2003 Chevy Silverado Clicking Noise in Bell Housing

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    I own a 2003 chevy Silverado, 5.3 supercharged. I was told by a mechanic that the previous owner built the transmission, not exactly sure what that includes. The other day the truck just stopped moving. My wife stopped to allow a car to turn and when she went to take off again it didnt move. The transmission fluid is clean, no shavings and there are no leaks. I can hear the transmission engage when I go through the gears but all I get whether in park, drive or reverse is a loud click, click click, coming from the bell housing, a continuous click too. The tow truck driver says it may be the torque converter. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

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    When I heard your complaint that was the first thought. It still remains one of the primary culprits in your Silverado’s problem as the symptoms you are describing are classic torque converter problems.

    The thing is, though, that you say there is a click-click sound when you go through the gears and there is a continuous clicking coming from the bellhousing. That tells me that the solenoids (actually relays that cause circuits to fire in sequence) are trying to work and that there is a problem in their circuitry.

    If — and I think it is the primary culprit — this is the case, then, have your technician take a look at all of the electronics in the transmission. Apart from the TCU (transmission control unit) there may be anywhere from 10 to 15 sets of sensors or control modules involved in your transmission’s proper operation.

    I honestly think your torque converter is fine as your pickup is trying to go into gear but you are getting the clicking sound. That sound, itself, indicates an electronic problem. See if the technician can pull any transmission diagnostic codes from your truck’s diagnostic memory. If the tech can, then it may indicate an area where to look. If not, the TCU may have stored an error code that will indicate where the fault lies.

    In any case, you are more than likely looking at an electrical/electronic problem that is far less costly to repair than a major transmission system or subsystem.


    Thanks for the response. The clicking is constant and very fast, even when in neutral. It sounds like the RPMs change when I go from park to drive or reverse but no jerk like its engaging. I dis start having weird electrical things happening within the last month. The amp gauge just went all the way to the right, and the temp gauge did the same thing and the tach really went kooky, it moves but not much. The oil pressure gauge has been ac ting funny bouncing back and forth since i bought the truck, I was told that is due to the supercharger. And also the clock on the radio resets to 12;00 when I get in and start it up as well.

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