Truck started knocking then clutch quit working

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    Clutch on my 93 chevy c1500 4.3 6cyl seemed to be slipping never smelled typical burning smell.Then all of a sudden engine starts knocking and dies.rolling down street with clutch pedal all the way out in 1st gear engine still dead and no drag from tranny. Start the engine put it in gear with the emergency brake on let clutch out engine still running knocking but not trying to move

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    I’d bet my money on a fried clutch plate and toasted throw-out bearing. You said the clutch “seemed to be slipping” which is a telltale of a clutch plate that is about to fail. The same is true of a throw-out bearing that is on its last legs.

    When they both fail, then your vehicle will sit there when you try to restart and it won’t move.

    If you want to keep the the ’93 on the road — it is now 24 years old and getting up there — then I would suggest replacing the clutch plate and the throw-out bearing and it should solve your problem. And, the reason the truck started knocking is sensors like the knock sensor were being overwhelmed because the Engine Control Module (ECM) couldn’t interpret all of the signals it was receiving.

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