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    Good evening I hAve a 2008 BMW x5 4.8 my tranny went out so I had a used one installed at 125,000 miles total cost with labor was 3500.mechanic said all went well but couldn’t get the transmission programed so mechanic had it towed to BMW to program it and they couldn’t do it so they recommend me to a mechanic that could and he’s telling me that there is a computer inside the tranny and that it can only be programed once in order to get it done it would have to be replaced and he’s days the cost of opening it up and replacing it will be 3500. I just wanna make sure I’m not being duped…

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    What you are hearing is very much the truth. When a transmission is pulled out of a vehicle, unless it was done by the manufacturer, then, the transmission still believes it is in the original vehicle.

    Now, I don’t know why the BMW dealership didn’t have the reset codes. However, it is possible your BMW wasn’t serviced by the dealership or wasn’t sold to you by them, they may not have had much incentive to reprogram yours.

    It also is pretty indicative that this might be the case because they sent you to a technician who was said to know how to unlock the transmission but it turns out that he couldn’t do it.

    Now, I don’t think the dealership will ever tell you that this is actually the case — it wouldn’t do their reputation or business much good if they let you know this was the case.

    Unfortunately, you are in the middle here and, unless you want to drive your BMW again, then I think you don’t have much choice in what you have to do.

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