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Hi im new to this but i need help i have a 2004 chevy tahoe it starts right up and will move for a short period then it wont go forward or reverse please help


while snowplowing = blew automatic transmission F350 super duty 7.3 diesel power xmission dump truck w/ 8ft western plow Ballast 1 1/2 yard shale dirt. Then engine shut down and will not restart. Dipstick shows full oil. Xmission dark blackish red and evil burnt smell blowing all over driveway. Ford is 2000 year with approx 256,000 miles. transmission replacement help== why engine won’t restart? overheated and ??? estimate for xmission replacement and what xmission to buy. estimate labor charge. Other items to be replaced with replaced xmission. HELP!! gasp=gurgle. Am vetern Eau Claire Wisconsin so any recommendation on dealer or repair shop?? Appreciate your input


Is your estimated prices in Canadian or American dollars?

Jackie B.

I have a Buick Verano 2015 and the transmission does not work properly. From what I have read on some forums, I am not the only one.

Each time that I meet a Verano owner, they all admit to experience the same problems but they say they got used to it. As far as I am concerned, I want to find a solution.

My dealer knows about this but they say everything is normal.

If ever someone has more information about this issue, I would appreciate. Thanks.


I have a 2004Nissan frontier 4cyl.
5 speed manual transmission
Runs fine . The shifter seems to shift fine but it won’t actually go into any gear. I replaced clutch master cylinder as well as slave cylinder bleed it correctly but still will not move . Nothing was wrong with it i.e. grinding noise, loose clutch it drove great. Loaned it to a lady friend and this was the result she said it stopped at a stop sign and just wouldn’t go anymore. All greatly appreciated as I am a disabled vet with very little funds. .


2012 Chrysler 200 touring 3.6. It started while I was on highway going 70 my car popped out of gear and the RPMs are in red and I couldnt speed up because then I would go higher into the red. Sometimes it pops back into gear or it will just take forever and eventually pop back in. Or I could shut my car off and then it might go back in gear. Check engine light is on ran a code P06DD and later P0729. It got worse So we took it to the dealership they also ran a diagnostic but it only pulled code P0729 and they said that they would have to pull apart the transmission to see exactly what is wrong with the transmission. Could be the valve body or torque converter could be bad as well.
So took my vehicle to a local shop and we purchased a transmission from Southwest transmission and the shop installed and it didn’t work. Tan test pulled code P0731. Southwest transmission said they warranty parts and labor so we finally got them to send another transmission out the shop installed that and it also did not work. Ran test pulled codes P0731 and P1790. We were having a hard time with Southwest transmission and they kept sending faulty transmissions they also have bad reviews of the same issues we had but what are the odds that two other transmissions were bad….or could the shop not be doing something right?
So I guess my question is can you help me? Not sure what I should do. if I replace my transmission is it going to take care of my problem or could it be something simple like computer or something. If I should replace the transmission and it would take care of the situation where can I find a reputable company to refurbish, maybe rebuild my transmission that is very reasonable in price? Someone also said that they think it’s not the transmission that it could possibly be the transmission computer. Could that be the issue? I don’t know much about cars but I would think that something like this has happened that’s kind of common in the Chrysler 200 it’s weird that I can’t really find much on my year of this issue but I just don’t know what to do what route to go that’s reasonable. Any advice will help. Thanks


I have a 2008 Dodge ram 3500 standard six speeD from 1st to 2nd it kind of makes Noise could that Be maybe a coach taught burn


I have a 2008 Dodge ram 3500 Dooley standard it makes noise from 1st to 2nd but it kind of feels like the clutch may be What should I do the in the first two girls in the second He just kind of makes a grinding noise but still has powers I guess a first from second He does have the six peas are usually start off in a second would change of fluid Problem fixed please let me know

sola sola

i need transmission for 2009 buick enclave


Hey. I have a Struker 383 engine with 470 horsepower. I want to buy transmission. 4-speed transmission to hold my engine. What you recommend me buy from you. 700r4. Or 4l80. Sharon


Does a remanufactered transmission include selenium switches

Tom Coverdale

I need a transmission for a 1994 Ford 60 fuel injected motorhome and e4od contact me


I need a transmission for a ford transit connect manufactre date of 12/10 please call me Paul