Remanufactured 5R110W Transmissions: Specs & Updates

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2003 – 2010 Ford Super Duty (6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke diesels, excluding 2003 MY 7.3L Power Stroke)

5R110W Transmission Overview

The best way to think of the 5R110W is being a remake of the 4R100. It was introduced in 2003 for use with the 6-liter Power Stroke diesel engine and marketed under the TorqShift brand. It is specific to diesel, but later received an upgrade for 2008 model vehicles and the 6.4-liter Power Stroke engine. As the 6.7-liter engine was introduced, production on this transmission stopped. 2011 saw the advent of the 6R140.

Although the 5R110W is listed and marketed as having five forward speeds, it actually has six forward gears. Two shift sequences exist in the transmission’s programming, and they respond to changes in temperature. The standard sequence starts at first gear, moving up through the numbers except for fourth.

Should the outside temperature drop below 5 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by the onboard thermometer, the transmission uses the alternate shift sequence. This one omits fifth gear. The reason for the change is to make the engine run faster and warm itself up.

What is the 5R110W Adaptive Strategy?

A special feature of the 5R110W TorqShift transmission is the use of a so-called adaptive strategy. This is an adaptive schedule that controls the timetable of a gearshift. It isn’t so high-tech that it learns how drivers handle the vehicle or what they’re most likely to do.

Instead, the powertrain control module (PCM) times how long it takes to complete a shift in gears, starting from the instant the system commands the change to occur until the shift is completed. It takes this value and runs it against the ideal shift times stored in the onboard computer.

The PCM then instructs the transmission to make the necessary changes in pressure. Therefore, rather than individual customization, the 5R110W aims to keep as close to ideal shifting intervals as possible.

Adaptive shifting in the 5R110W will not work if the vehicle is driven in one road condition. It needs a variety of conditions and terrain, as well as speed and load variances. The keep-alive memory, or KAM, stores the settings for pressure timing as they pertain to pressure regulation.

If that memory is lost or cleared, the transmission resets to default and has to relearn the process. Disconnecting the battery will lead to a loss of stored data. During the relearning process, the transmission will have rough shifts and periods of improper engagement. It takes time for the PCM to aid in the relearning process.

Simple Process to Expedite Adaptive Shifting Relearn

Although it’s possible for the PCM to learn the adaptive shifting schedule automatically, you can drastically reduce the time by following a specific procedure to get your transmission back in top shape quickly. The adaptive schedule updates all the time when you drive your vehicle normally. It won’t completely eliminate the initial roughness but will reduce the time necessary for the PCM to do its work. Here is a basic outline of the manual relearn process

First, start the engine and let them reach idle operating temperature. Don’t turn on anything like the AC or radio. Once this happens, let it run in idle for at least one minute. Next, turn the AC on and let the engine continue to idle for one minute. This completes the first phase of relearning

Next, put the truck into drive, and gradually throttle up from first gear all the way to fifth. Do so twice more with greater acceleration each time, the final time at full throttle as though you’re testing 0-to-60. Obviously, don’t do so in heavy traffic or if there are police around. Take the truck somewhere private or remote to really cut loose. This completes the second phase.

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Finally, move your truck to flat, open ground and put the gear selector into neutral. Shift from neutral into reverse and allow the vehicle to move for three seconds. Ensure no obstructions are in the area and keep a foot poised on the brake. Next, shift from reverse to drive and wait for three seconds. Finally, shift back to neutral. Do the same thing again, but this time activate the towing switch because the settings for the transmission will be different and require a different calibration.

5R110W Tow/Haul Function

Another feature of the 5R110W TorqShift transmission is the switch for the tow/haul function, activated by a switch on the shift lever. The purpose of this switch is to make it more energy-efficient to tow heavy loads.

When you activate this switch, it turns on the torque converter lock while in lower gears This is an important safety feature when going down long hills to control the vehicle’s speed. When the gyroscope detects your truck moving down a decline, it automatically downshifts the engine to reduce speed and provides extra ability to brake.

Basic Diagnostics

You can separate problems with the 5R110W transmission into two broad categories: mechanical and electrical. Mechanical problems include physical defects like stripped gears, clutches that have worn away, leaking fluid, and things of that nature. Electrical problems have to do with solenoids and sensors not working properly. It can be harder to fix electrical problems. It’s also possible for problems with the engine to be mistaken for problems with the transmission, so you should always make sure the engine is in good condition first.

Just as with the engine, the transmission has common diagnostic codes. Many code readers aren’t equipped with the 5R110W codes. One popular third-party software to read these error codes is AutoEnginuity. It can diagnose electrical problems and possibly some mechanical ones if they aren’t visible to the naked eye already.

If you’re attempting to diagnose problems with the 5R110W, note that it doesn’t have a regular valve body. Instead, it has a series of seven solenoids used for electronic shifting. Fittingly, this is called a solenoid body.

Just about everything in this transmission control-wise is electronic: pressure in the lines as well as shift cues works thanks to this group of solenoids. A solenoid, for the curious, is nothing more than a coil that creates an electromagnetic field. If you can’t see or detect physical damage like worn parts, check the solenoids and sensors.

You can generally find both electrical and mechanical problems by plugging a diagnostic reader into the transmission. Common errors generate a fault code, which is checked against the reader’s database. Issues that are detected will show up via the tow light on the dash. Should the light begin flashing, it means that the PCM has sent an error code.

Another part of diagnostics is checking the solenoids for issues. First, drain the fluid and remove the oil pan. Any debris like metal filings or parts of the clutch means the transmission is due for a replacement. Usually, there’s no way to fix them, because the mechanical parts have to be replaced.

To check the solenoid itself, place the probes of a multimeter against each pin and measure resistance by setting the multimeter to the Greek letter omega. You should get a non-zero reading. If you get an infinite or overflow reading, it means there is no circuit to create an electromagnetic field.

Remanufactured 5R55E Transmission Updates and Upgrades

  • Added shift kit and pump recalibration to provide more control over gear shifting
  • Pinion pins for planetary gears are tungsten-welded, creating a stronger join.
  • Low-power diode upgraded to increase working lifetime of transmission.
  • Spring retainer for low reverse clutch upgraded to withstand more pressure.
  • New pressure solenoids provide a more consistent pressure through fluid lines.
  • Pumps are completely remanufactured, and new bushings are added to promote better flow and reduce leakage
  • New torque converter installed and tested for balance and other features.
  • Machined and metal surfaces polished to prevent rust buildup
  • Valve pump and transmission case tested with Tru-Flat qualification process
  • Transmission receives complete test via road simulation software under hot and cold conditions to ensure all parts are up to standard

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