Chevy Malibu Transmission Problems & Cost

Aside from the rare and potent Malibu SS, there is not much that can be said about the Chevrolet Malibu. It’s a very competent car, and is one of General Motors’ best selling models. A number of engine and transmission combinations were offered throughout the years, so we’re just going to focus on the most recent Chevy Malibu transmission problems.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

Chevy Malibu Transmission Models

Chevy Malibu: 4T45E Transmission (Earlier Models)
Chevy Malibu: 6T70 Transmission  (Later Models)
Chevy Malibu: 6T45 Transmission  (Later Models)

Chevy Malibu Transmission Replacement Cost Estimate

Pricing varies by model. To be 100% sure on pricing, have your VIN# handy and use our Get An Estimate feature to look up your transmission by VIN#.

Replacement 4T45E Transmission:

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto Parts
4T45E / 4T40E146014001400

Replacement 6T40 Transmission:

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto Parts
6T40 / 6T45222025802580

Replacement 6T70 Transmission:

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto Parts
6T75E / 6T70222024002400

What are the DTC codes related to Chevy Malibu transmission problems?

P0730 Incorrect Gear Ratio – This DTC means the ECU has detected either an electrical or hydraulic issue affecting the shift pattern.
P2714 – Pressure control solenoid ‘D’ performance/stuck ‘off’ – This DTC is triggered when there is an issue with one of the solenoids that controls the fluid pressure inside the transmission.
P0716 – Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance – This DTC means there is a problem with the input / turbine speed sensor, and the ECU may not be able to control the transmission properly.
P0722 – Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal – This DTC is triggered when the ECU stops receiving data from the OSS sensor.
P0723 – Output Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent – This OBDII code means the ECU is not receiving a steady signal from the output speed sensor.
P0751 – Shift Solenoid ‘A’ Performance or Stuck Off – When you see this DTC, it means the ‘A’ shift solenoid is not working right, or is stuck in the ‘off’ position.
P0756 – Shift Solenoid ‘B’ Performance or Stuck Off – If the ECU saved this code, then a solenoid isn’t working right, or it’s stuck off.
P0776 – Pressure Control Solenoid ‘B’ Performance or Stuck Off – This diagnostic trouble code means there is a mechanical problem with this solenoid.
P0796 – Pressure Control Solenoid ‘C’ Performance or Stuck Off – If the pressure control solenoid labeled ‘C’ isn’t working correctly, or it gets stuck in the ‘On’ position, this DTC will be saved.
P0742 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck On – If your vehicle has this DTC, then the torque convertor clutch solenoid is most likely stuck in the ‘on’ position.

Chevy Malibu Transmission Recalls

2009 Chevrolet Malibu Recall 09V073000 / 09041

Summary – On some 2009 Chevy Malibu, the transmission shift cable adjustment clip may come loose, causing the gear indicator to display the wrong gear.
Consequence – If this problem occurs, the driver could remove the ignition key and exit the vehicle thinking the transmission is in Park, even though it isn’t. This can lead to a rollaway, which can cause injury and/or property damage. A lesser consequence would be the inability to start the vehicle because the transmission is not in Park.
Remedy – This recall began on March 24, 2009, and Chevrolet dealers were instructed to inspect Chevy Malibu Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

TSB 05-07-30-015 – Difficultly selecting a gear / shifter jams – Chevrolet Malibu 4T45E

Problem – On some vehicles, the gear selector may become inoperable.
Solution – Replace defective shifter handle.

Slipping in forward or reverse gears – Chevrolet Malibu 4T45E

Problem – The vehicle may slip in-and-out of forward or reverse gears. There may also be a lack of engine braking, lubrication of the forward clutch, and the DTC P0730.
Solution – One of the oil feed tubes may have developed cracks in one of its welds

TSB PI0376A – Flare or slipping on the shift from 2nd or 6th gear – Chevrolet Malibu 6T40

Problem – When this common Malibu transmission problem occurs, the driver may experience slipping and/or a sudden flare/surge when the transmission shifts into or out of 2nd/6th gear.
Solution – This problem is often caused by debris blocking the opening on the channel plate and spacer plate that provides oil to the 2-6 clutch regulator valve. To correct the issue, the channel plate, spacer plate and valve body will have to be cleaned.

Input/Output Speed Sensor Issues – Chevrolet Malibu 6T70E

Problem – When repairing a failed input speed sensor or output speed sensor, steering system damage could occur.
Solution – To avoid damage to the clock springs, the splined steering knuckle must be prevented from falling out of the steering rack when dropping the subframe to access the valve body.

Common Problems with the Chevy Malibu Transmission

Lack of Response
Leaking Fluid
Low Fluid
Burning Smell
Grinding or Shaking
Whining, Clunking or Humming
Refuses to Go Into Gear
Torque Converter Issues
Valve Body Issues
Transmission Noisy in Neutral
Gears Slipping
No 3rd or 4th Gear
No 1st or 2nd Gear
No Reverse
Dragging Clutch
Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light

Can I drive with a transmission problem?

Of course you could drive with Chevy Malibu transmission problems, but that could wind up costing you a lot more money in the long run. You see, transmission problems usually start out small, like the car not wanting to go into a gear, or maybe it will slip out of gear momentarily. But these are signs of much bigger problems that could quickly escalate into a much more expensive issue if you don’t get it seen about immediately.

How often does a Chevy Malibu transmission need to be replaced?

As long as you have it serviced on time, and don’t drive like a maniac, a Chevrolet Malibu transmission can last for many miles. Factory design flaws however, can sometimes cut the service life short due to poorly designed transmission parts. A good average for these transmissions in stock form is 120,000-180,000 miles. But a good quality remanufactured transmission will often last for a lot longer.

How are Chevy Malibu transmission issues diagnosed?

To determine the source of your Chevrolet Malibu transmission problems, a mechanic will usually start by connecting an OBDII code scanner to download the diagnostic trouble codes. After figuring out where to look, a visual inspection can be performed to verify the problem.

How is a Chevy Malibu transmission replaced?

Because the later models are all front wheel drive, the engine may have to be partially removed in order to gain access to the transmission. Newer cars may also need an ECU reflash in order for the new transmission to work.

Recommendations for Chevy Malibu transmission issues?

To save time and get back on the road faster, have your 17-digit truck VIN# handy and you can get an online quote for a reman Chevy Malibu transmission here, then find a local shop using our Find a Shop guide to install it for you.

How to Solve Chevy Malibu Transmission Problems

Solution A: Buy a Used Chevy Malibu Transmission

For many people, the most logical solution to major Chevrolet Malibu transmission problems would be to buy a used 4T45E / used 6T70E / used 6T45 transmission from the local junkyard. There are relatively cheap, and many will come with a 30-90 day warranty that will give you a replacement transmission if the first one goes bad. But if you have problems with that used Malibu transmission, you’ll probably have to pay for the labor charges if it has to be replaced.

Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Chevy Malibu Transmission

Getting a rebuilt 4T45E / rebuilt 6T70E / rebuilt 6T45 transmission is probably a better idea. But the problem here is, most rebuilders don’t address the factory design flaws. That means, most of the problems associated with the poor design will return. And, the warranty may give you will likely only be honored by the shop that built it. Leaving you to pay for transmission repairs, if they occur while you are out of town.

Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Chevy Malibu Transmission

If you are suffering from serious Chevrolet Malibu transmission problems, one of the best ways to solve them is a remanufactured 4T45E / remanufactured 6T70E / remanufactured 6T45 transmission from a reputable manufacturer. These are process built in a factory and typically have much higher quality components. This can sometimes allow a remanufactured transmission to outlast the OE gearbox (especially if the design flaws have been addressed). Plus, you may be able to get a nationwide warranty as well.

Fair Replacement Transmission Cost by Vehicle

  1. Find your transmission model in the table below for fair prices from reputable suppliers. Also fair labor cost for local installation at a local auto repair shop.

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Fair Remanufactured Transmission Price Ranges by Transmission Model Updated for 2019

transmission repair cost
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What Problem Does Your Chevy Malibu Have?

Let us know the year, mileage and problem you’re having as well as any trouble (OBD) codes you’ve found. If you’ve been given a quote or paid for a repair, we’d like to hear about that too!

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Steve Krug

I just had the throttle body changed. As soon as I drive home it surges at stops and turns and bangs. Basically drives like shit. Why did this occur after replacing the throttle body?


2004 malibu that is starting to shift hard when changing gears. Just started two days ago. 180,000 miles.


My 2009 Chevy Malibu’s transmission had a sudden malfunction of no reverse or high gears
How does this just happen and how much should it cost to have someone rebuild it!


It’s not shifting into gears it’s hesitating to go up hills it’s make a raddling noice

Robert Lewis

2010 Malibu won’t go in reverse need help


I have a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu. I have been having an issue when driving a low (residential) speeds with a very loud humming (reving type) noise upon acceleration. It seems to be very prominent when I’m making stops at stop signs for instance and then accelerate after the turn. I do not hear the noise, though, when driving on the highway. I took he car to the dealership who told em hey could not make he car duplicate the sound when they took it for a drive so basically “come pick it up and we”Lil see you when it finally starts to really f&@* up”. It made the noise AS I was leaving the dealership… it has since started to jerk a little upon acceleration at lower speeds now. I foresee it getting worse in the near future.