Hummer H2 Transmission Problems & Cost | 4L65E | 6L80

The Hummer H2 was equipped with the 4L65E in most models and the 6L80 in 2008 models. But they aren’t without their problems though, so let’s look at some of the most common Hummer H2 transmission problems, look at cost estimates and figure out what you can do about them.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

Hummer H2 Transmission Models

Hummer H2: 4L65E Transmission
Hummer H2: 6L80 Transmission (2008)

Hummer H2 Transmission Replacement Cost Estimate

Pricing varies by model. To be 100% sure on pricing, have your VIN# handy and use our Get An Estimate feature to look up your transmission by VIN#.

Replacement Hummer H2 Transmission Prices:

TransmissionStreet Smart Transmission
4L60E / 4L65E2100
6L80 / 6L902559

What are the DTC codes related to Hummer H2 transmission problems?

Trouble CodeDescription
P0706Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0711Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0712Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0713Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit High Input
P0714Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent P0715
P0715Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit
P0716Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance 
P0717Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal
P0718Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0719Torque Converter/Brake Switch B Circuit Low
P0720Output Speed Sensor Circuit
P0721Output Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0723Output Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0724 Torque Converter/Brake Switch B Circuit High
P0740Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction
P0741Torque Converter Clutch Circuit
P0742Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck On
P0748Pressure Control Solenoid 'A' Electrical
P0751Shift Solenoid 'A' Performance or Stuck Off
P0752Shift Solenoid 'A' Stuck On
P0753Shift Solenoid 'A' Electrical
P0756Shift Solenoid 'B' Performance or Stuck Off
P0757Shift Solenoid 'B' Stuck On
P0758Shift Solenoid 'B' Electrical
P0776Pressure Control Solenoid 'B' Performance or Stuck Off
P0777Pressure Control Solenoid 'B' Stuck On
P0785Shift/Timing Solenoid
P0796Pressure Control Solenoid 'C' Performance or Stuck off
P0894Transmission Component Slipping
P0965Pressure Control Solenoid “B” Control Circuit Range/Performance
P0966Pressure Control Solenoid “B” Control Circuit Low
P0967Pressure Control Solenoid “B” Control Circuit High
P1860TCC PWM Solenoid Circuit Electrical
P1870Transmission Component Slipping: GM Transmission
P2715Pressure Control Solenoid ‘D’ Stuck On
P2761Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Ctrl Circuit Open

Hummer H2 Transmission Recalls

None Found

Hummer H2 Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

TSB 01-07-30-038D – Poor transmission performance/slipping with P0757 DTC – 4L60E Transmission – 4L65E Transmission – 4L70E Transmission
2003-2007 HUMMER H2 – 2006-2007 HUMMER H3 – 2005-2007 Saab 9-7X
Problem – Drivers may experience the loss of 3rd and 4th gear, erratic shifting, slipping, freewheeling above 30 mph and a P0757 DTC.
Solution – In order to repair this transmission problem, the 2-3 shift valve, 2-3 shuttle valve, and the valve bore will need to be cleaned of any debris. The 2-4 band and/or 3-4 clutches may also need to be inspected and changed.

TSB 08-07-30-027 – No movements when transmission is shifted into Drive or third – 4L60E Transmission – 4L65E Transmission – 4L70E Transmission
1982-2005 GM Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks: 2006-2007 Buick Rainier – 2006 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV & Escalade EXT – 2006 Chevrolet SSR – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Avalanche – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Colorado – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Express – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Silverado Classic – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Silverado – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Suburban – 2006-2008 Chevrolet Tahoe – 2006-2008 Chevrolet TrailBlazer – 2006 GMC Yukon Denali – 2006 GMC Yukon Denali XL – 2006-2008 GMC Canyon – 2006-2008 GMC Envoy – 2006-2008 GMC Savana – 2006-2008 GMC Sierra Classic – 2006-2008 GMC Sierra – 2006-2008 GMC Yukon – 2006-2008 GMC Yukon XL – 2006 Pontiac GTO – 2006-2007 HUMMER H2 – 2006-2008 HUMMER H3 – 2006-2008 Saab 9-7X – with the 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E or 4L70E Automatic Transmission (RPOs MD8, M30, M32, M33 or M70)
Problem – It is possible to experience no movement when the transmission is shifted into Drive or the 3rd gear position. It is possible to experience normal operation when the transmission shifted into second, first or reverse.
Solution – Replace the forward sprag assembly

TSB 06-07-30-007A – Harsh 1-2 shift with P0894 DTC – 4L60E Transmission | 4L65 Transmission | 4L70E Transmission
2006 Cadillac Escalade Models – 2006 Chevrolet Light Duty Trucks – 2006 Chevrolet Express Vans – 2006 GMC Light Duty Trucks – 2006 GMC Savana Vans – 2006 Pontiac GTO – 2006 HUMMER H2, H3 – 2006 Saab 9-7X – with 4L60-E / 4L65-E / 4L70-E (RPOs M30, M32, M70) Automatic Transmission
Problem – Drivers may experience an unusually harsh 1-2 shift with a P0894 DTC
Solution – Replace the TCC enable solenoid and/or wiring harness

TSB 08-07-30-008B – Diagnostic information for P0894 and P1870 DTC – 4L60E Transmission | 4L65 Transmission | 4L70E Transmission
2003-2007 GM Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks – 2003-2007 HUMMER H2 – 2006-2007 HUMMER H3 – 2005-2007 Saab 9-7X – with 4L60-E, 4L65-E or 4L70-E Automatic Transmission (RPOs M30, M32 or M70)
Problem – This relates to drivers who experience unusually harsh 1-2 shifts, along with a P0804 and/or a P1870 DTC.
Solution – It is possible that a leaking TCC solenoid, a torque converter clutch valve or damaged turbine shaft O-ring seal could cause these two diagnostic trouble codes. However, it could also be caused by a failed torque converter.

TSB PIP495F – Flare and/or harsh 2-3 shifts – 6L80 Transmission
2006 – 2009 Cadillac STS-V – 2006 – 2009 Cadillac XLR-V – 2007 – 2009 Cadillac XLR – 2006 – 2009 Chevrolet Corvette – 2008 – 2009 Hummer H2 – 2008 – 2009 Pontiac G8
Problem – Drivers can experience an unusually harsh 2-3 shift or flare. They may also experience an usual delay when shifting from Park, Drive and/or Reverse. The symptoms are more likely to happen in colder climates, however they can still happen at any temperature.
Solution – These 6L80 transmission problems can be caused by a leaking 1-2-3-4 and 3-5-R clutch seal rings. The clutch packs, discs and drums should also be inspected for signs of damage. Many remanufactured 6L80 transmissions come already modified to correct the causes of these problems.

TSB 09-07-30-004J – Slips in Reverse or Third, Delayed Reverse or Drive Engagement, DTC P0776, P2715, P2723, Harsh 2-3 Shifts – 6L80 Transmission | 6L90 Transmission
2006-2009 Cadillac STS-V – 2006-2009 Cadillac XLR – 2006-2009 Cadillac XLR-V – 2007-2008 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT – 2006-2009 Chevrolet Corvette – 2007-2008 Chevrolet Silverado – 2008 Chevrolet Suburban – 2007-2008 GMC Sierra – 2007-2008 GMC Sierra Denali – 2007-2008 GMC Yukon Denali – 2007-2008 GMC Yukon XL Denali – 2008 GMC Yukon XL – 2008-2009 HUMMER H2 – 2008-2009 Pontiac G8
Problem – Vehicles equipped with the 6L80 or 6L90 transmission may slip when Reverse is selected or have no/delayed reverse engagement, harsh shifts from 2-3 / 4-5 or slips while in fifth, and slipping acceleration when passing. Possible DTCs include P0776, P2715 or P2723.
Solution – This transmission problem may be caused by a cracked 1-2-3-4 / 3-5-R clutch housing.

Common Hummer H2 Transmission Problems

Lack of Response
Leaking Fluid
Low Fluid
Burning Smell
Grinding or Shaking
Whining, Clunking or Humming
Refuses to Go Into Gear
Torque Converter Issues
Valve Body Issues
Transmission Noisy in Neutral
Gears Slipping
No 3rd or 4th Gear
No 1st or 2nd Gear
No Reverse
Dragging Clutch
Trouble Codes / Check Engine Light

Can I drive with a transmission problem?

If your Hummer H2 can still make it up and down the road, you might say “It’s fine, I’ll just drive it until I can get it fixed”. But that is not always a good idea, depending on the symptoms. You see, there are a lot of (very expensive) moving parts inside of a transmission, and if something isn’t right, continuing to drive with a transmission problem could damage something else.

How often does a Hummer H2 transmission need to be replaced?

The overall lifespan of a Hummer H2 transmission largely depends on how well it was maintained. Factory design flaws also factor into this equation, along with how/how hard you drive. But on average, we’ve seen the Hummer H2 transmission last for between 130,000-180,000 miles. A high quality replacement transmission however, can last considerably longer if all of the factory design flaws have been addressed and the vehicle has been maintained.

How are Hummer H2 transmission issues diagnosed?

It is fairly easy to guesstimate what the root cause of your Hummer H2 transmission problems might be, but you won’t truly know unless you have the right tools and experience. A good mechanic or transmission repair center will be able to connect your truck to a computer and find out which diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) have been stored. Once they know what to look for, they can perform a visual inspection to verify the problem.

How is a Hummer H2 transmission replaced?

In order to replace your Hummer H2 transmission, the truck has to be lifted from the ground in order to gain access to all of the parts that will need to be unbolted. Then the transmission can be lowered to the ground (typically with a transmission jack), so the new transmission can be installed. Once it is in place, for the 6L80, the vehicle PCM will have to be reprogrammed / reflashed to accept the new transmission using the latest GM subscription.

Recommendations for Hummer H2 transmission issues?

To save time and get back on the road faster, have your 17-digit truck VIN# handy and you can get an online quote for a reman Hummer H2 transmission here, then find a local shop using our Find a Shop guide to install it for you.

How to Solve Hummer H2 Transmission Problems

Solution A: Buy a Used Hummer H2 Transmission

The quickest way to fix your transmission problems is to simply buy a used transmission or used transmission. These can be found at most junk yards, and they often come with a 30-90 day warranty. However, there’s no way to determine the actual condition of the internal components, so you could be spending a bunch of money to have the exact same problems. Plus, that warranty only covers the transmission if it’s defective, not the labor costs that you’ll have to pay.

Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Hummer H2 Transmission

Another option would be a rebuilt transmission or rebuilt transmission. A local repair shop will remove your transmission, then install a bunch of new parts during the rebuild. The problem here is, the skills and experience of each transmission rebuilder will vary widely from shop to shop, so you could have problems from something that wasn’t adjusted properly. And the 1-2 year warranty might only cover you at certain transmission repair shops, in a specific geographical area.

Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Hummer H2 Transmission

Many owners depend on their vehicle to commute and get things done. Their gasoline engines are designed to go 100’s of thousands of miles, so it makes sense to invest in a remanufactured transmission.

Need a replacement transmission? Get an estimate for replacement transmissions and local installation. Look up your transmission model by vehicle make and model.

What Transmission Do I Have?

What Problem Does Your Hummer H2 Have?

Let us know the year, mileage and problem you’re having as well as any trouble (OBD) codes you’ve found. If you’ve been given a quote or paid for a repair, we’d like to hear about that too!

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Robert R goelz
4 months ago

Driving down the highway 70 mph all of a sudden no forward movement coasted to the berm and tried all gears and nothing, no forward and no reverse. Engine runs fine. No check engine light, no warning lights at all

6 months ago

No avienta la 3

11 months ago

2003 H2 slipping between 2-3 gears, 175,000 miles

Ricardo Gonzalez
1 year ago

3 rd time rebuilt, had 2 days then 1 week then 2weeks, and transmission totally fails, no shift but park, transmission shop says its high rail pressure and breaks the pump housing and transmission stops working, currently sitting at shop for 3rd time, scratching there heads and wondering what to do, asked if i wanted to order a crate transmission from GM, would be another $1,200.00 for my 2004 H2, with a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty….was rebuilt by aamco 100,000 miles ago, original issue this time, was overspeed code, on i-95, but never left me calling a wrecker like now….

Cliff Bergman
1 year ago

Sorry 2003 H2 be driving and all sudden acts like neutral have to shift into second

11 months ago
Reply to  Cliff Bergman

I’m having this same issue

Cliff Bergman
1 year ago

I’ve gone through 3 trannies Everytime I lose 3&4 have to use second

1 year ago

2008 Hummer H2 with 80,000 miles. Only warning lights are one for exhaust leak and one for airbag check. There are no other codes.

Never had any problem with transmission. Was driving home at interstate speed. Was doing fine till I pulled in the driveway and it quit moving forward or reverse I turned off the engine and restarted it and could engage the transmission and I was able to pull into garage.

The next day started it and drove about 1/8 mile before it quit going forward/reverse. Let it rest for 10 minutes before restarting it. I was able to get most of the way home before it stopped moving forward. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and I was able to position the vehicle both forward and reverse for about 2 shifts before it quit moving. Waited about 10 minutes, restarted the engine and was able to get vehicle in garage with reverse.

Next day, I was attempting to check transmission problem, following the manual instructions, started the car and with brake applied, went through all the gears to heat the fluid up to check level. The cold level check was good. When I started the process, with the brake applied, I could feel the transmission engage each gear. After the second or third attempt going through the gears, all without moving the vehicle, the transmission quit engaging the gears. Haven’t run the vehicle since.

Is this the transmission failure, some accessory part problem, or an electrical problem.

Jon Bittner
1 year ago

I have a 2008 H2 SUV 6.2 with a 6L80 transmission and 63k miles. It shifts fine I don’t have any problems there but when I have the cruise control set running down the highway at 65 and I start pulling a hill it will shift down 3 gears and Runabout 4500 RPMs just to catch up the three or four mile per hour it lost when I started up the hill. I was just wondering if there is a reason it does this. Is the cruise control module bad? It’s not throwing any codes. Is there a programmer or tuner that I can use to help it relax a little bit and not be so aggressive

Last edited 1 year ago by Jon Bittner
2 years ago

My H2 2003 hummer has around 200,000 miles; unfortunately the speed odometer and the cluster of all the gauges don’t work except the rpm gauge. Also, the hummer will drive but it will not shift out in high gear. Please help!!

2 years ago

2003 H2 Drives fine until it gets warm running 55 then more pedal engine revs but slipping. Had it pulled and rebuilt 3x. Bought 1500 bucks worth of stage three internal s from Oregon performance everything I could replace or go extreme with 4th time same thing. High gear throwing a tantrum

2 years ago

My 2005 hummer h2 has a delay shifting into 3rd and delay shifting into 4th.

Charles R Brown
2 years ago

Repeat 3-4 clutch burn out

Charles R Brown
2 years ago

2005 hummer

Charles R Brown
2 years ago

Repeat 3-4 clutches burnt,changed complete transmission and 3-4 clutches burnt again,rebuilt it and within 2 months 3-4 clutches burnt again.What can cause this,i did find the mass air flow sensor bad,will that cause all these problems?

2 years ago

My 2007 SUT H2 lost 2nd and 3rd gear. Is it possible something besides the actual transmission could cause this?

Carl Christian
3 years ago

My hummer h2 2006 is not shifting right

3 years ago

My 06 h2 is having a rattle sound came from transmission fluid pan .just wondering what is that unusual sound?shifting and driving seems alright?

James Brown
4 years ago

I am thinking of buying a h2 2008 with approx 180000mls what are main issues also could someone tell me what is the distance between the back of the front seat to the back door Thanks

Shawn Klaas
4 years ago

My friends h2 won’t go into their gear. Wondering if it’s a fix or replace.

4 years ago

I’ve had my transmission replaced twice from a local shop. They say I have some slack in my driveline but as I’m driving I have a hard shift between 3-4 and it really bothers me. Manually shifting at driving speeds will also cause the hard shift switching between gears. Mostly occurred on the up shift. Should I take this back? Get a new one? I should still be under warranty.

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