Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems & Cost | A604 | 62TE

Once the official vehicle of Suburbia, the Dodge Grand Caravan came equipped with the A604 (41TE) transmission – while the late model Grand Caravan was equipped with the 6-speed 62TE transmission. But they aren’t without their problems though, so let’s look at some of the most common Dodge Grand Caravan transmission problems, look at cost estimates and figure out what you can do about them.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Models

Pre-2008 Dodge Grand Caravan: A604 (41TE) Transmission
2008-Up Dodge Grand Caravan: 62TE Transmission

Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Replacement Cost Estimate

Pricing varies by model. To be 100% sure on pricing, have your VIN# handy and use our Get An Estimate feature to look up your transmission by VIN#.

Replacement Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission:

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto PartsDealer Retail
41TE (A604)1490148015492800

What are the DTC codes related to Dodge Grand Caravan transmission problems?

Trouble CodeDescription
P0716Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance 
P0721Output Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0726Engine Speed Input Circuit Range/Performance
P0729Gear 6 Incorrect Ratio
P0731Gear 1 Incorrect Ratio
P0732Gear 2 Incorrect Ratio
P0733Gear 3 Incorrect Ratio
P0734Gear 4 Incorrect Ratio
P0735Gear 5 Incorrect Ratio
P0736Reverse Incorrect Ratio
P0740Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction
P0750Shift Solenoid 'A'
P0755Shift Solenoid 'B'
P0760Shift Solenoid 'C'
P0765Shift Solenoid 'D'
P0791Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit
P0792Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0841Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “A” Circuit Range/Performance
P0845Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “B” Circuit
P0846Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “B” Circuit Range/Performance
P0848Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “B” Circuit High
P0850Park/Neutral Switch Input Circuit
P0868Transmission Fluid Pressure Low
P0869Transmission Fluid Pressure High
P0870Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “C” Circuit

Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Recalls

None Found

Dodge Grand Caravan Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

None Found

Common Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems

Delayed forward and/or reverse engagement with a double ‘bump’ sensation – 41TE transmission
Problem – Drivers may notice a significant delay when they shift into Drive or Reverse. They may also experience a series of ‘bumps’ or ‘bucks’ when the selected gear does engage.
Solution – The retainer that separates the lockup control valve and the TCC accumulator valve may need to be replaced.

PRNDL lights malfunction – 41TE/42LE transmission (1996>)
Problem – The PRNDL lights in the driver information center (in the gauge cluster) may work properly when the vehicle is shifted into reverse, overdrive, drive and low. However, they may malfunction when the vehicle is shifted into Park or Neutral. There may be no diagnostic trouble codes or apparent transmission problems.
Solution – There may be an issue with the ignition switch, or a short in the related wiring.

Speedometer reading when the vehicle is not moving – 41TE transmission / 41TES transmission
Problem – Drivers may notice that the speedometer can jump to over 20 mph while the vehicle is stopped in gear. There may also be a jerking sensation that feels like a 1-2 shift. Gear changes may also feel unusually rough.
Solution – The most common cause of these 41TE transmission problems is a malfunctioning alternator. However there could also be a wiring problem related to the output shaft speed sensor OSS signal going back to the TCM.

Engine stalls while in Drive or during coast down – 62TE transmission
Problem – Drivers may experience an engine stall when they place the gear selector into Drive. They may also notice that the engine starts to run excessively rough or stalls when they are coasting to a stop.
Solution – These 62TE transmission problems may be caused by mechanical failure with the electronically modulated converter clutch variable force solenoid / EMCC VFS solenoid, which can cause the torque converter clutch to engage when it shouldn’t. To fix the problem, the EMCC solenoid will have to be replaced.

Transmission shifts into neutral on the 1-2 shift – 2007+ 62TE transmission
Problem – Drivers may notice that the vehicle shifts into neutral upon the 1-2 shift. This may cause the vehicle to go into limp mode, where the transmission becomes locked in 3rd gear. In some cases, the vehicle may not move and will require the engine to be shut off and restarted before limp mode can be activated.
Solution – These 62TE transmission problems are often caused by worn sealing ring lands on the low clutch housing. To correct this condition, place the housing and possibly the piston from the direct clutch.

Lack of Response
Leaking Fluid
Low Fluid
Burning Smell
Grinding or Shaking
Whining, Clunking or Humming
Refuses to Go Into Gear
Torque Converter Issues
Valve Body Issues
Transmission Noisy in Neutral
Gears Slipping
No 3rd or 4th Gear
No 1st or 2nd Gear
No Reverse
Dragging Clutch
Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light

Can I drive with a transmission problem?

If your Dodge Grand Caravan can still make it up and down the road, you might say “It’s fine, I’ll just drive it until I can get it fixed”. But that is not always a good idea, depending on the symptoms. You see, there are a lot of (very expensive) moving parts inside of a transmission, and if something isn’t right, continuing to drive with a transmission problem could damage something else.

How often does a Dodge Grand Caravan transmission need to be replaced?

The overall lifespan of a Dodge Grand Caravan transmission largely depends on how well it was maintained. Factory design flaws also factor into this equation, along with how/how hard you drive. But on average, we’ve seen the Dodge Grand Caravan transmission last for between 130,000-180,000 miles. A high quality replacement transmission however, can last considerably longer if all of the factory design flaws have been addressed and the vehicle has been maintained.

How are Dodge Grand Caravan transmission issues diagnosed?

It is fairly easy to guesstimate what the root cause of your Dodge Grand Caravan transmission problems might be, but you won’t truly know unless you have the right tools and experience. A good mechanic or transmission repair center will be able to connect your truck to a computer and find out which diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) have been stored. Once they know what to look for, they can perform a visual inspection to verify the problem.

How is a Dodge Grand Caravan transmission replaced?

In order to replace your Dodge Grand Caravan transmission, the truck has to be lifted from the ground in order to gain access to all of the parts that will need to be unbolted. Then the transmission can be lowered to the ground (typically with a transmission jack), so the new transmission can be installed.

Recommendations for Dodge Grand Caravan transmission issues?

To save time and get back on the road faster, have your 17-digit VIN# handy and you can get an online quote for a reman Dodge Grand Caravan transmission here, then find a local shop using our Find a Shop guide to install it for you.

How to Solve Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problems

Solution A: Buy a Used Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission

The quickest way to fix your transmission problems is to simply buy a used transmission or used transmission. These can be found at most junk yards, and they often come with a 30-90 day warranty. However, there’s no way to determine the actual condition of the internal components, so you could be spending a bunch of money to have the exact same problems. Plus, that warranty only covers the transmission if it’s defective, not the labor costs that you’ll have to pay.

Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission

Another option would be a rebuilt transmission or rebuilt transmission. A local repair shop will remove your transmission, then install a bunch of new parts during the rebuild. The problem here is, the skills and experience of each transmission rebuilder will vary widely from shop to shop, so you could have problems from something that wasn’t adjusted properly. And the 1-2 year warranty might only cover you at certain transmission repair shops, in a specific geographical area.

Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission

Many owners depend on their vehicle to commute and get things done. Their gasoline engines are designed to go 100’s of thousands of miles, so it makes sense to invest in a remanufactured transmission.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

What Problem Does Your Dodge Grand Caravan Have?

Let us know the year, mileage and problem you’re having as well as any trouble (OBD) codes you’ve found. If you’ve been given a quote or paid for a repair, we’d like to hear about that too!

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Enrique S.

Hi, 2013 Grand Caravan. When I can drive it on reverse, but when I set on drive just shut off.


2011 dodge grsnd caravan, starting to feel like going over bumpy roads for brief time(like and25 seconds) i mash on gas and it stops. Thought transmission fluid low. But. Checked, filled. Still doing it.

ROB Field

2014 caravan wont go pass 3rd gear, revs at 3000rpm


It shifts eratickley and hard shifts sometimes

Claude R.

I have a 2013 Dodge Caravan 3.3. I have 186,000 miles on it. The transmission gave out so I obtained a used (under 80k miles) and it was put in by a very reputable transmission shop. I started having some shutter problems (between 25 to 30 usually at 27mph and between 35 to 40 usually at 37 mph and usually on inclines. I would have to manually shift the stick on the column. I took it back to the shop and they checked it out and one of the mechanics noticed the eco button engaged while going up a small incline and switched it off and it came out of it. Have talked to mechanics at Dodge dealership and they thought it might be a needed tuneup. Also talked to a man at Auto Zone and he said that because I could make it go away by tuning off the eco button on the dash that he believes it could be a vacuum line.He is very knowledgeable with having a shop of his/dad for a number of years. Does anyone out there have any other ideas?

Dennis Schaffer

I had the transmission replaced(not rebuilt) with a new transmission 3 months ago on a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. The mileage was 68000. I am at 81000 and it will not shift out of first. The dealership wants $1100 to replace the transmission solenoid. Should this have been covered under the new transmission warranty?

Dyno Don

My 2010 GC has the 6 speed automatic. What I would consider normal exceleration, the gas pedel about 1/2 way down, the transaxle shifts at about 3500 – 4500 RPM. Is there an after market adjustable shifter that you could use and if so where to get and how much?

Aaron Baird

Hi everybody. I found this amazing article on our transmission, it will help us all when we finally need to see the mechanic (or if you have cases against them now):

I purchased a 2018 DGC SXT in February 2019. Brand new, 41 miles on the odometer. I’ve noticed a few small issues here and there, had one stall-out during a hard turn at slow speed (they said it was the power steering pump back -feeding power into the engine (which is bullshit because the belt will slip or break before that happens)). Beyond the stalling incident, hard shifts, delayed power delivery when shifting to drive AND reverse from park.

After reading this forum, if you havent already purchased the extended bumper to bumper warranty, I suggest you do. I’m glad I did when I bought the damn thing.

ronald koopmeiners

it pops out of first into neutral at medium speeds and you must shut it all the way off put it in park and then start it back up and it’s fine for a little while again


… so I have replaced the transmission because it kept going into limp mode got one from (street smart) replace the tipm (from Mak’s) and replaces the ecm/ecu/pcm (from flagship one … the only company I wouldn’t recommend, use the company based in Florida over these jokers) and I’m still having problems now it seems to be the wiring harness when it’s wire tester is connected it’ll randomly loose power causing your same issue … it pops into nuetral because im going to fast for it to go into limp mode (2nd gear). It’s going to be on of my the following … tipm, pcm, transmission, or wiring … the last 2 are by far the most expensive since I’ve done all the others already it’s now the wiring harness to worry about

Dennis Stubbs

Sometimes when I go from park to reverse my van goes into gear really hard. And when I’m driving and step on gas pedal I hear a slight knock otherwise transmission runs fine. One mechanic tried to say it is c v axle or motor mount but it’s not. It has 98000 miles on it

Joel R Gouin

2008 grand caravan stx with 162,000 parked it and it died, starts but in drive or reverse just make awful noises

Terry Shelvin

I I have a 2003 Dodge caravan CV 3.3 l my battery was leaking at the top for about 6/8 miles then I replace the battery and now my transmission is stuck in limp mode can you help me. I think it’s stuck in 3rd gear,could it have corroded my wires that fast to the transmission


I started having issues nearly a year ago. Took it to 2 Dodge dealers. Neither could find problems with transmit. This past week while driving my transmission went out and they said clear signs of transmission failure. Of course when this started I was under 100,000 miles and under warranty. Now I’m over and my extended warranty that I was told would cover beyond 100000 doesn’t cover it.

Alfredo Alaniz

They knew this, they looked up your records and warranty status. They cheated you, and lied to you, because they are full aware of how troublesome those transmissions are.

You need to contact an attorney, in Texas you can initiate a Motion, which is NOT a lawsuit, under Rule 202, which allows a person to “petition the court for an order authorizing the taking of a deposition on oral examination or on written questions: To perpetuate or obtain the person’s own testimony, or that of any other person for use in an anticipated suit; or. to investigate a potential claim or suit.

You’ll be able to find if this is a partner of misconduct, and also if they have done this in the past. Once they get a whiff of an attorney, you’d be surprise just how cooperative they are. LOL

Tommy B

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan. 34K miles. Dealer is doing a full rebuild including Torque Converter. What the crap!!


Well larson puyallup service counter help said thier rebuilding your transmission. The said it again. But picking up. Van sa i d 0h they fixed a bearing. She said she seen tranny all apart. 11hrs labor. Notes said found metal debries in the pan. Hmm 32.000 miles. Now what sounds like slight old noise is only 500 miles away. Then what

Shane G

I bought a 2017 Caravan GT back in February from Enterprise Car Sales in Madison Tn, 52,000 miles. Last week the transmission went out! $4085! I only drove this van 15,000 miles! The transmission should not go out at 67,000 miles. Neither Enterprise nor Dodge will help with the repair. I will NEVER buy another Dodge!


OMG, we have identical story. 2017 Grand Caravan GT from Enterprise, bought February 19′, transmission quit at 68000 miles
What a crap!

Angie white

Hi there, my name is angie. I own a 2006 dodge grand caravan. It has 171000 miles on it. It started doing this thing where the speedometer flickers back and forth and the van loses a bit of speed.

Jeremy R Hatt

Wife’s 2015 Grand caravan check engine light came on with code P0740 torque converter malfunction. After spending $400 at my mechanic to look at it. Replaced filter, torque converter circuit and fluid light went out. Test drove with diagnostic reader plugged in and was still saying shifting issues.
He then tore apart the transmission filter he took out to find torque converter and clutch lining inside the filter. Now it’s got to have transmission changed or rebuilt. Not happy Dodge.


I have a 2014 Dodge Caravan with 81,000 miles and asked! for a transmission service. When they dropped the pan FULL OF METAL! Praise God for my extended service policy because, according to all these complaints, it sounds like Dodge is not stepping up to the plate with this problem. Due to working in dealerships for 20 years I know they can run reports with transmission codes in certain year range and vehicle type which would show how great the problem is. This is my 4th Caravan and I am in the market for a new one but I think it’s time to buy a different minivan. Shame because I sure loved them. I have bragged on them since my first one. Not any more. A 5 year old vehicle with 81,000 miles and needs a new transmission?!! I think not. Better step up Dodge.

Tommy B

Mine is a 2018 with 35K. They are installing torque converter and rebuilding the trans for the 2nd time in ONE MONTH!


2014 caravan sxt. 115000 miles. Transmission shot.. $3900 plus tax to replace. The only way to get a recall is for everyone to call dodge and file a complaint.

john racine

2012 rt grand caravan 3.6 sounds like lifter noise but goers away when shift into gear


2012 in limp mode.disconected batt.for 24 hours reconnected drive with no issues for 6,000 miles.


2016 Dodge Caravan r/t
55k – both sliding door actuators failed – cost $2000.00
62k – coil burned out, window regulator failed – cost $400
68k – solenoid – $500, speed regulator $200, new transmission estimate $4500, possible new 3.6 engine needed….no coat yet-

Dodge has taken zero responsibility for any of this as if it is not their fault that their entire car is falling apart. In fact I was told that they couldn’t fix the door actuators even though it was under warranty because I got one oil change done at a non-Dodge dealership, didn’t know the oil change was done on time and I had a service receipt their criteria allows them to not help me fix the doors on my car that were locking my children in it because I had an oil change done at a non-Dodge dealership. And this is a discussion I had with Dodge corporate and Mopar –


Im not too happy with them at the moment either they trying to say ny transmission failure at 50,000 isn’t on them. Hopefully a lawsuit?? Im sick of it

Shane G

Im thinking a lawsuit also!


2016 Grand Caravan

Just had a trasnmission issue… need to replace the whole thing…

1. There is a recall on transmission fluid pump which possibly(in my mind) cause all these issues. FUNNY LOL!!!! They said it was VIN specific … throughout the year … start and end date whcih were specific for vehicles having issue…. guess what made a mistake on those dates they picked in 2016… my car has 80000-85000 miles…. warranty of 60000 miles and maintenance schedule transmission check – 100000 miles… RED FLAG right there…
2. i think toyota/honda gives 100000 and from my mechanic… their transmissions go way past 100000.
3- Was told several years back … buy American… well if I can’t have my transmission last more than 80000 miles and warranty is only to 60000… sorry can’t afford a 6000 dollar bill 3-4 yrs after buying a new vehicle…


Exactly the same issues, and yeah the S44 recall, but apparently doesn’t show up under my VIN, 83k miles on van.

Richard Fox

There is actually laws that allow you to use non dealer oil changes. Always good to save receipts