Ford 10R80 Transmission: Specs & Updates

About the 10R80 & Common Problems

Ford 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission History

Car makers don’t often collaborate on projects, especially when they’re direct competitors. However, looming government fuel economy and emissions mandates can make strange bedfellows. And so, the Ford 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission was born. It was co-developed with General Motors, although Ford apparently took the engineering lead on the design. The mission was to create a 10 speed transmission that could improve both the fuel efficiency and performance of high-horsepower engines. The resulting Ford 10R80 transmission was advanced enough to handle the power of the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 and Ford F150 Raptor, while improving the efficiency of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. So let’s look at what it has to offer.

Replacement 10R80 Transmission Prices:

** Currently 10R80 units are 2017+ so are dealer-only or salvage yard only.

2017+ 10R80 Applications and Compatibility:

Ford Expedition
Ford F150
Ford Mustang
Ford Ranger
Lincoln Navigator

10R80 Transmission Overview

Like it or not, a CVT transmission is one of the most efficient gearboxes ever invented. Because there are no actual gears, optimal engine speed can be continuously maintained depending on the load. This allows for seamless acceleration under hard throttle, and lower fuel consumption when you’re just cruising. On a traditional geared transmission, a certain amount of energy gets lost every time a gear ratio is changed. This penalizes both fuel economy and performance, because the engine has to climb back to the RPMs it was just at. The Ford 10R80 10-speed transmission is designed to combine the efficiency benefits of a CVT, with the stepped feel of a traditional automatic transmission.

To create this optimal blend of performance and efficiency, the 10R80 transmission has a wide 7.39 gear ratio spread and a low 4.70 first gear for maximum performance off-the-line. Even though this Ford 10 speed automatic transmission has such a wide gear ratio, it has extremely small steps between the gears. This means the engine RPM only drops (approximately) 20% with each shift, which keeps the engine in the ideal RPM range to achieve either peak performance or efficiency (much like a CVT transmission). The Ford 10R80 also has three overdrive gears, which it can downshift from very quickly.

Although you might think this Ford 10 speed transmission would be huge considering the number of gears, it really isn’t. Ingenious packaging allows the 10R80 transmission to fit into roughly the same footprint as a more conventional Ford 6-speed automatic transmission. To make this possible, a special space saving triple-clutch assembly (there are six clutches in total; 2 brake, 4 rotating) is mounted toward the middle of the one-piece aluminum case (there’s also four gearsets in there too). there’s also a slim 260mm 10R80 torque converter mounted inside of the built-in bell housing, and the entire transmission weighs just 230 pounds, because it’s made entirely of aluminum.

Of course, having 10 gear ratios provides the 10R80 transmission controller plenty of options to choose from. But efficient design also contributes to this gearbox’s capability. To that end, and has just four gearsets and six clutches. Just two of those clutches are ever open at any one time to reduce spin loss, and a special internal thermal bypass makes the transmission fluid heat up faster, so additional fuel isn’t burned on cold mornings. Plus, the off-axis main pump can vary the transmission fluid pressure depending on the load, and the second 10R80 transmission pump is powered by electricity for use with stop/start systems.

10R80 Transmission Specs

General – 10-speed automatic with integral turbine clutch torque converter
Application – RWD & 4WD / AWD
Production Began – 2017
Case – 1 piece aluminum with integrated bell housing
Torque Converter – 260 mm with Electronic Controlled Capacity Clutch (10R80 ECCC)
Weight – 230+ lbs (weight varies depending on application)
Fluid Type – Motorcraft ULV ATF
Fluid Capacity – 13 qts

10R80 Transmission Gear Ratios

First – 4.70
Second – 2.99
Third – 2.15
Fourth – 1.80
Fifth – 1.52
Sixth – 1.28
Seventh – 1.00
Eighth – 0.85
Ninth – 0.69
Tenth – 0.64
Reverse – 4.87

10R80 Transmission Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Trouble CodeDescription
P0711Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0741Torque Converter Clutch Circuit

10R80 Transmission Problems & Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 18-2079 – Harsh or delayed shifting and/or P0711 DTC – 10R80 Transmission
Problem – Some owners may experience usually harsh or delayed gear changes. There may also be a P0711 diagnostic trouble code saved in the transmission control module
Solution – The powertrain control module will need to be updated with new software (release 108.04 or higher). Once the update is complete, the adaptive transmission shift strategy program may temporarily cause usually firm upshifts and downshifts while it ”relearns” your driving style.

TSB 18-2160 – Check Engine Light
Problem – Owners may notice and check engine/transmission light illuminated inside the gauge cluster. Further investigation may reveal the following diagnostic trouble codes: P0741, P1744
Solution – This 10R80 transmission problem may be caused by a sticking torque converter clutch valve / 10R80 TCC valve inside the valve body. If this is the case, the main control valve body will have to be replaced.

10R80 Transmission Recalls

Ford 10R80 Transmission Recall – 18V213000 /18S09
The Ford Motor Company had to recall certain 2017-2018 models of the Ford Expedition, Ford F-150, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator that were equipped with the 10R80 10 speed transmission. It seems that a roll pin may not have been properly installed inside the transmission. This can lead to a loss of the Park function, resulting in possible injury or property damage.
Even though the transmission shift lever may have been placed in the ‘Park’ position, the vehicle may roll away if the parking brake is not been set.
In order to fix this rather serious 10R80 transmission problem, Ford dealers will inspect the transmission to determine if the roll pin is missing. Should one be needed, it will be installed free of charge. Ford began notifying owners in April 2018. Owners can contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332, referring to the Ford recall 18S09. Or they can contact the national Highway traffic safety administration at 1-888-327-4236, referring to recall 18V213000.

Used 10R80 vs. Rebuilt vs. Remanufactured

If you’re having problems with your 10R80 you’re going to want the most economical solution.

A rebuilt 10R80 will only have a certain number of components that get replaced. So the service life is limited, and the warranty will only last 1-2 years.

A used 10R80 is pulled from a wrecked vehicle, so there’s no telling what may be wrong with it, or how long it will last.

A remanufactured 10R80 on the other hand, is completely remanufactured, and it’s designed to exceed the manufacturer’s original specifications. That way you get a longer service life, along with a 3-year/Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty.’

Watch the Remanufacturing Process

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kevin collins
1 year ago

1 have a 2018 f150 3.5 eco lariat, should one go to a b&m deeper pan is there any truth to it helping anything? also i have heard not to follow fords recommended service intervals on the tranny and other liquids, whats everyone’s thought thanks

1 year ago

Got a 2018 F150 2.7 L with 10 speed. Half the time the trans skips gears upshifting anyway so what’s the point of a 10 speed again?? Anytime you add more gear ratios you add more complexity and risk more issues. Cramming everything into the same similar size as the six speed case means your doing something to fit those extra gear ratios in. Its silly to think these Ecoboost engines need such tight gear ratios to begin with?? Those engines produce a decent enough power band that you really don’t need a 10 speed. I think my F150 performs fine, I just would never keep one for a lot of miles. One your asking a smaller turbo engine to output a lot of power, and two the ten speed trans adds some longevity questions and reliability issues down the road. All for a slightly better EPA MPG rating?

11 months ago
Reply to  JohnIL

One the reliability of ecoboost has impeccable history. Small boost on a 3.5 or 2.7 l = good horsepower gains and small twin turbos spools quickly and generates less heat. Manufactured turbos today are made with ball bearings rather than just brass busshing and the addition of water cooling the turbos besides oil helps oil service life to be longer, air charge is cooler equating more power gains, engine also runs cooler, small turbos with ball bearings spin up faster = less turbo lag.

Transmission is compact and strong due to it is using cvt technology. Read up on it. It is similar to a snowmobile clutch system but it is electronically controlled. The transmission. Has a few of these to perform 10 gears but essentially it has a few metal belts inside. It sounds scary cause it is different but reality is this is proven technology. This transmission was the result of GMC and Ford working together to develope it. The total weight is 230lbs. It is why it is compact. It is nothing lime the older six speed trans.

You can trust the reliability. Skipping gears is the same as a semi driver when he is unloaded he will skip gears too. Its about optimal gear for the load to have good power for what the drive train is being demanded for. As well optimal gear for fuel economy.

You had a good question but do not need to fear what has been created. Enjoy your ford truck and trust the engineers who built this wonderful technology and made it available to the consumer.

beau betbeze
2 years ago

My 2018 f150 lariat with 9000 miles on it.Had the valve body replaced under warranty by the dealer,2 months later the trans.blew up on me at 75 mph in texas.Had it towed back to La. which the dealer will for.They told me Ford would rebuild it but keep the original housing.The temperature gauge showed 299 degrees after it fluid cloud out twice.That was as high as the gauge went.I think the lemp went way higher and I wonder if the housing was damaged by the heat.Should I let them just rebuild it?

2 years ago

Hello. I roadcourse my car. And after i lost my trans at 7k with all the clutches seared i was able to replace it under warranty.
Also installed a bigger trans cooler. I thinknthe bigger issue for those trans is the body valve that opens at 190f. I think is too late. Especially with a ultra low viscosity fluid. At 235f (normal temp for many other trans) trasmission had huge hesitation and missing gears. The fluid won’t worknwell at that temp. Is there anyway to bypass the bodyvalve to have direct and constant fluid pass to the cooler ? Thanks. Alex

2 years ago

So my 18 F150 platinum 3.5l EcoBoost just now stopped on me going to work,pulled out the drive way and heard and felt a hard shift looked at the cluster and it appeared that it didn’t want to shift out of 3rd anyhow it did about 1/4 mile down the road I had to come to a stop then to pull into traffic then boom it hit 3rd loud bang the trk shuddered and a big wrench sign came up on my cluster so I limped of the side of the road I couldn’t go past 3rd or more than 6mph so I limped it back home flat bed it to dealership 2days later they call me back and said they waiting on instructions from ford because the clutch was stuck???? I only have 26000 miles on the trk what gives..

2 years ago
Reply to  Kris

I have a 18 mustang gt with 39k miles and what sounds like the same trouble i shifts to 3rd gear and stalls but if you let it run for a min it will then shift from 2nd to 8th gear but will not go to 3rd. What did the dealer say about your truck?

John IL
2 years ago

I’ve leased a 2018 F150 4×4 and am impressed with the truck except for the transmission. I actually think 10 speeds are way over kill, because many times I find the trans skips gears up-shifting anyway. So what’s the point of so many gear ratios? I will give the trans credit for good shifts up and down much of the time. Although some clunking happens at lower speeds, which seem to be a trait of this trans. It will take some time to see how these trans hold up long term with poor service and all the electronics.

2 years ago
Reply to  John IL


Jeffrey Robertson
2 years ago

$$$$ How much are we talking about here? Makes me appreciate my low tech 4R70W.

Guy Manfredini
1 year ago

4R70W’s are wet trash. 6R80’s are awesome. Just the right amount of technology and good gear ratios.

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