XTreme Performance XP1 Smart Parts Reviews | Transmission Supplier Profile

Smarts Parts Auto / Xtreme Performance Transmissions – Farmington, Minnesota

Online transmission, engine and transfer case supplier located in Minnesota.

Year Established: 2004 (from BBB)

Website(s): “Xtreme Performance Transmissions XP1”  / www.smartpartsauto.com / www.spprecision.com / “Xtreme Performance Automotive” / “Smart Parts Auto”

Management: Dillon Saxhaug (per BBB)

Summary: The Smart Parts Auto / XP Performance Transmissions address previously listed on the Better Business Bureau website (Enright Way Farmington, MN 55024) is a home on a residential street in a residential neighborhood, which as of July 2019 lists a PO Box address.


Review links and references from other websites:

Casetext.com– Ref:  “Relator Smart Parts Automotive, Inc., is an auto-parts distribution company, owned by Dillon Saxhaug, and operated from Saxhaug’s home.”

Better Business Bureau

Note: There is also another company called “Xtreme Performance Transmissions” in Lomita, California. This company is not associated with the above company in Minnesota.

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Dave Crews

I bought a Jeep transmission for a customer from these guys because they were running a sale. My card was billed immediately but took 3 weeks to receive transmission. When I called customer service to inquire, the guy was very abrasive and impatient with me. I will never use again.

Joshua arcioni

While searching for a replacement shortblock for my 5.0 i came across XP. Seems like good prices people should be buying these engines up like crazy. But no reviews online? Everything deleted on facebook page. Ummmmm no thanks.This has led me to other websites that seem legit. Trust your gut, shop around and dont fall for the ON SALE tactics this shady company uses.

Adam Jones

No reviews for these guys anywhere but here. They have 2 reviews on their website and even they are hidden. Comments on their Facebook page have all been deleted except 1 which is one of the 2 reviews on their website. The fact that they used a Residential address before and now use a PO Box sounds similar to shady tactics that were being used by motor companies a while back. I’ll pay the extra money rather than risk getting scammed by these guys.

David Venes

The WORST decision I could have made to get a complete long block 4.3 roller Chevy motor from this company!! Dose not stand by warranty . The front seal needed to be replaced in the 1st 500 miles. Rear seal now leaking with 4500 miles. The top end sounds like a clapped out 300,000 mile motor but only has 4700 miles on it !!! I will NEVER do business with an out of state Crate motor company again !!
Replacing the motor I recieved from Extreme Performance Auto with only 4837 miles TOTAL JUNK !!

Brandon torres

I was doing research on this company and I couldn’t find amy reviews or address

Jon doe

No wonder these motors are on sale, thank you for writing a review, I couldn’t find any good reviews on these guys either

Darin Shaw

is this affilated with XP performance transmissions