GMC Acadia Transmission Problems

Designed to be a more fuel efficient alternative to the traditional full size SUV, the GMC Acadia was introduced for the 2007 model year, and rode on the new FWD Lambda platform. All-wheel drive and a selection of V6 engines were available, making it a viable option for people that wanted fullsize capability and reasonable fuel economy. To that end, first gen versions of this upscale 3 row crossover were fitted with the 6 speed 6T75 transmission. Let’s look at some of the most common GMC Acadia transmission problems.

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What Transmission Do I Have?

GMC Acadia Recalls

2014 Acadia – 14V092000 / 14048


According to the recall, the Acadia’s transmission shift lever may become detached from the transmission shift cable adjuster. If this happens, the shifter won’t work properly, and the gear indicator won’t be able to display the gear that’s actually selected.


Should the shifter become detached while the truck is being driven, the driver won’t be able to select Park, even though the shifter is in the correct position. This can lead to an unintended rollaway, resulting in serious property damage and/or injury.


This recall began on April 10, 2014, and GMC dealers were instructed to inspect and replace any affected transmission shift cable adjusters, free of charge. Owners can contact GMC at 1-800-462-8782, referring to recall # 14048. Or they can call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236

2009 Acadia – 09V073000 / 09041


On some 2009 Acadia’s, the shift cable adjustment clip may come loose, causing the gear indicator to display the wrong gear.


If this problem occurs, the driver could remove the ignition key and exit the vehicle thinking the vehicle is in Park, even though it isn’t. This can lead to a rollaway, which can cause injury and/or property damage. A lesser consequence would be the inability to start the vehicle because the vehicle is not in Park.


This recall began on March 24, 2009, and GMC dealers were instructed to inspect and replace any affected transmission shift cable adjustment clips, free of charge. Owners can contact GMC at 1-800-462-8782, referring to recall # 09041. Or they can call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236

Acadia Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

2013 Acadia – TSB 13120A


The torque converter clutch solenoid can stick due to debris in the transmission. When the vehicle is at the end of a coast-down, as the vehicle is coming to a stop, a stuck solenoid will fail to release the torque converter clutch. This keeps the engine directly connected to the driven wheels. As the vehicle stops, the engine speed will be pulled down below normal idle speed and the engine may stall. The vehicle can be immediately restarted and driven


The transmission control module will have to be reprogrammed in order to correct the problem.

2007 Acadia – TSB 09-07-30-012B


Owners may experience a Check Engine/SES light along with no reverse and/or a slip / flare or harsh shifts in 3rd and/or 5th gear. This condition may be caused by a broken 3-5-R clutch wave plate, allowing the apply piston to over- stroke, causing the piston to leak and causing loss of gear application. This normally will not occur before approximately 32,000 km (20,000 mi). Debris generated by the condition can affect the operation of the speed sensors and other clutches.


A new 35R clutch wave plate will need to be installed.

2009 Acadia – TSB PIP4668


Symptoms associated with this service bulletin include:

  1. Hesitation when accelerating during a right hand turn around 15 mph.
    2. Hesitation/delay/harsh shift around 40 mph during 5-3-2 shift.
    3. Low speed hesitation during a 2-3 shift on light acceleration after launch.
    4. Cruise control busyness around 50 mph and/or poor shift feel.
    5 .Delayed up-shift after a forced throttle downshift after returning to normal throttle.
    6. Nonlinear deceleration feel and/or tachometer swing on 5-4 coast-down shift as a result of entering and exiting Decel Fuel Cut Off (DFCO)


The transmission control module will have to be reprogrammed in order to correct these problems.

Fair Replacement Transmission Cost by Vehicle

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Fair Remanufactured Transmission Price Ranges by Transmission Model Updated for 2019

transmission repair cost
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How to Diagnose & Fix

  1. Check the OBD Codes
  2. Check the fluid level
  3. Test transmission pressure
  4. Drop the transmission pan
  5. Repair, replace or rebuild

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I have a 2015 GMC Acadia and I have 80,0000 miles and is still under warranty. The transmission doesn’t seem to be shifting right between 2nd and 3rd gear. The car feels like it is down shifting between 20-25 mph. Sometimes the jerking feeling is so harsh it almost feels like being rear ended. The dealership garage doesn’t seem to know what the issue is. I have taken it to them four times in 2 weeks and they still can’t seem to figure it out. This last time they kept the car for 3 days. They wanted to keep it longer but I need my transportation and they didn’t want to give me a loaner. We finally worked it out that I could get a loaner In a couple days. Still doesn’t make me happy. My warranty will be up soon and they have no clue what’s wrong with the car. I called GMC and they aren’t very helpful At all. I wish I didn’t have two more years to pay on this peace of junk. I will definitely trade it soon and I will stay far away from gmc vehicles. Mainly because I feel like They really don’t care. I called the GMC customer care and they opened a case however they won’t call me back. I’ve left massages, I’ve called them and I get nowhere. It’s horrible customer service. The dealership garage already had me irritated and gmc costumer care seems to be worse. This time I will search the reviews before we make another purchase.

Mike Whitacre

Just bought a 2012 Acadia at 102,000 miles. Several problems, timing chain had just been replaced, Power steering fluid leaked out through the cooler, the antenna was bad. and I noticed a surging when the vehicle started uphill. The surging is validated by the tachometer. It stops surging when it shifts to a lower gear. It also seems to be intermittent at lease when the dealer representative took it for a test drive.
I started researching the Acadia, like I should have before I bought this nightmare. I had a relative that had good service from an Acadia that they had only a short time. I now know I would not have bought his vehicle. I feel like an idiot. but I’ll just have to figure out what to do from here. I was told by a GM service center that the Torque converter is the fix is $2000. I can only hope that is the fix so I can get this vehicle traded off. Any suggestions?


I bought used gmc acadia, I send it to my country only to go for mid year leave , as I was travelling for a 30 minute drive I found out that the car movement is not normal, I managed to go and come back, after packing the car I come later to repack, as I put to reverse gear the car could not move, please what is the cause?

Joe Shelton

I purchased a 2009 Acadia SLT on 1-5-18. It came with a new transmission with a year warranty. On 1-6/18 I was turning left and had the tranny slip. Called the dealer and has told to contact the place that installed the new transmission. They have replaced the transmission 4 times in 108 days. They have had it 35 days. I just went on a road trip of 600 miles and you guessed it the transmission wants to shift in and out when it is going up a grade. When will my nightmare end? I know when I get rid of this car! Can’t afford to keep it and can’t afford to replace it. GM should have to make these right!

clarence collins

if the engine nat warm the check engine light come on after it get warm aou can hand shift it


I bought a 2009 GMC Acadia on 7/11/13 w/79,000 miles on it, from a reputable dealership, supposedly. I have had it in the shop 5 times since I bought it. Cruise control went out, Catalytic converter replaced, timing chains replaced, battery replaced, motor mount replaced, and now the transmission needs replacing. I was told it had a 5yr/100,000 mile Powertrain warranty on it, but then on 10/16/13, I was told that expired on 7/29/13, because the car was sold in July 2008. Prior to buying an Acadia, I read where there were many problems with the 2007 & 2008 transmissions and that new transmissions were installed in Acadias in 2010. How can I prove if this is true? And how much should a transmission replacement cost?


I bought a 2009 Acadia in March 2017 at 108k miles and have had almost the same exact list of items replaced… cruise control switch, battery, alternator, almost every coil pack, timing chains (within 24 hours of purchasing), one of the internal computer modules, and it presently needs a new catalytic converter and has transmission slipping, which means I need to figure out how to get rid of this thing, but I don’t want to sell it privately, and don’t want to go back to the dealer I bought it from because they just yanked me around on the transmission issues until my warranty expired.