2005 Explorer Transmission Problems

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    “I am posting this here for jaime crivello .”

    Transmission was rebuilt in 2005 ford explorer. After it was “fixed”, It was slipping. Back to tranny guy and he said he had to fix one other thing (can’t remember exactly what, but some part he didn’t include in rebuild). Got it back again, now 3 second delay to reverse, then two days later slipping into and back out then into 3rd. I’m fed up but have so much money invested with this guy. I now have to wait a few more days until he can look at it. Any idea what he’s missing? Can I drive it for a few days with this slipping? No lights are display screen, no more “check transmission”. It is irritating that it can’t seem to be fixed all the way. Please give me some input. THANK YOU!


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