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    I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ 5-speed 4wd. Had her towed to a local transmission shop & went in & told the guy I suspected transmission &/or transfer case problems. I told him rear drive shaft had broken previously & when it did the cone broke on the transfer case. Those repairs were done at a different shop. Anyway he has her for a week or so then my husband went & paid him $2200 to rebuild the transmission. He did not get a copy of the work order (I don’t know why). A week later the guy calls and says that it was all put back together and then he realized that the transfer case was shot. My question is should we have to pay the additional hours of labor for this repair when it was pointed out to him that it was a possible problem? He admitted that he missed it but is still charging us for the additional hours of labor. Not sure what that amount is yet.



    Also I forgot to mention, when I went in to tell him about transfer case cone, he said he has had 2 offers to buy her already & if it hadn’t been raining he was gonna drive her around (for diagnostic purposes) Is it possible he is trying to run up repair cost so high we can’t afford to pay therefore he can keep her or sell her?



    Here’s the thing, he owes you your Jeep, repaired and that’s it. If he missed the transfer case when he closed things back up, then there’s nothing he can do about it. You and your husband have already paid $2,200 for the “privilege” of not having a properly repaired vehicle.

    Indeed, there’s no way he can charge you for more than the agreed amount. After all, it is his fault — something he has acknowledged. He has acknowledged this by telling you that though have already paid the $2,200, you still owed him for anything he did after closing things up. The issue simply is this, he blew it and can’t make you eat his costs.

    I suspect you are also right about his ultimate goal which is to take over your car on what is known as a mechanic’s lien and then reselling it. A mechanic’s lien is for money owed and not paid for repairs. It is like a land-taking for non-payment of a mortgage. In your case, though, since you have already paid off the original bill and he is trying to stick you with his mistake — or nefarious act — then there is no lien.

    My suggestion is twofold:

    1. Contact the local police department and talk to the fraud unit. It sounds like you may have a great fraud case against the charletan.

    2. Contact your local attorney general or state’s attorney and talk with the consumer division.

    Do it quickly and get your car out of his service area the day before yesterday, if possible. Keep me in the loop, please.



    The most amazing thing happened! I have been super mad at my husband because I didn’t want to her to go to the shop anyway (I’m a little untrusting) But he called the guy today & the guy says
    “She’s all done, no additional charge. Just give a good review on Google.” I am so surprised, & she drives like a dream now! Her name is Natalie by the way. She used to be Rattely Natalie but not anymore!

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