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    Ryan G

    I have A 2015 Toyota Corolla CE WITH THE CVT transmission. The other day while driving to work on the highway I pressed on the gas pedal to pass another car. There was a most no response and it didn’t shift into the lower gear right away. It finalybdid shift but it shifted very hard. Then it did it again when I was driving up an incline. Gave it gas to get up the incline. Any thoughts??



    After doing some checking, I came up with a couple of ideas about your problem. The cause is likely either a switch in the case that monitors tranny fluid level. If it goes, then it puts you Toyota into limp-home mode. The second cause is the transmission fluid level.

    I would suggest getting your Corolla over to a dealership and have the CVT looked at closely. Have them replace the level monitor switch. Be sure that once the switch is replaced that the fluid is replaced with the proper fluid. Be sure to replace the filters, as well.

    If this doesn’t fix the problem, then I am afraid you may be looking at major transmission work. Since the CVT is essentially one big gear you are looking at a major tranny replacement that could cost about $3,400.

    I know it seems like your options are limited. However, with CVTs there isn’t much to replace as many of the subsystems are sealed and they have to be replaced by swapping out the old CVT for a remanufactured on.

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