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The Gamble of used transmissions vs. remanufactured transmissions

You have roughly an 80% chance of success when going with a used transmission — However, used transmissions have roughly a 20% chance of failure or problem in the first 90 days, so it is important to have a warranty plan.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

How do I know whether a used transmission seller is legit?

It is highly recommended to check the online reviews of any company prior to purchasing through an Internet website or broker, especially reviews on how they handled warranty situations.

Pro Tip: Many listings who have fancy websites selling used transmissions on the Internet are running the company out of their house and brokering units from salvage yards. Buy a used transmission through your local repair shop or actual salvage yard and save yourself headaches later.

Legitimate used transmission suppliers:

-Have a street address listed on their website, and that address is not a residence. Google the full street address to know for sure. If there is no full street address listed on the website, or or if the address appears to be a mail forwarding address, or an address with no automotive company on premises, this is a red flag.
-Have a local telephone number and not just a toll-free 800 number. Legitimate companies have both toll-free and local numbers.
-Have no pattern of 1 star reviews on their Google Business listing, Yelp, Better Business Bureau profile. Google the name of the company.
-Handle warranty claims promptly and have a straightforward warranty policy.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

Used transmission warranty – What is covered?

700r4_transmissionOne of the biggest disadvantages to buying a used transmission is the short warranty. Most used transmissions have a 30, 60, 90 day warranty, with some going 6 months to a year. Now this may sound good on the surface, but most of these used transmission warrantees don’t offer the kind of protection that you would expect since a used transmission is not typically a long-term solution. If there an issue, most used transmission suppliers rarely pay additional labor charges for the unit to be re-installed if it fails.

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1 month ago

2001 Silverado 1500 4.3 automatic transmission 4l60e only one moving gear reverse checked all solenoids they are all fried what possible could have caused this I’d appreciate any input on this thank you to all that can help

Carroll lunde
3 months ago

All but 1st to second gear are shifting before they get good rpm when getting into throtte 2 to 4 is instant

Lee Morgan
3 months ago

Need a reman 4L60e for a 87 s10 4.3 2wd

4 months ago

It slippes in Drive

4 months ago

It slippes in drive

shannon jordan
6 months ago

it goes in gears but will not shift out

Bonnie Ornelas
7 months ago

Light came on to service 4×4

1 year ago

I got a 2014 F350 and only shifts ones and then goes to safe mode any suggestions?

Benjamin Raleigh
1 year ago

When you’re driving it and pull up to a stop sign it takes out sluggy

Benjamin Raleigh
1 year ago

My transmission is give me code of 1886 an tranaxle timing solenoid on a 1996 Chevrolet suburban

Sharon Trevino
1 year ago

2007 Chevy Trailblazer four-wheel drive all gears seem good except reverse

Tim Thacker
1 year ago

I have a 1979 k10. 350 v8 turbo 350. I was backing a boat up a small incline in high range 4 wheel drive engaged. The truck didn’t want to push the load so I increase throttle to almost full throttle and something ruptured. Fluid came out the dipstick tube, and the vent port. It lost about two and a half quarts of ATF. rolled down to flat ground,to check it out. Refilled with fluid, but had no revers drive. When I opened it up,found the low/reverse clutch plates had burned off the friction material ,and the drum that they engadge on, had spun inside the plates. Replaced drum and new friction plates. Flushed the system, refilled with new fluid. It work for about two days of operation. It would loose forward engagement randomly. I could put it in park,shut the engine off then restart and it would have forward drive. Now I can feel forward engagement, but will not move truck. Just slips. But I still have solid reverse. Fluid is still at correct amount. So what do I do? I now have it removed from the truck. I am installing a four speed and a 205 tranfer case. Would like to rebuild the turbo 350 to install into another truck.

Dennis Barnes
1 year ago

Delayed, shift in to drive it takes a min. Rev no problem .after it goes in gear I can drive all day long no problem . Put it in park.and then back in drive 1,2,3,4 it will not ingauge. Let it cool down 4 hours or so then put in gear it takes a min before shifting. But then drive all day long no problems until put in park then put back in gear it won’t go? 4l60e. 94 chev s10 4×4

Jose Espinosa
1 year ago

The overdrive will not shift on a 2007 Chevy tahoe

Gregory Rodriguez
1 year ago

highidle with cod start shfts very hard. but go,s away when warm

Gregory Rodriguez
1 year ago

idle,s high with cold start and shifs real hard. but when warm it,s o,k

Leland Stanger
2 years ago

I have a 72′ Chevelle with a 350 transmission shift seal leak. The shaft looks good and does not have grooves or marks. Problem is, I have very carefully replaced the seal two different times. Both times it had a small leak afterwords. Please tell me what my options are? Thanks for your help

2 years ago

Information on Chevy Caprice is not posted here, it would be a much appreciated addition

Kate Ard
3 years ago

This isn’t really a comment it’s more a question. I need some information on my boyfriends truck that is slipping out of 2nd and 3rd gear when driving. It is a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 4×4 with 8 cylinder engine. He currently does not have the money to replace the transmission, I am a mechanic and so is he but neither of us are experienced enough to mess with this transmission. Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

4 years ago

2004 Chevy 2500HD with 100,000 miles. About 2 years ago the transmission operating temp starting going much higher than it used to and especially goes up when driving slow on hot days. Drove 10 miles the other day at 10 to 15 mph and temp went up to 200. Outside temp about 80. Before this temp would have been maybe 150. I have had the fluid changed twice by 2 different shops. When first started the transmission shop said I needed a timing chain relearn as it was not locking in. I had that done. Now transmission shops says there is nothing wrong with it and it is within acceptable temps and I should drive it. This is a very reputable shop in our area but I have no confidence since I could haul or tow big loads before and it never went to 200. Now it goes there empty.
Also, now after it sits a week, I start it and put it in gear and it just revs. Wait a minute or two then it will move. Fluid is full. Not sure if this is related or not. Also put a new fan clutch on it to make sure radiator was getting air.
Should I drive it or take it to the shop again?

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