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    My BMW 325i manual transmission is not shifting on manual side, but will display the DS. It only shifts down in low to slow the car down. I checked cables on console, and no breakage. It will shift on drive, but the engine sounds like it’s revving high. Let me know what you think. 2006 325i with 90,000 miles on it. Thanks!

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    For whatever reason, your BMW has gone into “limp-home” mode so that it will only work on low gear and, perhaps, in reverse, as you indicate. “Limp-home” mode is there so that you can get your car either to your driveway or to a service area. If you are able to get home so that you can contact your dealer and a tow or ramp truck, then you can have your car taken to a repair shop or dealership for work. Many drivers, though, when they find their BMWs, in “limp-home” drive directly to their dealers so they can have their transmissions repaired.

    Why has this happened? That’s a good question. It could be something simple as a plugged transmission filter to something as major as a Transmission Control Module and related software failure. In either case, the tranny has gone into “limp-home” mode so you can get it to service.

    That’s about all I can tell you because there’s not much more information to go on.



    Here’s another thought. At one point, your question makes it sound as if this is a dual-shift-type of transmission. That is, you can run through the gears or let the transmission do it for you. Now, I won’t change my thinking on the automatic side of the transmission, however, on the other side, I would suggest you look closely at the gearing and related mechanicals. It is possible that dog collar is slipping. It is the device that ensures that when you have chosen the gears not only go home but that they remain there. If it is slipping then your transmission just won’t work correctly. It will, in fact, do much as you describe.

    And, one other area to check is the clutch plate, friction plate, engine interface. It’s quite possible the plates are locking up, rather than slipping (it does happen in a small number of vehicles). When it does, it is also possible that your BMW will act as you describe. Just an added thought.

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