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Margarita Silva
1 month ago

My car jerks while I’m driving kind of feels like it’s skipping and I can push my foot all the way down on the pedal and it takes time to pick up speed I have no check engine light

©Uhhp For real
1 month ago

Got to be a name for

Craig T
1 month ago

PO740 code on 2014 Maxima, your guide to find out hat transmission you have does not list Maxima in the menu, how come?

1 month ago

Hello, I own a 2005 v8 4.7 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 545rfe transmission At home I have a 45rfe transmission which is in my garage do you think I could install the 45rfe in my Grand Cherokee ??

Michael Congdon
2 months ago

Do to my problem with it jumping out of gear while in drive now has no Rever gear cause of it falling out of gear ! To me it seems like the gear shifter selecter is out of adjustment or the cable or gear shifter linkage is out of adjust due to that problem I’ve been experiencing !

Michael Congdon
2 months ago

My 2005; Eddie Bowers 4.0 lieter transmission jumps out of gear while in drive and then starts slipping until I put it back in to gear

2 months ago

I recently purchased a use 2008 Mazda 3 and there’s a issue. The previous owner had told me about it have issues n needed the shift solenoid C replace check the prices the price of the car and the price of the solenoid I figured the cost of the car with cost to repair it couldn’t be beat so I bought the car. Now after re Placing the solenoid I’m still have issues but a bit worse… before replacing the solenoid it would lock in second/third gear the AT light would come on and so would the check engine. Switching to manual did no good after the indicator lights came on but other than not shifting no other problems seem to be an issue….BUT AFTER changing the shift solenoid c now it seems to have made the problem worse… the AT light seems comes on just minutes after putting the in gear and accelerating.. I point out the fact accelerating because now the car does not want to catch gear when you start your car and put it into gear and or come to a complete stop like for example at a red light or stop sign or drop your speed below about 20 miles an hour.. if you feather the pedal or rev the engine to 3+ rpms a few times consecutively it will or should I say has been catching/ going into gear so you can drive down the road. What could be the cause?? I can’t keep throwing money into what might be the problem so I started a chart and asking professionals like you to give their best opinion and after I get a response from a set number ill then feel I have a good starting point to fixing my problem.. being on a fixed income I can’t just tow or drive my car to a shop or dealer And have it fixed so I figured this is the best route to go. Thank you

Mario E Meneses
2 months ago

I’m looking for a transmission transmission part on a 2011 f450, here it is .

Part# ht 10100528

royce reid
4 months ago

Have an Infiniti 2008 FX45. I believe the transmission cooling line through the radiator failed.
RE5R05A is the transmission I believe.

Stephanie Bradley
4 months ago

You don’t have my vehicle model in the drop down boxes for estimates. I can do year and make but then I can’t even do the engine cause it won’t let me until I put the model in and I can’t cause it isn’t there. I did find what transmission number you do have for my model, it’s a 06 Ford FREESTYLE and it’s all wheel drive CVT transmission and your info for trans number/model is CFT30. I’m checking and doing some price comparisons so I can figure out the best but cheapest option,…(I actually want to know all my options) She has 227,941 miles but other than that she’s in top condition. I’ve been noticing more noises lately but discovered that it’s likely the transmission when she started to rev instead of shift…(was mainly when in cruise control) then noticed if I try to accelerate too fast she won’t shift and usually either way I had to pull over and shut her off to “reset/clear” her. Then it would be like it never happened then I started to notice the first sound…it sounded like a small engine plane off in the distance at first. Now it’s a louder and closer and not so much a small plane sound and it comes from the rear area and sound worse when turning and up hills. The transmission mechanic I talked said he would just save me the money and told me don’t bother to pay the cost of getting a look and told me it was my transmission failing. So there you have it. I’d like to keep her even with the high milage cause she’s actually one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned. But if it’s not financially feasible then I’d like all my options before she completely fails. Thanks

5 months ago

Your site contradicts itself. At first in my research it said the 4t65e came out in 2007. When i dug further it said my “02” grand prix has the same transmission. Also, i haven’t found any mention of the difference of internal or external check valves the transmission has been changed between around 2003 and 2005ish. Just saying.

Al Bleyenberg
7 months ago

what 5 speed would be in my 88 IROC Camaro.

Jason Gill
8 months ago

Hello was looking at the prices for your transmissions. Was wondering if u shipped to Alaska. I would be installing it myself, also with a self install how dose the warranty work. Thank you

Eduardo Rodriguez
9 months ago

Hello I have 2015 silverado 1500 4×4
Vin #3GCUKREC7FG351401
I got shift selenoid C stuck
Yes wondering if can sale me the selenoid it self w the service filter kit 402 905 6270

Screenshot_20210112-180420_Diagzone PRO.jpg
9 months ago

Feels like mergency brake is on

10 months ago

Lost overdrive after replacement of an oil cooler line fluid was topped off before driving and checked everytime while fueling up. When I press the O/D Off switch, the light comes on, Rpm then drops by 50.
97 Dodge Ram 2500 RWD diesel with 47re transmission

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