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    I have a 98 ford escort and no gear works except park. (car is auto). transmission shop said its no good because they seen pieces of metal. is there anyway possible those pieces of metal is from my cv axles braking? transmission fluid looked like motor oil also! there was no slipping or grinding before hand either. at a stand still any tips would be extremely helpful!! thanks!

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    I am afraid your Escort is one sick puppy. My thinking about this is simple, your transmission shop would not have seen pieces of metal in the pan if there wasn’t a problem to begin with.

    It is nice to think that it might be a CV joint or piece of a half-shaft that is causing the problem because you are likely thinking it means that the tranny won’t have to be replaced with the $4,000 bill that you are likely facing (the Escort uses a front transaxle because it is front-drive which makes things more expensive) if the problem turns out to be the transmission and not another device.

    It is impossible for pieces of a CV joint or half-shaft to be pushed into the transmission because the transmission is effectlely a sealed unit that has to be taken apart to be worked on. Now, it is possible that the CV joints are shot and the half-shaft may be bad as well, but that is a mechanical issue unrelated to the transmission.

    So, here’s my thinking tell your transmission shop to order and install a rebuilt tranny because it is the only thing that will solve your Escort’s problem. Let me know what happens.

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