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    A few months ago the wrench indicator has been coming up on the dashboard computer of my 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. It can be cleared by pushing reset button but recently it’s been coming back on pretty regularly. I took it into a family owned garage and they quoted me a price of $3300 to get the transmission replaced with a re manufactured one. Is that a good price or not? There are 135K miles on my car. I am not aware of any other problems with the car at this time.

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    The Eddie Bauer is a nice SUV and if you are thinking of keeping yours on the road, then I’d recommend looking into the remanufactured tranny.

    Actually, whenever a shop drops in a “new” transmission, it is actually remanufactured. The reason is simple, new transmissions — absolutely new ones with no miles on them — are very hard to come by as they are used primarily on new cars and trucks.

    And, if they are available, the unused transmission — a better word for it — is likely to cost considerably more than a remanufactured device. On average, you will find the unused transmission will cost between $4,500 and $6,500, depending on the automaker or transmission manufacturer. The reason for this cost differential is that unused transmissions cost more because they are unused. Yes, it does sound like a cop-out, but it really isn’t. It’s simply because the transmission, which should have gone into a new vehicle, has been diverted from the supply stream and is now heading into the aftermarket. That ususally does not happen and if it does — no one says you can’t obtain an unused transmission for your Eddie Bauer — there’s a premium for the unused unit. It’s plain marketing, that’s all.

    As to your question of cost, $3,300 is pretty average for a remanufactured unit. By the way, they are essentially new internally as they have been “remanufactured,” so you are really getting a “new” unit, anyway, as all the internal parts are new.

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