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Management: Alfred Talyansky (per State of Wisconsin)

BBB Rating: F (Per BBB Website)

Notice from Better Business Bureau

“BBB is continuing to receive reports about a company that has been on BBB’s radar since 2015 and has been the subject of multiple recent investigations. Quality Used Transmissions, a company that falsely claims to operate in Grand Rapids, MI, at 2525 East Paris Avenue, SE, Suite 100, appears to be part of a multi-state auto parts business that has generated hundreds of BBB complaints and negative reviews nationwide. One complaint in particular even led to a Wisconsin lawsuit and criminal complaint being filed against the suspected fraudulent company in 2017.

Past investigations have revealed that Quality Used Transmissions also operates under at least 10 other names spanning several states, such as Auto Recycling, Engine & Transmission World, Southwest Engines, and possibly Got Engines, Midwest Auto Recycling LLC, Quality Used Engines, Remanns, Remanns Premium Engines, Remanns Premium Used Engines, and many more.”

Online engine seller facing legal action, operates under 10+ names



Notice from Fox 6 News

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Grand Rapids, MI (July 28, 2017) — Earlier this week, the State of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit and criminal complaint following several years of investigation against Engine Shopper LLC and its affiliates, several online companies that sell used auto engines and transmissions. Engine Shopper operates under at least 10 different unique names and web addresses including Auto Recycling, Engine & Transmission World, SW Engines and Quality Used Transmissions, and has virtual offices spanning across Michigan, Wisconsin, Eastern Missouri and Oklahoma.

Quality Used Transmissions (formerly known as Quality Used Engines) has an office in Grand Rapids listed at 2525 E. Paris Ave SE. However, building management of this address told the BBB in 2015 that Quality Used Transmissions had never been a tenant. BBB contacted the company asking for their true physical location, but never received a response to the request.

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Video – 41 Action News

Better Business Bureau

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Remans used engines was my worst experience, they are a “little” nice while you are buying, but after…… they are really bad and nasty for the warranty, they do not care at all, I called them so many times and left messages, I talked to the manager and other guy and both hanged up on me. Disaster!!! Think 1000000 times before buying in Remans