2002 Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Failed Without Warning

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    Santa Fe 4WD 6cyl automatic
    I have had no problems with the transmission on my Santa Fe until last Sunday. Stopped at a red light and when the light changed, there was a terrible grinding noise and the car would not go in forward or reverse. Would stay in neutral without the grinding noise
    I pushed it out of the road, called a wrecker. Took it to a mechanic which tells me I need a whole new transmission. The one in the vehicle is not repairable. He says there is metal in the transmission fluid. Quoted me a price of 2,500 for a used transmission with 50,000 miles on and installation
    There was never any grinding, slipping or any other signs that the transmission was going bad. Is this normal to not have any notification? Is the price within range that the mechanic quoted?

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    Sounds like your 4WD transfer case failed, which can cause severe damage to the input splines inside the transmission. It’s possible that the gear oil inside the transfer case (about a pint) leaked out, causing it to suddenly seize up. If this happened, it is entirely possible that the transmission was damaged as well.

    The labor time to replace the transmission is listed at 15 hours, and replacing the transfer case should take about 9 hours. A used transmission with 50k miles should run between $750-$1,000. The transfer case typically runs $500-$600. If the quote of $2,500 includes the transfer case (provided that was the problem), and labor, then it seems about right (a little high, but not unreasonable).
    Hope that helps!

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