2010 Nissan Cube CVT problems

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    Hello, let me tell you what I have been going threw with my 2010 Nissan Cube, it has 122000 miles and I still owe $9400 on it. I bought the car from a used car lot in Vegas it has 86000 miles when I purchased it 2 years ago in August of 2015. My gas mileage changed up on me around the beginning of July 2017 which is really bad because I drive for Lyft. I then did everything that I could being a girl and on my own with what I felt is car problems, changed the air filter, better grade gas, gas treatment and also had my mechanic change my spark plugs, which was a job and a half and even used the ones that were best for my car. Still no change in MPG. I seen another Nissan Cube owner and went over and asked him how his gas mileage was, he told me fine since he got the new transmission in his 2009 cube. I then got on the computer and read about
    Nissan’s CVT Warranty Extension, and would you believe I had 700 miles over the 120,000 miles or 10 year extension as of that day. I then took it to Autonation Nissan to have the recall addressed after 7 years that read 2009-2010 Nissan Cube “Fuel System, Gasoline Recall 10V330000 fuel leakage, ingination source, fire! they did put it on the computer and I do have transmission problems and if it was under warranty it would be replaced, He gave me no paperwork. I had to go threw Consumer Affairs at Nissan headquarters placed a call to them and made a claim, they then phoned Autonation and of course the service manager said they never put it on the computer, After about 2 more tanks of gas my mileage is holding steady at 24MPG. Last week I had to go get a smog and oil change, I went to Jiffy Lube was speaking to the kid there about my transmission he suggested flushing it. Jiffy Lube put CVT 7000 Multi Vehicle fluid in and also didn’t put in enough and my car, 2 days later it started to make a loud noise and didnt want to go. My mechanic came over and drained the fluid that jiffy put in and it was black and smelt burnt and he then installed the Nissan CVT fluid that is the only kind that its able to have, 4 quarts, when turned on it made a horrible noise for 4 minutes then stopped and drove just fine, besides when having to press on the gas it hesitated some, I was able to drive about 200 miles. next day let it warm up and took off well the transmission slipped and did not want to go again even worst than the first time. came right home jacked it up and drained the 2nd bunch of fluid out, come out black and burnt again. installed 5 quarts turned on the car and it was making the most horrible sounds, then took 1 quart out and after 5 minutes of being in there that came out black and burnt and smelled horrible. no change. next day started the car, no sound, sounded like it used to before all this. pulled it out of the garage, and it would not go anywhere in any gear, I still havent been able to get it back in the garage still sitting on the street. my question is what does it sound like to you like there is no hope for it have to get a replacement transmission or is there anything else that I can do. my other mechanic friend says that the 1st guy should have cleaned the filter inside the transmission when he drained it? and will the Lucus transmisson fix help and can it be installed on my Nissan Cube Cvt transmission. thank you for your help and one more thing am I able to do anything to jiffy lube for doing this to my car in the 1st place?

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    Here’s my thinking on this: call the consumer affairs department one more time and explain what happened at Jiffy Lube. Now, I have no doubt that Jiffy “Lube” does good work in doing quick oil and filter replacements, but would I trust them to do anything more than that? Let me put it to you this way, nope!

    Unfortunately, Jiffy Lube relies on a few constants. The first is that people only want quick oil and lube jobs and will pull away, maybe to be seen again in a few months, maybe not. They depend on volume work to make their money. Tranny work is not their strong point. The second is turnover amongst its staff. Yes, this does seem like a contradiction, but when you think about it, it does make sense. Since they pay very little above the minimum wage, you won’t find experienced lube techs or transmission techs working there. The staff tends to consist of young people on their way either to another career or who will advance to a standard training course and then get their jobs as real techs at dealerships or large shops where they can put their talents to work. In other words, your Cube was probably worked on by someone whose knowledge is limited to a Jiffy Lube training manual where they walk through a job like transmission fluid change in steps.

    Next, I question the type of operation that was used. If it was a pressure cleaning, all they do is use compressed air to blow things out. If there is any metal in the fluid pan or if there are any deposits on any of the vanes of the many turbines and similar parts that are used in CVT transmissions, they can be blasted free. Believe it or not, those deposits are rock-hard and can damage some of the delicate (you wouldn’t think there are delicate parts in transmissions but there are) parts of the transmission.

    Indeed, I have to question the replacement fluid they put in the CVT transmission. Was it the proper one for your Cube? If it wasn’t, then it is like putting motor oil into your transmission, it won’t work and will gum things up beyond belief. Even CVT transmission fluid is organically-based and meant to work in a transmission of a specific design. If the fluid was supposed to be used in any CVT transmission, then it was just wrong, as the manufacturer puts into the owner’s manual the type of fluid required and I will bet you a good steak dinner that Jiffy Lube’s brand doesn’t quite meet the standards of Nissan.

    So, what do I think happened? I laid it out a couple of paragraphs ago. The combination of the pressure flush and probably the wrong fluid combined to take a situation that might have been marginal in the first place and make it into the situation that you have. Honestly, I think the tech who told you the transmission filter and screen could be gummed up was also right. If the filter is totally gummed up, then the amount of transmission fluid passing through the transmission is less than half-the-amount that should be going through and something — I can’t tell what from here as I haven’t seen the tranny or even a video of it, right? — has, like as not, been seriously damaged. It could be anywhere in the transmission and the drive train within it.

    As to your next step, as I noted it’s back to the consumer affairs department and working with them. I know that your money is tight and that driving for Lyft is not really all that enriching unless you are willing to work about 80 hours a week but you do have to go back to the consumer affairs folks and see if they can lean on Jiffy Lube to make good. If it was operating — more or less — before you brought it in there and if it went south right after and kept on burning up fluid (something is running very hot within the transmission — likely the gummed up filter and parts nearby), then I think it is pretty clear where responsibility lies. I think Jiffy Lube should shoulder the repairs at Nissan dealer. Or, if it can’t be repaired, its replacement.

    The Cube is a good subcompact and should easily hit 250,000 miles. At 122,000 miles, your Cube is just breaking it. Let me know what happens, please.



    Thank you so much for taking your time out of your busy day, to read and answer my questions in such detail, I greatly appreciate it. They installed CVT 7000 multi vehicle fluid made for Nissan Transmissions
    they told my husband they put it in all Nissans CVT. I was just reading the warranty on the back of the receipt and it says that they will may pay for their mistake if they did, but they want to inspect the car themselves first before it gets repaired, so i think that i am going to have it towed up to them tomorrow because its not going to drive there. I will let you know how it goes, I have a plan for tomorrow!

    Also quick question are all automatic CVT transmissions for each year of the cube the same?
    I am wondering if I am going to have to only get a 2010 only or if a 2009 will work? also are other car models that have the same transmission that will work?



    That’s a good followup question and I will answer it with one word — okay four — don’t worry about it. Yes, a Cube CVT transmission is the same year after year. Nissan, you see, relies mainly on CVT transmissions now and it just isn’t economical for them to make small changes in a transmission. It is a fairly huge expense to design a new transmission so you won’t have to worry. If it comes to a replacement (rebuilt) they can take an 09 or 10 Cube transmission and put it in with no problem.

    Good luck today in your visit. I can almost guarantee that at one point or another the manager of the shop will say, “but you…” or “but your Cube…” and finish the sentence with a reason that he won’t guarantee the work (they have to whether he likes it or not as it is in their contract and it is pretty obvious it is something they did or didn’t do). Be careful, if they point out that the filter was not replaced and tell you that it’s not their fault because you didn’t authorize the added repair so they don’t have to cover it. This is a bogus stance because it is common practice within the industry to repair and replace the filter when a flush has been authorized. Press them on the point and hold out for it as they don’t have a leg to stand on here. In my opinion (remember I am just sitting here helping you a bit; I’m not a lawyer, though, I have been around this planet a few years), they stepped up and whacked a huge foul ball and now it’s time to stop arguing with the ump, even though the catcher caught it, and to do the right thing.

    I would also let them know you are having the consumer affairs folks look at your problem as a little more backup (having a large club in the background always helps) and here’s something else I thought of if you have a local TV station with a good “investigative reporting” team or “help line” crew, I would call them and let them know what happens and ask them to get involved if Jiffy Lube stands there and keeps denying things. Chances are good either the consumer affairs people or, more likely, the TV folks will get you some help.



    Hi its me again, wanted to give you a update on my car. Well I stopped by the Lube place, told the kid that worked on my transmission about what had happened and he said that he was so very sorry and he accepted full responsibility and that he wanted to make sure that he never did it again to any other Nissan or customers. So I dropped back by the information that I had saying as so. Also he said that I needed to contact the number on the back of the paper and tell them, they would tow my car some place and inspect it to see if they were the ones that caused the break down. I did call on Wednesday and the district manager the Las Vegas area lubes called today and said that he was submitting it to the warranty department and they would be in touch soon. Hopefully it will be Monday, because I have had to rent a car from Lyft which is costing $250 a week plus $60.00 in gas so far. I was on the Lubes dash board and
    this is what reads on there as far as the services they did:

    Nv Vehicle Inspection Rpt
    Auto Tran Fluid Exch Conv
    Oil And Filter Disposal
    Inspector Id87263
    Emissions Inspection – P
    Oil Filter Of4622-Mo6607
    Cvt Vehicle Specific Fld
    Ken Gti Full Syn Sae 5w30 Sn
    Signature Service Synthetic
    Avis Syn Bld Oil Change 10

    The kid told said that he installed 7000 multi vehicle CVT transmission fluid and I seen that he flushed it with a green colored fluid and I think that that is a green

    QMI CVT-7000 Multi-Vehicle Fluid
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    • Exceptional metal to metal anti-wear performance
    • Improved anti-shudder
    • Improved oxidation performance
    • High and low temperature performance
    • Exceptional anti-foam characteristics

    SKU # 7001, 7002, 7055

    There isn’t anything on there that says what it was exactly right? OK so here’s my new problem, with all the darn buckets of fluid that was taken out threw the process, we had to have room because, I had OKed to dump some antifreeze on the stuff that they installed, I got confused on which was which, they all were so black and dirty and smelled so bad. I completely messed up, I am so mad at myself for that mistake and I’m stressed because I want to put the original fluid that they installed back in for when they inspect my car, and I ruined it. I don’t know what to do about that, I may have screwed everything up, do you have any ideas from here. Also is there any way that we can talk about this with others being able to read it because I would hate to screw myself there too? I’m sorry I am just thinking about all the could happens, I got to get this car fixed and can’t afford to buy a new transmission myself and if that happens then that no good. thanks talk to you soon, thanks for your help.



    oh and I did file a complaint on the BBB out of Dallas on 10/30 and I had submitted to my bank when all this happened 2 weeks ago a payment reversal and the bank deposited the money back for all the services done that day on the 31st, that has me worried also.



    Thanks for the update. As to the green fluid, there is something else going on here, as well. The green fluid is your anti-freeze/coolant. If you saw it, then chances are good that they may have sliced the cooling line from the radiator. You see, every transmission does have a transmission intercooler that is linked to the anti-freeze/coolant/radiator systems of your Nissan.

    Now, if they managed to cut this line and your transmission overheated, then you have more ammo for your talks with the district manager. If they returned any bad parts from all their work, I would look through them and see if there is a coolant hose. If there is, then you have them. It is all on them, no doubt. If it’s only your memory then it’s a you said/they said. Yes, it is possible that you have done a bit of harm, but I don’t think too much. If you go to one of the consumer affairs departments of a local TV station, I will bet you a hamburger than you will find them caving because Jiffy Lube hates bad P.R.

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