop for install?
(If you are purchasing directly from a company selling a remanufactured transmission)

Transmission Installation Shop Locator:

Below is a searchable map of repair shops that may install used or remanufactured transmissions at fair labor prices. To search this map by zip code or the Google Maps app, click here


Reliable Repair Shop Criteria:

The following are recommended criteria to look for when calling around to find the most fair and reliable local repair shop for transmission installation:

  • Has been in business for 2 years or more.
  • Has a 4.0 or higher Google Reviews and/or Yelp Reviews rating, with no patterns of 1-star reviews.
  • Has a Better Business Bureau “B” or higher rating.
  • Is willing to install customer supplied transmissions purchased through reputable suppliers.
  • Charges a maximum $95/hour labor rate for initial transmission installation and has a warranty hourly rate that is less than retail for warranty repair work.
  • Offers transmission replacement labor using established hourly book times (Mitchell, Alldata, Chilton, Motor, etc).
  • Has ability to reflash/reprogram using OEM subscriptions for late model 2006+ vehicles (shop equipped with Snap-On Pass-Through Pro II/III, Drewtech CarDAQ-Plus 2, Drewtech RAP, or similar J2534 device)

Fair Replacement Transmission Cost and Labor by Model

Find your transmission model in the table below for fair prices from reputable suppliers. Also fair labor cost for local installation at a local auto repair shop.

Get a free estimate on a remanufactured transmission factory direct by email.

Fair Remanufactured Transmission Price Ranges by Transmission Model
Updated November 2018

Download Replacement Transmission Cost Guide PDF


Reman Transmission Pricing – Links to Supplier Transmission Prices

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto Parts
4L60E / 4L65E148015071599
4T45E / 4T40E146014001400
5L40E (Exc. BMW)208021002100
6T40 / 6T45222025802580
6T75E / 6T70222024002400
6L80 / 6L90232024502480
Allison 1000292027802800
4R75E/W 4R70W168016001700
4R100 / E4OD188018001799
AX4N / AX4S156015001500
FNR5 / AWTF-80188019802000
6F50 / 6F35232025602550
41TE (A604)143014501450
46RE (A518)166016001600
47RE (A618)204019902000
W5A580 / NAG1249045103000
Nissan RE5R05A282032993329
Nissan CVT266032823674

By State and City


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