Volvo XC90 Transmission Problems & Cost | 4T65E

The Volvo XC90 was equipped with the 4T65E transmission. But they aren’t without their problems though, so let’s look at some of the most common Volvo XC90 transmission problems, look at cost estimates and figure out what you can do about them.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

Volvo XC90 Transmission Models

Volvo XC90: 4T65E Transmission ** Note: Certain Volvo 4T65E models are generally higher priced than standard GM 4T65E’s in the marketplace.

Volvo XC90 Transmission Replacement Cost Estimate

Pricing varies by model. To be 100% sure on pricing, have your VIN# handy and use our Get An Estimate feature to look up your transmission by VIN#.

Replacement XC90 Transmission:

TransmissionStreet Smart TransmissionAutozoneAdvance Auto PartsDealer Retail

** Note: Certain Volvo 4T65E models are generally higher priced in the marketplace than standard GM 4T65E models due to specialized internal parts including the valve body. 4T65E prices above may not be 100% accurate until priced out at that particular vendor.

What are the DTC codes related to Volvo XC90 transmission problems?

P0766 – Failed Shift Solenoid D – This DTC can be stored when there is a problem with a shift solenoid or the valve body.
P2703 – Failed Friction Element D – This trouble code can be triggered by a failed friction element like a clutch disc.
P0720 – Failed Input Speed Sensor or Output Speed Sensor – This trouble code is caused by a bad speed sensor on the transmission.
P0730 – Incorrect Gear Ratio – This issue could be caused by a number of problems, including a fault in the transmission control module, dirty transmission fluid, or a bad transmission solenoid.
P0657 – Voltage Problem in the ‘A’ Circuit – This transmission problem is often caused by a short, or bad ground on the PCM or PCM wiring harness.
P0700 – Malfunction in the transmission control system – This DTC is often triggered when there is a problem with the TCM, a wiring harness, a solenoid, or the valve body.
P0715 – Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Malfunction – This code typically gets stored when the input sensor cannot read the engine RPM, which can prevent the transmission from appropriately shifting gears.
P0717 – Input/Turbine Speed Sensor No Signal – This trouble code is generated when the PCM does not get a signal from the input speed sensor, which will prevent the computer from being able to determine when the transmission needs to shift.
P0791 – Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor ‘A’ Circuit – This error can occur when there is a problem with the intermediate shaft speed sensor, most likely due to a bad sensor, wiring problem, or a failed shift solenoid.
P0793 – Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal – The computer will generate this DTC when it cannot communicate with the intermediate shaft speed sensor.

Volvo XC90 Transmission Recalls

None Found

Volvo XC90 Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

None Found

Common Problems with the Volvo XC90 Transmission

Lack of Response
Leaking Fluid
Low Fluid
Burning Smell
Grinding or Shaking
Whining, Clunking or Humming
Refuses to Go Into Gear
Torque Converter Issues
Valve Body Issues
Transmission Noisy in Neutral
Gears Slipping
No 3rd or 4th Gear
No 1st or 2nd Gear
No Reverse
Dragging Clutch
Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light

Can I drive with a transmission problem?

If your Volvo XC90 can still make it up and down the road, you might say “It’s fine, I’ll just drive it until I can get it fixed”. But that is not always a good idea, depending on the symptoms. You see, there are a lot of (very expensive) moving parts inside of a transmission, and if something isn’t right, continuing to drive with a transmission problem could damage something else.

How often does a Volvo XC90 transmission need to be replaced?

The overall lifespan of a Volvo XC90 transmission largely depends on how well it was maintained. Factory design flaws also factor into this equation, along with how/how hard you drive. But on average, we’ve seen the Volvo XC90 transmission last for between 130,000-180,000 miles. A high quality replacement transmission however, can last considerably longer if all of the factory design flaws have been addressed and the vehicle has been maintained.

How are Volvo XC90 transmission issues diagnosed?

It is fairly easy to guesstimate what the root cause of your Volvo XC90 transmission problems might be, but you won’t truly know unless you have the right tools and experience. A good mechanic or transmission repair center will be able to connect your truck to a computer and find out which diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) have been stored. Once they know what to look for, they can perform a visual inspection to verify the problem.

How is a Volvo XC90 transmission replaced?

In order to replace your Volvo XC90 transmission, the truck has to be lifted from the ground in order to gain access to all of the parts that will need to be unbolted. Then the transmission can be lowered to the ground (typically with a transmission jack), so the new transmission can be installed. Once it is in place, for the 6L80, the vehicle PCM will have to be reprogrammed / reflashed to accept the new transmission using the latest GM subscription.

Recommendations for Volvo XC90 transmission issues?

To save time and get back on the road faster, have your 17-digit truck VIN# handy and you can get an online quote for a reman Volvo XC90 transmission here, then find a local shop using our Find a Shop guide to install it for you.

How to Solve Volvo XC90 Transmission Problems

Solution A: Buy a Used Volvo XC90 Transmission

The quickest way to fix your transmission problems is to simply buy a used transmission or used transmission. These can be found at most junk yards, and they often come with a 30-90 day warranty. However, there’s no way to determine the actual condition of the internal components, so you could be spending a bunch of money to have the exact same problems. Plus, that warranty only covers the transmission if it’s defective, not the labor costs that you’ll have to pay.

Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission

Another option would be a rebuilt transmission or rebuilt transmission. A local repair shop will remove your transmission, then install a bunch of new parts during the rebuild. The problem here is, the skills and experience of each transmission rebuilder will vary widely from shop to shop, so you could have problems from something that wasn’t adjusted properly. And the 1-2 year warranty might only cover you at certain transmission repair shops, in a specific geographical area.

Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Volvo XC90 Transmission

Many owners depend on their vehicle to commute and get things done. Their gasoline engines are designed to go 100’s of thousands of miles, so it makes sense to invest in a remanufactured transmission.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

What Problem Does Your Volvo XC90 Have?

Let us know the year, mileage and problem you’re having as well as any trouble (OBD) codes you’ve found. If you’ve been given a quote or paid for a repair, we’d like to hear about that too!

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Craig Williams
3 months ago

Third gear is sticking , have changed transmission fluid and it is a lot better, but now can smell burning smell. Would like to get sorted properly .

8 months ago

Leaking from the CV axles where a gasket goes

8 months ago

It will not go into first and second gear but drives good in third and fourth , once I get up to 40 mph I put it in drive and it drives good

Al Morrison
9 months ago

2011 xc90 2.4 d5 auto, 91,000 miles. Engine revs high and reluctant to change gear. If you lift off throttle it will change up gear but still rev high as if slipping.
Always serviced. No way of checking oil levels, no fault codes showing.

John Baldry
9 months ago

The car is a xc90, 2007 all wheel drive

John Baldry
9 months ago

The car will not engage drive in any gear. Code p0730 is showing. Transmission fluid has just been changed.

11 months ago

No first or second but creeping in first less slip in second third better.

11 months ago

delayed shifts,failure to freewheel especially in high gear,170,000 miles

1 year ago

2005 Volvo XC90 T6, trans slips into 2nd mostly, but recently after driving for a few minutes, it will barely go after stopping at a red light or stop sign and will just rev, won’t engage in gear. I’ll shit it off, then restart it after just a few seconds and it will act normal again, but just for a few minutes, then will slip again, so I’ll shut it off and restart it again, and back to normal again. Normally I would expect a failed transmission to act failed all the time, not act normal for a few minutes after I shut it off and restart it, so this is probably the strangest transmission issue I have ever experienced.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

with an ohm meter on 200 scale,check battery neg post to transmission body while running in gear,value should be 30-40 ohms max

Patrice St germain
1 year ago

No reverse

3 months ago

Same, can this be fixed?

1 year ago

Drive shaft comes out of the transmission on the near side of my volvo xc90 can see some oil leaking underneath

Sutton Adeshina
1 year ago

My car is jacking and tripping off

1 year ago

I have a 2010 xc90 121,loo miles…tranny buckles when going from 20 to 30 miles then goes away in high gear

1 year ago

So my Volvo XC90 has a problem. It’s says brakes adjustments

2 years ago

2006 xc90 v8 150000 miles. tranny works fine when first driven for about 15-20 miles and then when you slow down there is a hard thump when it down shifts. no codes appear but accelerates fine.

2 years ago

XC90 2004 at 158,800 miles; Only owned 6 weeks; “transmission service urgent“ light came off and on last 3 weeks Had it checked, mechanic said nothing wrong. Kept slipping, then died in rush hour.
Quoted 2100 + 1500 labor. I plan to contact Volvo to see if they can help.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ann

Me too 176,000, but ave had all kinds of problems. O2 sensors,timing belt, be sure yours doesn’t break, check engine lite all the time,nothing wrong. I really hate this car more than any other I have owned. I’m 72 so i have owned many.

2 years ago

It shakes when I have to stop at a light… and it also has a problem shifting into 2nd gear… still runs good… also computer says trans needs to be serviced

2 years ago

I have volcano xc 90 2006 I have a problem. The Transmis has stayed in 3 speeds of a car but the engine running is bad. the mistake of a wider car works ok and the shackle speed but after some time again the same happens .. computer transmissions did not
what could be

3 years ago

We have a Volvo XC90 2004 and last night start to shaking according with my son, after he come home I just decided no move the car one more feet. Now your page is unbelievable helpful I goes to several pages last night and the only thing that I has as a result was a big argument with my wife. Reading your page I’m not 100% sure but I got bad feeling, ATF is black witch is no good but something that gives me a little bit of hope is that is not DTC or check engine light, no messages in control center.

3 years ago

2002 pontiac grand prix gt 208000 miles still going but rough. First. Normal shifting when cold but a lot of whingeing noise. Secondly after a little warmer 1st to second gear. There is a hesitation going into second gear like a 3 second lag before going into second gear. After that. It hits hard shifts in all gears. P1811 code. Shut off the car and restart it you start all over again
I have never seen anything like this out of all the cars I’ve driven.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Scrap it

3 years ago

Volvo XC90, 2005 plate, 131000 MILES. Gear slipping going up hills & slow take up from 3rd to 4th. I have been told to use you transmission fix 1st. The msg coming up on dash is `Automatic transmission needs service` ??

John Beatty
3 years ago
Reply to  Barrie

Mine the same thing.. they are shit cars

2 years ago
Reply to  John Beatty

agree, my father in law’s 2004 cx90 with less than 65k miles, and transmission failure

2 years ago
Reply to  disappointed

In my humble opinion they are great cars crippled by an under sized transmission. The are a GM 4T65E and are actually a good unit, but the car is heavier than they were designed for. It’s only affected on the T6 6 cylinder models. Overall they are an excellent vehicle.

8 months ago
Reply to  Alex

I have a XC90 2004 T6 with the same GM tranny. 188,000 miles on the engine. i bought for $400. the owner thought the tranny was toast. I t was making loud whirring noises. Would only stay in gear for a little while then it would start slipping. I would have to pull it over let it sit and then drive it again. I could only drive it a good 5 miles. It was used as a work truck towing a trailer full of Gardening equipment . I was told to scrap it. Then videos began to surface about these transmission. They were not properly taken care of and needed fluid changes more often then a normal transmission. People didn’t even realize the filter had to be changed. I gave it a shot drained it and replaced the filter. What came out was site to behold. It was complete filth nasty black crud lined the pan. The filter had these strange webs of crud around it. Shot tons of break clean on everything. Replaced the filter with a new one. topped of the fluids and what do you know. It shift like a brand new car! Im flooring this car everywhere! Drove up steep mountains. No slipping no leaks no error codes. Nothing! Its a damn miracle. $24 of fluid and $13 filter later. The car is brand new. It my new favorite toy.

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