Will go into gear but won't move

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    I can hear it go into gear but won’t move someone told me it might be my spindle I also looked it up and people said it was the flywheel/clutch. I didn’t get to put it up on a lift yet or have someone that has experience with it this stuff yet so I was just wondering what ppl think it might be. It’s a 2002 honda accord F23 with 253xxx on it, it’s my dads company car so the quicker the better. Thank you

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    Please advise me about the failure on my ford f 150 automatic transmission,It all started after driving for about two hours and parked for almost ten hours and I later decided to use the vehicle, it starts and move only in reverse but doesn’t move in drive,2 and 1 when shifted it doesn’t move in any foward gear,please help me out of this problem.



    For a manual transmission, this problem is most likely related to a worn (out) clutch. Try putting the car in a higher gear, like 3rd, then slowly release the clutch. If the clutch is working, the engine will stall. If the engine is still running after you release the clutch, then you’ve found the problem.

    For the automatic transmission, the most likely culprit is the valve body. This complex part uses a series of chambers, valves, and springs to direct the flow of pressurized transmission fluid which engages the gears. If the transmission goes into gear, but the vehicle won’t move, there’s probably not enough hydraulic pressure in the valve body to engage the forward gears.


    Hi I have a 95 Honda accord that will not move. Everytime I go to start it and put it in gear to drive or go in reverse it goes for a few seconds and then just stops and won’t go anymore. All fluids have been changed and everything. I’m thinking of selling it but I would like to fix it if I can. Wht do I need to do to fix it. It moves for a bit and then just stops and won’t go anymore monster wht gear I put it in.



    I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra – 2 wheels automatic, V6 with 3.4 engine. It starts and shifts to gear (at least I think it does – it sifts from drive, reverse, neutral and park) but it doesn’t move. It doesn’t move on drive nor on reverse. It seems to engage neutral whereby it can be towed – pulled.

    I was driving on the Turnpike and it just stopped accelerating. When I pressed the gas, it revved, but there was no force.

    Can you please guide me as to what the problem might be?

    Thank you very much!!


    I have the same problem call me 6313753151 n let me know what it is please



    Let me put my 2-cents in, okay? Here’s a suggestion, look at the the engine control computer (ECU) first. If it has failed, it might force your engine to shutdown. Though I doubt it is honestly the central problem, it still is an area where you can start.

    More importantly, get your vehicle over to a good independent shop with an updated set of error codes for your particular brand and ask them to run an OBD-II diagnostic. The readout should tell you the areas of failure in your engine or why it isn’t workng properly.

    Once you have the listing you can then figure out how you want to proceed.

    Just earballing it by reading your questions and comments, I’d say that the problem lies somewhere in the front end of the transmission, perhaps the torque converter or a related part. If the converter fails, then your vehicle won’t go or if it moves, it won’t move very far. If you are lucky then your vehicle goes into limp-home mode; you get one gear forward and perhaps reverse so that you can limp home or to the service area. However, since your vehicles aren’t moving, I’d suggest that the converter may be shot.

    One other idea is that, as the ECU can fail, so can the transmission control unit (TCU) or the sensors used to feed information to the TCU or ECU. If any one of them or several of them have failed, then your vehicle won’t move, either.

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