P0730: Incorrect Gear Ratio OBD-II Trouble Code

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The P0730 OBD-II code is a generic trouble code, meaning it applies to all makes & models of vehicles from 1996 to present. It can be caused by anything from shift solenoid problems to dirty transmission fluid. We will explore this trouble code more closely below.

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What Transmission Do I Have?

What Does P0730 Mean?

“Transmission Control System Malfunction” is the definition of OBD-II Trouble Code P0730.

By automatically selecting different “speeds” or gear ratios to deliver power to the wheels, an automatic transmission’s goal is to match the optimal torque and power characteristics of the engine to the desired speed and rate of acceleration of the driver.

When the TCM (or transmission control module) sees an RPM difference (rotational speed) between the transmission output RPM sensor and input RPM sensor that is greater than a certain value, the P0730 code is triggered. This can happen while shifting between gears or when driving at a steady speed in a particular gear.

Symptoms of P0730

  • Illumination of the Check Engine light
  • Fuel economy decreases
  • Shifting of the vehicle is delayed or goes into wrong gear
  • Transmission slipping
  • There may be misfire-like symptoms, dying when coming to a stop after freeway driving, or other performance issues in some cases
  • The driver may not notice any adverse conditions in some cases

Common Causes of P0730

  • Faulty torque converter clutch
  • Faulty shift solenoids
  • Blockage on the inside of the transmission main control
  • Internal mechanical failure of the transmission
  • Blockage in fluid lines
  • Clogged fluid filter or worn pump
  • Dirty or low transmission fluid

How to Diagnose the P0730 Code?

The level of fluid in the transmission should be noted and checked for quality before doing any other diagnostic tests. You should replace any dirty or old fluid.

In the hands of a qualified mechanic, an OBD-II scanner diagnoses the P0730 code. With this, they can view any needed info from the engine in real-time. The technician will take the vehicle for a test drive after clearing the code.

The code is due to an actual condition within the transmission if it comes back again. To determine if the engine stall speed fits factory specifications, the mechanic might perform a torque converter stall speed test.

Common Mistakes When Diagnosing

Common misdiagnoses include an internal transmission problem and engine misfire. The symptoms you are experiencing may simply be due to dirty or low transmission fluid. The transmission problems that are causing the trouble code may be resolved by simply replacing or topping off the fluid.

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What Transmission Do I Have?

What Repairs Will Fix the P0730 Code?

  • Wires connecting sensors to the transmission control module and other electrical connections should be inspected.
  • Any damaged or corroded wires in and near the transmission control module should be repaired or replaced.
  • Parts in the transmission might need to be repaired or replaced if the transmission wiring and fluid are all in working condition.
  • The transmission must be removed if there is a problem with the torque converter, shift solenoids, or pump.
  • To be sure that it operates without the P0730 code or any other trouble codes, the transmission should be reinstalled and inspected once the needed repairs are completed and before testing.

Codes Related to P0730

  • P0729
  • P0731
  • P0732
  • P0733
  • P0734
  • P0735
  • P0736

Need more help with a P0730 code?

If the above guide does not answer your questions, comment below with the code(s) and symptoms you are getting along with the make, model, and year of your car.

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On my 2006 Chrysler 300 c I had a code p0730. Changed tranny fluid and filter as it was contaminated. Ran great. Later on a few months after setting in my driveway I tried to drive it it was back to the same place. Won’t drive. Makes a whining sound when you start the car. When you start the car tranny works for a minute then nothing.

Chuck G

I have a Jeep 2016 JKU Rubicon I receive the code P0730 and it went into limp mode but then my engine stopped and I could not get it to start. it doesn’t do anything and my battery is fine. Also the gear shifter doe snot line up with the proper gear spot.
I can find neutral however the engine still wont start any ideas?


I have a Dodge Charger 2014 saw a engine light on the dashboard checked the code with a carmd diagnostic and it showed po730 what do I do?

My name is God's will

The Gear did not selected it remain on one gear


Truck tries downshifting over and over when accelerater pedel is pressed. Pedal is not fully pressed however truck continues to try downshifting

Salifu alhassan

I have a problem with VW Jetta p0730

Wendy I

2004 Honda Odyssey ex-L with 200,000 miles. Tcs and cel lights came on as well as a few flashes of the d light. Codes read were P0730, P0780 and P0705. Any ideas as to what the problem could be from the reading of these 3 codes?


P0730 improper gear ratio code in a Honda odessey 2002 it keeps down shifting hard and not going threw all the gears


Ever figure out the issue


Swap e320 torque coverter with s600 v12 converter and P0730 code is the fault code can the converter be the problem